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The Inflatable kayak - the best invention ever

I recently purchased an inflatable kayak.

It was purchased to take along camping because we usually camp on lakes or rivers.

The first time out we used it on a river with some nice whitewater... so fun!

The best thing is that it cost $80 at Sports Authority. It inflates in about 5 minutes, is very safe and can be inflatable and just thrown in the trunk of the car and then stored in a closet.

If you like canoeing or kayaking or the idea of it but don't want to pay a ton of money... purchase a Seylor Tahiti!
Shocked That's cool, you could venture off into the wilderness without carrying a massive thing around and when you found a cool river just inflate it and paddle away. I myself did a lot of canoeing when I was down in cornwall, little village that has one shop and houses right next to the river and forests, great place for a few weeks but then the isolation gets to you.
Pablo Diablo
That really is agreat idea. I am sure you can't go into rapids and such that are catagorized as high risk and dangerous because it can't be a structually rigid as a real kayak, but for the average person just doing it a few times a year in non-extreme sports-type settings, its a great idea.
I dont know what is a kayak! :S Im very stupid
Sparmactro wrote:
I dont know what is a kayak! :S Im very stupid

i didnt know what it was I looked it up on google though:

A small, decked watercraft usually paddled by one or sometimes two paddlers. The paddler sits in the boat and paddles the craft with a double bladed paddle. Based on the traditional watercraft of the native peoples of the North American Arctic.

My girlfriend bought one also, it seem to be fragile, but finally it is so fun!!!!
We leave near a lake, 5 min by walking and have no car. So we can easeasily carry it. But with this chap kayak we are not allowed to go more far as 300 meter from board. Surprised
Wwat is this inflatable made of? is it durable enuf for whitewater? rocks can be very unforgiving!
a one seater I assume? come in two seaters?
wow what a great Idea!
I'll go look this thingy up!
you should get a comission!
I have a very High-End Kayak which I love to sail in the sea and down rivers. It's has great bouyancy and is quite light. I can seat 3 people in it.

Here's a pic
I was looking at the Sevylor years ago, but I hear there are other brands now, like Sea Eagle. I finally bought a couple of hard shell kayaks for camping, but I was always curious how the inflatables compared to hard shells in maneuverability and drag. Has anyone had experience in both?
I've had experience in both hard and inflatable kayaks. I can tell you that the Sea Eagle that I have can withstand very high pressure so it becomes literally as rigid as a hard shell when fully inflated.

I've been on a lot of hard shells both on river-water and on seawater. I was very surprised to find that the drag and maneuverability of the inflatable is identical to the hard shell.

About puncturing: I haven't had a puncture yet, but I've seen punctures occur in fellow inflatables. The impact required for such a puncture would probably break a hole in a hard shell anyway. The punctures I've seen are quite small (smaller then the crack you'd see from a similar impact with a hard shell) and are easier to repair then solid cracks. A patch kit seems to work better then the resin epoxies I've used for hard shells, but the disadvantage is that you must de-inflate your kayak to make the repair.
Also, a major major tear would probably cause your kayak to loose descent buoyancy in less than 10 minutes. Then again, Hard shells sometimes splinter (I've had a shard of plastic cut my leg pretty deep and let me tell you, they don't come out easily).

I say: Go Inflatable. Easy to store, Easy to transport, Light and just as water worthy as a hard shell.
Electricat wrote:
...I say: Go Inflatable. Easy to store, Easy to transport, Light and just as water worthy as a hard shell.

Thanks, Electricat, I appreciate the info. Which model do you have? I was looking here and I'm guessing you have the 12.10sk. Is that correct?

Even with discounts, I can't afford that right now (I need one for the wife, also), so I guess I'll just have to keep my hard shells for a little longer.
Happily, I'm the proud owner of a Sea Eagle Explorer 380x Kayak.

I tip my hat to you kind sir. Good day.
I agree with that point. Inflatable kayak beats all river sports because:

-kayak is fun, but when you scratch a stone and remain held by it, or just scratch a stone and have to ear the crappy sound of it, it is really unconfortable.

-make it inflatable, you don't scratch anything anymore! "ça alors", as the french say, it's fantastic! you can even go straight ahead towards the stones, and feel them like a massage on the bottom of your back, it is so confortable. I really enjoy that sensation. Feel the river, feel the stones.

The problem is that when a hole comes in your inflatable kayak, it is no more inflatable because the air goes out, and you can keep on inflating it as long as you want, it doesn't have any positive effect on your inflatable kayak which remains flat.

Then you have to fix the hole... And go again!

But this negative aspect is so little compared to the fun you have...
And anyway, a hole in a non-flatable kayak also constitutes a problem, because afterwards it doesn't float anymore (depends on the size of the hole thus).
Very true my hard kayaking friend!
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