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What is your favorite favorite musical instrument?

I'm quiet a music fan. So I guess just like me, many of you here are also going crazy in a certain instrument.

I'm crazy with bass guitar, so, I became a bassist of a band. I also play guitar, harmonica, drums, and keyboard. Of all those instruments, I still wanted to learn how to play violin. ohh... too bad violins are pretty expensive here in the Philippines.
Wow. You must be pretty talented to play so many instruments.

I prefer playing a "real" piano. I have played keyboards and organs but a piano has a feel to it. I don't mean the keys. I have used weighted keys on keyboards to get more of a piano keyboard feel. The feel I am referring to is the feeling of the strings vibrating.

I used to be able to play clarinet. It never did much for me. I have a nice acoustic guitar that I want to learn to play.
Drums are by far the funnest instrument to play. If you can get decent at playing drums, you could probably play for hours with out getting bored of them at all.
wow...i myself play electric guitar...but i would really really love to play the drums...they look the best and like so much fun!!! but it sux...the drummer of a band never gets as much attention as the front men lol! Shocked
My favorite instruments are 2x Technics MKII and a Rodec MX180 MKIII

gives me all possebilitys to Rock the House...
Boles Roor
I really like electric violins.
The Triangle is my instrument of choice.......

Actually, I love the Ibanez 7-string electric guitar - it rocks!
definitely the piano... cause you can play everything with it... classic, jazz, rock, latin... just every kind of music.
I think that the guitar is the most beautifully sounding intsrument. You can create so many different sounds and play so many types of music with it. Most music uses a guitar at least somewaht.
My favourite has gotta be guitar. preferablly electric guitar, because they are eiser to play. lol

most hate are drums cuz they sound rubbish if u cant play them and they are so loud. It irritates me lol

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. You can rock on that thing. My 2nd favorite is Fruity Loops if that counts as an instrument.
Pianos are clearly the superior instrument Cool

Anyone who isn't convinced must understand, It's a simple game of numbers:
Guitar - 6 strings.
Violin - 4 strings.
Drums - 0 strings
Piano - upwards of 200
Guitar for me. Personally, I play an acoustic but I find it amazing what some can play on an electric guitar.
I play the piano and guitar (though second choice in music playing I made).

I like the piano-sounds of my yamaha stage piano a lot. and in combination with a korg harddisc-studio I can make lots of sounds; also electric guitar and wah or stack stounds. but that is electronic music.. something is missing there.

when you want music to express warmth, purity and simplicity, like I do, I definetly prefer the chello or.. the sax. That no-one mentioned the sax yet..!
my is the e-guitar because the sound is so great an i also like the drumset
I have a set of Tama Rockstars. Been playing since I was about 9 years old,a nd I'm 20 now. A really great investment if you take the time to really get good at what you're doing. I took lessons throughout my early teen years, but then found out that I was better suited to self learning. 11 years of playing, and still going strong. Surprised

I also play bass guitar. I got my first one when I was 13. It was a 4 string Washburn Lyon that I still have to this day, although the pick guard is destroyed, and the tone knob's missing. When I was 17, I saved for ages to buy a Ibanez SDGR 6 string bass. That thing was gorgeous. I sold it about a year later, and I regret it every single day. That thing had the most beautiful tone. Since then, I haven't picked up the bass since.
I love to play guitar, I also really love synths. So much freedom.

I used to play the piano, but i stopped because my family moved and sold our piano. I also love to hear it in any type of music.. the violin too.
i really like electric guitars, i would start playing if i had the money to buy one. i played clarinet for a few years but after some time i realized its not the right instrument for me
I play piano and keyboards. Also drums (why? I don't know. 3rd base) and some guitar.
I'd always played guitar, I started it when some friends teached me some songs on the guitar. Since then, I play guitar.
A piano,it displays every shade of life happiness, sadness, joy, passion, etc. Piano music is food for the soul
Drums, you can play for hours on end if you can learn even a couple of variations of rhythm and fills. But the most impressive instrument to play, I think, is the piano. There's so much you can do with a piano and it has so much range. A couple harps may have the range, but piano players, again in my opinion, have more emotion and flexibility.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I am playing both trumpet and keyboard but I can`t really decide which I likes most. It is more "feeling" in plaing trumpet because you can affect the sound I the way tou like with the amount air and you lips. Keyboard is a more technical instrument but it is also a much easier instrument to play.
Prefer Keyboard than piano cos u can u can have the feeling of playing all instruments.
well i like all the ethnic instruments donno why they always attract me.
I play the trombone in my school band and I also play the guitar in the jazz band. Adding to that. I sing in the school choir, if you can call singing a instrument. I believe in a way, a persons vocal is an instrument. Anyways, I really have no particular favorite but I love em all.
I've been playing the violin for 39 years. I learned classical style but while I was studying in my 20's I discovered Irish music. I've also played in some country bands. I need a better violin but they're expensive. I've been playing the same violin since 1974. I need about AU$8,000 to get started.
cyph33r wrote:
Actually, I love the Ibanez 7-string electric guitar - it rocks!

Yep thats one of my favorite guitars.

And love the keyboards too.
I guess i prefer guitar - but thats most likely just because i play guitar in my band. I have played trompet before i started playing guitar, but i never really enjoyed it - and how am i supposed to play metal on a trompet? Laughing
Anyways i think most instruments sound best together with other intruments as well. Most instruments gets too monotome (especially percussion) when playing alone. Of course guitars can play a solo, but even solos sound better when other musicians play rhytm as well.
The guitar by far. Then maybe the drums. But i think the guitar. Its kind of fun to play and everything.
my favourite has to be the guitar. but too bad i dont know how to play it Razz
My favourite instrument is the piano.
I play piano, percussion/drum kit, guitar, bass & alto saxophone. As such I cannot say what my favorite instrument is as I am torn between them.

I sort of have an addiction to musical instruments and whenever I have money I seem to buy a new one. It does get to be a rather expensive addiction Laughing

I would love to be able to play the trumpet as well, it's just such a groovy instrument for jazz.
I love playing the guitar. It is pretty easy to learn and is portable (unlike say, a piano!) and makes a satisfying sound. Plus you can play most of the latest radio songs pretty easily on guitar. So all round - a great sing along, fun, everyone can leaern it and join in - instrument! The only thing is that it is pretty nasty on your fingers for the first month or 2 - well nothing in life is all easy! Wink
Wahwah Man
I play Trombone, Euphonium, Keyboard Instruments, and Guitars of sorts and if i wasnt so accustomed to the embochure of a trombone i could play the Bb Trumpet and Tuba fantastically.

for me though i get the most pleasure out of brass intruments. Melodious brass all the way. It's what i hope to major in in college.

I also love the piano. its so versatile. All other instruments are based on it and the human voice.

so yeah. trombone and piano. all you ever need
I vote for the banjo.

Now i know it may sound weird but it is definitely unique. It is also very versitile. It can pure rythum instrument as it did in early jazz recordings(they didn't know how to record drums) and of course it can be full on bluegrass. But i like it most when it adds a wonderfully organic element to electronic music. See (the Books, Notwist, Talkdemonic for examples!)
Mine is actually the Harp.
My favourite instrument is classical guitar. Probably because I was visiting musical school for 7 years and playing this instrument.
Piano, piano, piano.

Followed by viola.
Bass Guitar.

Second, I dunno, let's say violin or cello, or something like that.
I play drums, but I like to hear all the instruments, because one depends of other to make the songs, make the perfect music. Piano have the most classic and soft sound, drums are more stronger, well, all are music... Razz
I'm just curious. Is it hard to play the mandolin?
There are so many great instruments, so many I would like to know how to play. I remember, when I was a little girl all I wanted was to learn how to play the violin, and the fiddle as well.
Resantly I have falølen in love with all kinds of flutes. Pan flutes, tin wistles, and all kind of folk-music flutes. Really amazing instruments.
My favorite Instrument is the drums.
bass guitar - electrical

bongos - acoustic
I loveth my electric bass. Because it's sexy. And it has a deep voice. Wait... Yeah. I'm going to be buying a hello kitty bass soon. Because, come on, what guy plays a Hello Kitty bass on sets?

The Shrimp Man is who.
I'm a frustrated singer. trust me, im really frustrated. I show interest in playing the guitars but since I'm lefthanded, I have difficulty in it. I wanted to learn how to play drums and plan to go to a music school this summer.

My dad promised that he'd buy me a drum set next year, cant wait! Wink
The bass guitar is my favorite instrument, even though I don't play it. The bassline is what I tend to notice and listen for first in a track, because I feel it tends to hold the entire song together.

I especially like tracks with basslines that are creative and with melody, as opposed to repeated single notes. But, repeating single notes are okay for holding together a drumbeat also.
I'd say I like listening to the violin the most, but playing the guitar. It's really the only instrument that you can play and sing along with, unless you have amazing coordination and skill. Banjoes and Mandolins and those picked instruments are included. But, when I'm in a band, I think Drums are the best way to go. It's the only improv instrument that you can't go wrong with.
I would have to agree with ddukki, I think violin is really pretty to listen to, but guitar's not too far down the list Very Happy I play guitar, flute, and piano, and i enjoy flute the most [because I'm still not very good at guitar playing] but to listen to professionals play guitar and piano is exciting! Cool
I'm in love with the violin, but never seen it!
Ouch, I don't know... Mr. Green
Erridan the enchanter
Violins are the coolest instraments, they even come with a personality!

They take forever to learn, they're expensive, and they can make deadly noises! If you catch one on a good day it will have the best sound you ever heard, you become one with it's sound and can probley controll the world!

Then again i could wright a book on methods of violin torture if they weren't so expensive!!!
Vocal chords Very Happy
What is your favorite favorite musical instrument?

violins Smile
I love to hear the harp Smile
I'm probably best at playing the guitar, but the drums may be more fun. As far as listening, nothing beats a virtuoso xylophone player.
I have been playing piano for about 10 years now, and I just started with the electric guitar (I'm playing that for 1 year now).

So it has to be a mixture of those 2! Razz
Tac-Tics wrote:
Pianos are clearly the superior instrument Cool

Anyone who isn't convinced must understand, It's a simple game of numbers:
Guitar - 6 strings.
Violin - 4 strings.
Drums - 0 strings
Piano - upwards of 200

I agree!!!

I really L-O-V-E piano... I think a wonderful instrument, its mechanics, the sound... And how to strum a piano profissinal especially when a piano is a sweet melody and training is extremely intoxicating
phantombr wrote:
Tac-Tics wrote:
Pianos are clearly the superior instrument Cool

Anyone who isn't convinced must understand, It's a simple game of numbers:
Guitar - 6 strings.
Violin - 4 strings.
Drums - 0 strings
Piano - upwards of 200

I agree!!!

I really L-O-V-E piano... I think a wonderful instrument, its mechanics, the sound... And how to strum a piano profissinal especially when a piano is a sweet melody and training is extremely intoxicating

Personally, I prefer a Rhodes or Whurlitzer to a real piano in many situations. Obviously a real piano has its place, but rarely can a piano send chills down my spine simply based on the tone of a single note.

More elements, whether they be strings, drum skins, keys, or what have you, does NOT make a superior instrument Razz (yes, I know there was a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek involved)
the piano =D simply amazing you can do almost anything with it
I love piano! When I was a child I had a keyboard because my parents didnt have enought money to buy a piano. Pianos are very expensive in my country. This year, after 15 years I was really blesssed by God and my husband gave me a baby grand yamaha piano. I am still dreaming.... Laughing
I love Guitar.
I love the piano and the guitar but the guitar is a lot more fun to listen to.
I do not have a favorite.I know too many songs to have a "single" favorite
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