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Desktop or Laptop?

Desktop or Laptop
 50%  [ 11 ]
 50%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 22

What would you prefer to own or use? A laptop or a desktop?
And you?

Personally I prefer laptops, becouse they are small, light and you can take them ANYWHERE. They have been great for the past year or so. I actually own 2 laptops now. Desktops, well for where I am, they are big and heavy and very difficult to move around, especially at short notice. And I move around quite frequintly.
Both. I love (and literally could not live without) my laptop. I also love my laptop as mentioned above because I can take anywhere. There is something to be said for a full size keyboard and a 22in flat LCD (without having to hook it all up everytime you want to use it to your laptop). Personally I own 2 laptops (Intel 3.2ghz & AMD 64 3200) and 2 desktops (2500+ AMD XP & AMD 4200 X2). Different tools for different jobs and situations....
I have had desktops most of my life, but when I finally got a laptop I was somewhat disapointed. All the parts are very fragual. They are very underpowered and upgrading is hard and expensive.

I would stick with desktops.
Been with my desktop PC for years now, but planing to invest in a laptop. I don't think that laptop should have some super characteristics, since it's ment more for work than for games. So medium type laptop would be more than enough for long time. I will rather invest in upgrades for my desktop PC then for laptop Wink
If you need portability, the choise has been made.
Otherwise, if youre desk can hold a keyboard an a monitor, you can get more for your bucks buying a Desktop PC. Laughing
In fact,desktop more use on home or office,laptop secret is small.and you can take it anywhere.if you have more money,I think you can buy two ,One desktop,another laptop.
Yes, but by the time you get a laptop with all the cool things your desktop have like a 17in screen they stop the portablilty thing, because you have this computer that is about 17.5in across big and >1.5in thick it isn't very portable.
I choose Laptop because I always travel from one place to other and needs to be connected. Most of the hotels are already offering free wi-fi access and even in some airport lobby's.

But, If there is no traveling involve I choose the Desktop.
Get a desktop...

But make it a shuttle...

Then get an LCD...

And you have near-laptop portability with incredible performance for much less than a laptop. Not to mention that you can upgrade components easily Very Happy
Tough question, but I'd say desktop for a few reasons. One, laptops are far more expensive. Two, laptops still lack the power and features of desktops. Sure, laptops are good for mobile use; and if you travel a lot, you ought to go with I high-end laptop. But, when it comes to gaming, desktops are far better, plus you can expand them. Also, some small form factor desktops are portable.
Well I honestly prefer a Laptop, Desktops are way more powerful and have more capabilities, But I really prefer Laptops mostly because my Business Requires it.

...It offers mobility so I can work on the Bus "sight, I'm still a while away to be able to drive" and it offers me the ability to check on my emails anywhere that has a hotspot, So that means I don't have to wait until I get home or so to check on things. Not to mention it's light.
Don't GO HP/Compaq laptop. You will not get your "bang for your buck"

When my laptop first come out it was 1000 dollars. Now it is only worth half that.

First issue I ran into LCD screen flickered and adventually died. Lucky it was only 9 months and it was under warrenty for the 600 dollar part.

Second HP/Compaq issued that stupid thing for their batteries overheating inside of their computers and they had to be replaced.

Third issue just recently the Cd rom stop closing You could push it in it would click then when you let go it would pop back out. Looking up hoping for a solution to a laptop that I took a part because it wasn't underwarrenty I found I wasn't the only one with this issue.

Definetly don't buy these if your looking for a Linux installation computer They use Broadcom Wireless cards and they are really hard to install the drivers.

Sadly this laptop has never been droped or miss treated, and to show their poor quality when I got my laptop back. They didn't make sure the case was fully snaped back together and they had left something inbetween the LCD and the Backlight makeing it look like a line of 3 dead pixels but on one only half the pixel is light suggesting something inbetween not dead pixels. I don't dare take it apart for knowing who thin these LCD's are without their back lights. Their about 1-2mm thick.
i prefer a desktop anyday. for me, laptops are still underpowered (although high end models do exist, they are obscurely priced, making it a unecessary waste). and as i dont travel much, laptops dont make sense
I voted Laptop, however, My personal preference for an every day use item would more than likely be desktop. However, a Laptop is so great to literally be able to take ANYWHERE and not have to worry about wires, weight, power or any of the inconveniences of a desktop.

However, desktops are nice because of course they are going to be more powerful than a laptop. You wouldnt want a laptop that had as much power as a desktop simply because it would suck so much battery that it wouldnt run long at all.

Laptops are good if you want to have ultimate portability and not have to worry about wires. I have one simply to use when I'm out of the house, when im home, i use my desktop, but out of the house I'ts hard (even at school) to find a desktop that can do all the things that i need sometimes. Laptops are just more convenient and great for people like me who like to take their work with them wherever they go.
For me the only answer is both. Laughing I have a handfull of desktops in my office and each is setup for different needs. Gaming, video server, photo apps. Then I my wife and I both have our wireless laptops for the living room and just general surfing and minor apps. Of course, when I travel the tablet is what I take. Lightweght and adequate for my needs ont the road.

You use differnt pots and pans for cooking, why tie yourself to one computer?
psycosquirrel wrote:
Get a desktop...

But make it a shuttle...

Then get an LCD...

And you have near-laptop portability with incredible performance for much less than a laptop. Not to mention that you can upgrade components easily Very Happy

Though shuttles are the biggity-bomb, I would love to see that configuation attempted on an airplane or in your local coffee shop Laughing
it depends on what you want to do with it!
do you want to do some video-editing, photo-editing?
=> choose a desktop (please choose a beast of a pc)

if you want to use office, msn, word,...
=>choose a laptop
get both, i have a lap and and a desk, laptop for versatility to cary everywhere and work, desktop more powerful to do larger jobs, lap to surf check email, ltodays prices, pc's are cheap!!!!!
There are set of tasks which just can't be performed on laptop: professional program's development, heavy designer work and so on. For task like these laptop is not an option, until we tell about monstrous 15" so called "laptop". But such devices called mobile just through misunderstanding, they are "little desktops", no more.
Every one needs both but sometimes that is not possible. Definently if you are a gamer you need a desktop. For every thing else you should have an apple notebook(IMO). I use my ibook more than any other computer that I own.
will tell both

i like to go out with my laptop, but i must keep at home some accessories like webcam, mouse etc

i like also a completed desktop ready to use<
I play PC games so I need a desktop, tried it on a laptop and it was lame.
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