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looking for staff/partner/webmaster

Hello Friends,

I hope all of you are doing allright..... are you?

Anyways, I am starting my new project from today.... I have already registered the domain (you can know more about him here and installed a cms on it.

Basically it will be a celebrity fan website which will be providing the following about the celebrity

1) Articles ( naturally, I will write the articles )
2) Photos
3) Results/News
4) Wallpapers
5) Forum (not sure about it)

Well I will be using a cms (content management system) for this website to save time and labour..... After a careful research and feedback I have narrowed down to two (drupal or Etomite) but it is not finalized....

Now, I need a partner/webmaster/staff to run the website with me.... He/she should be
1) proficient in web designing (php, html etc.)
2) should be proficient in making or editing graphics/images
3) should be able to manage a cms
4) obviously I will ask for some of your time.....
5) etc. etc........

It would be a bonus if you have some experience managing Drupal before.....
Sharing of resposibilities with him/her will depend upon his/her abilities and other things......

he/she should have a good knowledge of cms and some hands on experience managing cms and php....

Here is what I have stored for you.......
-> 70 FRIH$ per month
-> Credits to him on the credits page with his/her website's link
-> A status of mod/admin on forums if installed
-> Complete satisfaction as he/she will be treated like a partner
-> Freedom to take own decisons
and much more........

Please reply to this thread or pm me if you want to work with me on this website.....

I am in, but I will work for 50 frih$ per month, as I dont need 70 frih$ a month. I can do graphics, I am good with php, and I am a fast learner (well, at least wth computer stuff) I can make you a layout that looks like whatever you want it to look like. I have no examples currently. but just trust me, I will work my heart out to get you the best. please consider my offer.
Thanks for your great response guys!!!!!

I will request all the candidates to please provide me with their details in the format mentioned below.

1) Country -
2) Age -
3) Skills - (html/php/xhtml/css/photoshop/gimp/mysql etc....)
4) Experience -
5) your work- (post the links of the sites/projects you have worked upon and what was your work there)

Just provide me with your details in the following format either by replying here or by pm....
1) Country - United states
2) Age - 11, almost twelve (dont judge me by my age though!)
3) Skills - html/php/xhtml/css/gimp/
4) Experience - I have been a webmaster for quite a while now, and I am on the computer doing html/php/css/xhtml/etc... at least 3 hours a day. so I have learned alot
5) your work- everythin except the layout
mistuh griddlez
Country- USA

Age- 13

Skills- html/simple php/simple javascript/css/a little gimp/(I'd be willing to learn anything as i am currently taking php tutorials.)

Experience- I ummm well.....I've been working with HTML for about 1 year. PHP about 1 month and .css and javascript about......4 Months.

My Work-My website. View the Current Layout Here.

and there Ya Go. That's My....Resume.
Country- United States of America

Age- 14

Skills- Webmastering, Php, Photoshop, PhpNuke, PhpBb, Malware Security, Computer Building, MySQL, etc.

Experience- I go on the computer about 4-6 hours a day. I have made 250 posts on Frihost in less than a month, along with 500 Frih$, so I am very good at posting and buisness advertisements. I also have great leadership beacuse I have owned 3 clans before, owned 3 websites, and many other things. I made PhpNuke tutorials. I have made Photoshop designs for many.

My work-

PHP Nuke Installation Tutorial:

PHP Nuke Theme Installation Tutorial:

Website: About 3200 views a day, 20 members in 3 days, along with 243 articles in 3 days.

Look at my signature of Fantasy PC. I have more of that as well.


I have a lot more talents, but I just can't think of them right now.


Im doing this on your request Manumiglani.
Thanks for your replies guys!!!!!!!!!!!!........... Well I have got a good no. of responses in this thread and double the no. of that via pm........... I wonder why people choose to apply via pm

I will just wait for 2-3 days so that other guys can also come in and put forward their applications............. Just wait 2-3 days more and I will be posting the name of the person I pick........
1) Country - USA
2) Age -14
3) Skills - (html/php/css/photoshop/mysql/flash/actionscript/javascript)
4) Experience - I have been a succesful webmaster for 3 years
5) your work- ( , , others in the making)

I work very well with php and mysql
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