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Google Dream

I have a dream to work for Google one day,i'm a Computer Science Engineering fresher going to join an IT solution company Cognizant.
I love computers & despite having a weak in knowledge environment have managed respectable software knowledge.
How can i pursue my Google dream.
Please guide me with u'r suggestiuon
Contact Google. I was actually interested about the same thing, I would like to know what qualifications they look for actually.
Da Rossa
Me too, but I"m Brazilian, and I don't know wether they're building something beyond a simple office here or not. Sad
If your going to interview with Google
you might want to be well read
on what Google is doing with their Adwords program.
They are stealing millions of dollars from their advertisers.
Two weeks ago they admitted to drasticly changing their algorithams
without any prior notice to the advertisers of the massive changes.
I think that is deliberately EVIL.
The people they have sucked away from Microsoft
must really be having an impact on Googles culture.

Good Luck
Da Rossa wrote:
Me too, but I"m Brazilian, and I don't know wether they're building something beyond a simple office here or not. Sad

That's unlucky, at first I was like "Wait a second I live in the UK, that's that down the drain" but I hear they have quite a large UK branch, I'm guessing it's located in London.
Da Rossa
What does the expression
that's that down the drain

Da Rossa wrote:
What does the expression
that's that down the drain


Hmmm, I thought it was common knowledge. Here's an online definition I found for you, their grammar will explain it better than mine Wink

down the drain

To or into the condition of being wasted or lost: All of our best laid plans are down the drain.
Da Rossa
Thanks Josso!
Well, then what are you waiting for? Research more about the Google UK branch and go after it! Smile
Haha yeah might be a slightly problem with transport and things, I can commute into London from here but I'm only 15 still. Would love to work at Google but I expect it has it's boring sides. Google HQ looks amazing I'd love to work there. I'll look into it none-the-less.
If you really want to work for them, the distance won't be the biggest problem... With their wages you can easily rent a nice place over there and gain a lot of savings to visit your family at their place multiple times a year. Good luck!
i too had a dream of workin at google as a designer.

this is my story, not much too it but might enlighten you some. so i had a dream of working at their main campus at mountain house, california as a graphic designer, they had the position posted on their site. i have a college degree, and my design portfolio is pretty solid and skills polished. so i built a totally custom portfolio based on what they do, full color and highly polished....i did tons of research on their company, their personel..their human resources manager etc...i wrote my resume and my intro letter catering to the information i gathered about them. i dressed up and went there on a saturday afternoon, it's only 2 hours from where i live. and i walked around the complex it's pretty amazing..i saw some workers in the back playing roller hockey and i approached them and asked them where i can send my portfolio and resume, they said that google does their recruiting mostly by emailing resumes, but for a designer it's different i would think. so i met a few of them walking around. one dude said that they hire mostly through referral, 50% of the time, they hire someone through an employee's referral. the employee gets a nice cash incentive for recruiting smart people. The other 45% of their hirees are alumni of standford. and the remaining 5% are either really smart people, microsoft ex-employees, or really damn lucky...The human resource manager said that education is mostly everything. they expect a real high GPA, coming from a great school...hopefully that helps guide you in the right way. also they get about 2000 resumes a will take awhile for them to see yours. oh did i mention the following monday, i had my girlfriend drop of my resume and portfolio to the security guard up front, in which i turned it into the HR office...and I still haven't heard from them 8 months later from this day. Luckily, i got a great job 7 months ago....good luck!
i am also intrested in this.. Is any office in INDIA?.. google getting more from google adsense.. they are displaying ads when we search something on google search engine(right side).
I think that this is a manageable goal as well. I think that most of the time though it is about networking and finding a niche into the larger companies. I once had a dream for working for Apple.
go for research, try it, be confident
i think it's great that you have a good idea of what you wan't to do with your life.
google would be a great place to work. you should go for it and dont let anyone stand in your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It would be sweet to work for google. I have some computer science background in me but currently my heart is geared towards marketing and graphic design. I wonder if there would be any place for me there. I am going into my junior year of college and starting to think about my future career.
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