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Fake Thumb Drives on EBAY.

I was searching Ebay one day when I came across the artical on ebay.

It states that 1gbs or larger thumb drives maybe fake and what they do is reprogram smaller 128mb thumb driver so when the OS reads it, the OS reads the wrong compassity and name.

SanDisk - Cruzer Mini (SDCZ2) or Cruzer Micro (SDCZ4).
A sample program output is shown in the following article, check it out!
BEWARE of FAKE SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drives on eBay

Sony - Micro Vault.
Counterfeit Sony Micro Vault does not bundle with software such as "Virtual Expander". Most Sony fakes show the capacity as 'G' instead of 'GB'.
All Sony 'Vaio USB flash' available on eBay are 100% counterfeit as 'Vaio' refers to Sony proprietory branding reserve for Sony notebook series only.
All Sony 8GB USB flash drives on eBay are counterfeit.

Kingston - Data Traveller I & II. (Counterfeit Kingston does not bundle with software such as 'Migo').

Imation - Swivel & Mini. (Counterfeit Imation does not bundle with software such as 'Imation Flash Manager').

Hyundai, Laser, LG, Transcend, TwinMOS.

No Name or Unpopular Brand.
Well thanks for the info, and I guess I would take more precautions when doing trading at ebay. And this is an example where technology is used in a bad way.
I was also reading another one about a CD Scam that happens EVERYWHERE even your local wal-mart.

When you buy the game or DVD you see that it's cool and stuff. You can shake the box and you will hear your CD inside of it. So you purcase and long behold. You manual is a peice of paper. and your cd is a cheap AOL disk that comes in the mail. So that is your good 50 bucks spent.

What happened? Someone bought the disk. Carefully removed the top part of the box. Then removed the disk and the manual. Then to simulate the weight of the item they replace them with a peice of paper and a cheap cd. Have the game rerapped and return it to the store. They give him his 50 bucks back and he gets the 50 buck game.
And this is why I don't buy from ebay. Ever.

I guess the game thing doesn't apply to me either. I have spent $0 in my entire life on games at wal-mart, the few that I have purchased I got used to save cash.

Another scam along the lines of what Xenic said was done by some freshmen at my school (damn freshmen). They would buy Xboxes and then take out the xbox, remove the internals, and duct tape / glue the case back together with weights placed in it so that no one would be suspicious. Then, they would re-wrap it with a machine in the graphics arts room and return it the next day...

Edit: they kept the internals and would make "shoeboxes" with the xbox internals in them... basically, a ghetto xbox for free...
Wow, I would annously turn them in and see who is laughing the next day at school Wink

That story right there wow. I never though someone would get as gay as to steal hardware like that.
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