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About ISP capabities against FTP

Da Rossa
You know, some ISPs are now targeting the FTP transfers in their contracts. Mine, for example, states that
"our residential class service do not allow the computers connected to it to act as data servers of any kind, such as web servers, ftp servers, smtp, pop3, private networks and any incoming connections that characterize a service offering by the subscriber, as these capabilities are exclusive of the business class."

First of all, when I request an account here to host my phpbb forum, which files I send through FTP, will I be playing a 'server' role or a 'client' role? Second: when I send the files to install the forum what is the name of the activity perfomed by me? Last so far: Does Frihost blocks the IP adress from any country, any IP interval, such as the ones starting by 200.x or 201.xx (from Brazil)?

The situation: I had been sucessful when downloading big files from a server in Canada, then I tried making my account here. Gently you granted it for me, and happily I started sending the files to build my forum. In the first day, it worked, but I couldn't send all necessary files. I the next day, I tried again. Surprisingly, I got error messages as I attempted to connect to the FTP server. I have a very bad feeling about it. I guess it is my damn ISP who's doing it.

Is it possible? It already throotles my connection to weaken my p2p transfers. So is this FTP problem also a "procedure" like that?

Sorry for the lenght of the text, but I'd like to get an official response from here because those men in the support centre insisted on dodging my demands, asking me to contact the 'provider' first, in the case, Frihost. So please..
What you are doing is definately not server activity, but a client.

We don't block any big ip ranges, just a few ips of hacking attempts and similar.

Maybe try to go to your command screen (start-->execute-->type "cmd") and type "ftp" in it and see which output it gives. If everything is working fine it should ask you for username/password.
Da Rossa
Thanks Bondings, I got so anxious that I posted in two topics, let me concentrate in this one so. In the other...

Only ips blocked by the firewall, nothing special. And it would be for the whole server, not ftp. It's rather a problem with you not being able to access the ftp port, I think.

And why wouldn't I be able to access my FTP port, assuming that my Firewall is well configured, I haven't been adventuring in changing any related settings and, obviously, it is not already taken by other activity? What could cause it? Should I put the ISP as a main suspect? In other words, does the ordinary ISP's normally have the resources to mess my FTP connection?

p.s. OMG, 4 interrogation marks in so few lines, sorry Very Happy
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