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Global warming... Is it a problem?

Well you start to see more and more things about global warming now-a-days. An Inconvenient Truth is a movie coming out about global warming. You can see the trailer here (google) or here (YouTube). The movie actually features Al Gore.

Not to long ago the discovery channel showed a show on this. It seems like global warming has became a big thing over night. What i find ironic is that I was learning about global warming this year.

This is Al Gore's speech on what he thinks of global warming. And I for one will have to agree with it.

So what all of this is saying is that we are not doing enough to fight global warming. Lets put it this way if we do not fight global warming then polor bears will be extinct. The sea level will go up 20 feet.

Some of you might want to know how global warming is caused by use. Well then let me explain.

Global warming is caused by Greenhouse Gases. Greenhouse Gases are things such as Carbon Dioxide. There is suppose to be a certain amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air. Trees and such are suppose to get rid of a certain amount of Carbon Dioxide. But since most trees are being cut down by lumber jacks for there wood the trees are not evening out the balance or Carbon Dioxide. So that is one of the biggest problems right there.

Other things you can do are things like ride a bike to work if you can. Use time wisely and cut down on driving cars.

So i want to know what you think. Is global warming a problem. I say it is and that we have to do something about it.
I do believe global warming is a problem facing not only this nation, but every nation. It will cause unstable weather patterns, unpredictable weather in areas not use to weather such as snow, (i.e. the Middle East and Africa), higher ocaen and river levels, warmer cold climates and colder warm climates. The topography of the world as a whole will change as erosion and severe stormsdecimate the continets and change the face of countries.
Yes I believe it's becoming a problem that we will have to deal with soon, between losing massive amounts of trees and increasing the production of carbon dioxide it will eventually become a big problem.
The ozone layer thats slowly breaking down isn't helping things either. Some people are convinced that its not a problem though, I believe they say the earth has had warm periods in the past much warmer then it is today. That's true enough but this warming of the earth isn't caused naturally. So yes it is becoming a problem but I doubt anyone will do anything about it until people start dieing from it.
It's becoming a problem, but I personally feel that so many people are paranoid about it now, it's going to slow down a little. Also due to the fact we're finding ways of keeping pollution down, etc.

People have already died from it. Such things as the heat killing people of different things. And yea we are taking ways around it now. Like driving hybrids and things like that. Replacing light builbs with energy efficient light bulbs will reduce carbon dioxide.
S3nd K3ys
Blaster wrote:
People have already died from it.

Laughing Laughing Laughing

You bring teh funnay
Well, Global Warming is definitely a problem. It has been long existed for many years, and many people know about it. The sad thing is, not much people want to do anything to stop it. It is especially true for those industrialists. I think it is impossible to tell those factories to produce less green house gas, and many owners simply don't want to pay the expensive fee into investing new technology that helps to relief the G.B. I remember i 've read a newspaper, about a couple months ago, about how the Bush administration cut the funding for some of the NASA projects that might help monitor the G.B. (forgive me if i got that wrong). So basically, i think it is very difficult to tell some one to take actions about it, and it is very sad.
Global Warming, The Greehouse Effect and the other things mentioned have already been addressed here:

Please use the search function.

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