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Firefox Profile

Tony The Tiger
Last week I mentioned I was going to have to reformat my hard drive, but I was worried about losing all my extensions. It turned out I thought MozBackup would save them and it did not. I am now attempting to add back all the extension that I like. I have found a great extension that I think I should pass along. I have discovered an extension named Firefox Extensions Backup Extension that backs up your entire Firefox profile including bookmarks, extensions and plug ins.. I just performed my first backup and it looks good. Go here to see the report:

I have not attempted a restore from this extension yet, but it looks like it will save my whole profile. You can download and install this extension here:
i know a better extension. It's called Opera 9 Wink
Da Rossa
Look, backup your profile folder, but do not backup your extensions, they're usually problematic to restore. Write down your exts and, when you install again, backup you files, then install those exts, one by one, restarting the browser after each. This is boring, but it's worth.
Tony The Tiger
What happens if you don't restart the browser each time? Some of my extensions are not working. Should I reinstall them each one at a time?
Da Rossa
Considering you have Adblock installed, follow this, if you don't, skip the adblock-related steps.

How to do a really fresh install of Firefox:

I am only 99.9% sure these are the right directions
(so proceed at your own risk).

If you are having problems (or want to avoid them), then I recommend doing a fresh install and only copying over some of your settings:

   1. Export your Adblock list.
   2. Download Firefox.
   3. Clear your cache.
   4. Close Firefox.
   5. Backup your "Profiles" directory to somewhere safe.
   6. Uninstall Firefox.
   7. Delete the Firefox program directory.
      (which could have been deleted during uninstall, but check to make sure)
   8. Delete the Firefox "Profiles" directory.
      (first make sure your backup is still safe)
   9. Install Firefox, and let it launch.
  10. When the "Import Wizard" launches, select "Don't import anything" and then click "Next".
  11. Let Firefox continue to launch.
  12. Set your the Options the way you want.
      (such as how long history is kept, and how to handle cookies)
  13. Close Firefox.
  14. Copy these files* into your freshly created profile directory:
          * bookmarks.bak
          * bookmarks.html**
          * cert8.db
          * cookies.txt
          * formhistory.dat
          * history.dat
          * key3.db
          * signons.txt
  15. Install Java: JRE 5.0 Update 5 ("Offline Installation" recommended)
      "The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications"
  16. Start Firefox
  17. Install Adblock from:
      "Adblock - Fixed version here!"
      (restart Firefox after installation)
  18. Install your other extensions and themes one at a time (restarting Firefox after each)

Your Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Saved Cookies, Saved Form Data, and History should all be there.

Any other settings should not (which is good 'cause presumably those are the settings causing problems).

I doubt this will be the case, but if it ends up that you really are missing settings you really, really needed you still have your backed up profile which you can (I think) just drop right over your current profile (though user.js may have paths in it you need to fix).
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