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Gta Series

My favourite games in ps2 is gta san andreas after it the continuing series of gta- that is gta liberty city stories..Waiting for next part next year..............
I love San Andreas. I also can't wait for GTA IV
I love gta series but san andreas is my favorite.

The reason i like it so much is because of the multi player addon. I know there's one for gta3 and vc to but san anderas is so much bigger and much more fun to playonline with. Very Happy

If you're interested search mta:sa and sa:mp Very Happy
Which system will you guys be playing Grand Theft Auto 4 on? I'll be playin it on my shiny new PS3..
mceejaydee wrote:
I love San Andreas. I also can't wait for GTA IV

same here
I will be playing it on my computer Smile
What's everybody's opinion on liberty city stories.

I don't own it yet and I'm not sure whether I should buy it for ps2 or just wait until i get a psp and play it on the platform it was meant for.

My worry is that if i play it on a ps2 it'll just be a disappointment because it has less features than san andreas did.
Basically it's GTA:3, with motorbikes and maybe different missions i'm not sure. I personally have all the GTA games apart from Liberty City Stories, but i've played it on PSP, and to be honest it isn't very good at all. It was just a quick money making scheme from Rockstar I think, they wanted to make something for the PSP, so made something quick it seems.

I agree with Vanquish, but doesn't have to be a scheme. It's pretty good, if you haven't played GTA3. And WTH is GTA4?
I've been wondering about Liberty City Stories... hadn't heard much about it. It kinda took me by surprise that there was another GTA game out so quick after San Andreas. Man, I really love San Andreas... There's just so much to do and so many sidequests. It's 10x more fun to find all the stuff without a guide, too.
ne2 Luka
GTA - San Andreas is the best GTA so far, but it does go a bit to extremes. To much of that "negro" stuff (the game's stereotype, not mine) ex. drive-bys and etc. That is (along with a bad ending) about the only thing (things) bad. Everything else is just awesome. Huge map and nice graphics for one...
GTA San Andreas is very good, much to do. I still like GTA3 very much, I love the story. They should re-make GTA3 with everything in it GTASA had too, and adding another city, for after the story of GTA3. Surprised That would be awesome.
GTA Vice City was also a very good game, but somewhere I don't really like it.
I hope The next GTA game will connect all the place going to liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.
I don't, what's the point? We have seen all the islands, it's way better to find your way around new islands and with new people and new missions and cars.

has there been any word yet on what the next one might be about? It will probably be a PS3 game,eh?
The GTA games are ok, but the first two werent as good, GTA & GTA 2 werent as good as GTA VC or GTA 3. The reason for that was they were birds eye view and very hard to more around. I have never played GTA SA.
i liked GTA vice city rather than SA may be because i have a low graphic memory...... i dont have a play station.... planning to buy one...... but what i liked is its much more enthusiastic when we play it on a play station
I enjoy the GTA games but I'm not really a fan - especially not of San Andreas, I loathed the 'gangsta'-stuff. Still a very fun game to play with lots to do, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next-gen title too.
I would like it if they don't make a state, but one big city. And with many cars and pedestrians, because sometimes there are many cars the same on one road, and many people the smae on the sidewalk.
i love gta series.
my favorite game in this series is san andreas.
i wait on gta IV
i dont know anyone that did not like gta yet. theres always a part of that series that you like. usually its gta 3, vice city or san andreas since those are in 3d unlike gta, gta2 and gta london. i also love the series and cant wait for the next gta to be released.

i never played liberty city stories because i heard it wasnt as good as the others, so i didnt even bother buying it.
Hmm, I like San Andreas, but it wasn't the best. It was dissapointing in many ways, in some ways not much of an upgrade.. And the whole gangster ghetto feel? Nah, not a GTA thing.. I prefered vice city. Though I can't wait for GTA 4! It's going to be absolutely amazing! Hopefully it incorporates good online play, with stunning graphics and a fun level of realism, all topped with a huge enviroment to roam and rule.. Sounds good, eh? Smile It's out this year I beleive? Or atleast for the 360, though If I get i'll get on PS3 probally, as that version will be better, and HOPEFULLY bigger! W00t!

to be honest, the best (if you can even say that) of the later installments is vc, and even that wasnt all that good. got bored after some time, never managed to finish it. gta3 was just plain awful. never liked it at all. and dont even get me started on gta sa. i hated that game so much! gangsta style is pathetic (no offence). and the retards didnt even know how to dress... -_-

in my opinion, the best gta-games are the early ones. they were great games =).
I think that GTA 2 is the best game among those games...
Lillefix wrote:
I think that GTA 2 is the best game among those games...

GTA2? The original was better, that one had motorcylces in it Razz
Vice City is the best game by far. It was based in the 80s. What a game. The characters were great the storyline was great-the game was great.
Grand Theft Auto series are pretty good! I have Vice City, it's really nice! It is a great game though I prefer the Super Mario and Zelda titles!
ive played only vice city in the gta series... i simply dont have the patience to play the whole game, although its fun. im better off playing fps
I Like Gta:Vice City
I got GTA SA about a month ago and found it so great... It's almost like an RPG, you can do a lots of stuff and adding some mods it turns even more realistic!
Now I'm able even to lock the car doors, have fuel (gas stations!!) and lots of other stuff.
Of course you should use the mods after having finished the game, or it would be as boring as using cheats for finishing the game... Confused
lock car doors and tank? Cool!
Rockstar have officially confirmed the next release of Grand Theft Auto known to be Grand Theft Auto IV will be released next year and i tell you i really can't wait as the Grand Theft Auto series happens to be my favorite type of game. Laughing Smile
i loved the series, and san andreas was the best. Here lately a new game for xbox 360 named Saint's Row and its kinda a rifpoff, i only tried the demo though, it was quite fun, specially because it had things gta always lacked:
Psychics engine, so when you run over a dude with a cabriolet, the dude might get stuck on the back seats, i though it was pretty cool.
Graphics, higher poly models, iknow this wasnt atainable on a ps2 or one, but the PC version of San Andreas kinda disappointed me.
I've played most of them save for the Stories games and SA. I've enjoyed most of them although the flying controls in the PC version of VC were too sucky and spoiled it a bit. The flying controls were better in GTA3... and that plane had no wings!

Looking forward to GTA4.
I have all the (Three-Dimensional) GTA games for my computer. I, of course, use a PS2 joystick to play the games. San Andreas was my favorite because of all the modding (which is VERY easy).

I also have GTA: LCS for PSP and I am looking to get GTA: VCS for the PSP too.
SuperTongue wrote:
I have all the (Three-Dimensional) GTA games for my computer. I, of course, use a PS2 joystick to play the games. San Andreas was my favorite because of all the modding (which is VERY easy).

I also have GTA: LCS for PSP and I am looking to get GTA: VCS for the PSP too.

If you want the first two GTAs then they're available off of Rockstar's website.
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