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Why do you think no-one signs up for my site


I have been getting quite a few views but no-one seems to sign up. What do you think it's missing and would or wouldn't you sign up. I appreciate the help, thanks.
How long has the site been up? You can't expect it to be a hit over night. Wink
because when i open the site there's nothing to catch my interest and so i move along without giving it a second thought.

No description of the site, no description of the videos. just a forum and random thumbnail images.

I do think this should go in one of the other forums though other then general chat. Either Advertise or Design Tips
YOur website is not bad. You launched in July 2006 so it will take some time until people come to visit your site from search engine results. Also, try to put whatever you keep in the site with a proper description that will attract site visitors. And also if site visitors can see videos and other contents without having to register why should they register themselves in the site? Also why do you want them to register in the site when they don't benefit anything much. Even visitors can see and enjoy most of the registered users would.
well you can submit without being registered so should i make that a main point of the description thing? registration is commonplace anyhow and its probably good for spam.
Even if you are getting lots of views it doesn't mean people want to sign up, if I signed up to everything I looked at on the internet my inbox would be full right now Wink
surely some of them would sign up, but no
There are questions to be considered:

1. How long have you been running your site?
2. What is you site all about?
3. Does your site catches the interest of people?
4. What are the benefits of being a member in your site?

I gues those are the only things that I can ask about your site. Well, you just have to observe and be open to some comments about your site. Through those comments, you will learn some reasons why noone signs up in your site. Well, most probably, you have to get people's attention and interests for them to join your site.

going with the lazy attitude of today's population, it will take A LOT to get them to go through a signup proccess, no matter how simple it is. Signups usually occur when the user is die-hard trying to get something, and only the sign-up is in the way...
Possibly this topic should have been posted in one of the Webmaster and Internet forums?

maybe because you site takes along time to load
Unless you had to reset, Joomla's preset content and poll are still there. To get people to register you need to tell them why. Near the top of the page, if their not logged in have a box explaing quickly what some of the good features of registering are.

-moved- as well by the way.
What happened to the site?! It used to be great, I was going to join as soon as my friends and I finished our videos, *looks for another similar site*.
sorry i was trialling some other shit like joomla but i'll put it back up. if you have got some vids put them up.
The site is too slow to load on my PC. . . .
yeah well hopefully when I move to joomla it will be better
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