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dows rules!
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Total Votes : 11

I cannot believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!! No-one has yet posted a topic on windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok enough, you all see i'm surprised.
Well , Windows - the most catastrophic operating system yet created by Microsoft, (or Bill Gates, whichever you prefer.) Cathostrophic as in- the very idea of a Windows OS is a catastrophy! Couple of month ago, i was making an AMV. And my Windows XP OS crashed. nothing would work. well, back then i only had a pc a few months so i called my friend and asked him if that was normal ( i thought maybe operating system concentraites on the task and thats why it doesnt react). after i told him what happened, he said my pc "crashed".... .
I asked were crashes normal?
reply was:
" It's windows, crashes are normal and common".
For any bit of decent work you will find Windows incompatible for the load.
I don't think there is anyone who hasn't experienced a crash while running windows.
Windows XP Professional edition, for profesionals. <--translation-->
-> Winblows Xtreme Problems sucker edition, well, you know what you are if you buy it.

Anyway, the question: How did you windows crashed?
I am sure anyone that currently uses a Windows OS or has used one can give you a story...or more. I myself use Windows XP, not really because I like it, but it came pre-installed with my computer and I am familiar with it.

Also, more games and programs are supported to be ran with the Windows OS, another reason I use it. Yes, I have gotten the blue screen of death before, sometimes even for reasons unknown to me, but have lost nothing major; some word-processed documents perhaps.

All-in-all I would say I use Windows over any other OS because it is widely supported and I am familiar with it, unlike Linux/Sun/others.

I am nuetral as far as voting goes, for I know there are problems and there are some good things about Windows as well. I wouldn't say it "rules" though.

First off, I use a Mac. So I am heavily biased, but please do keep in mind that I continue to use a PC for games occasionally, and have used a PC for at least 7 years before getting a Mac. I'd call myself a power user, as I often go to the command line in any operating system that I use, including OS X.

After using a Mac and going back to Windows on occasion, it is incredible to me to think why people use a PC at all. In a Mac, everything is in it's most logical place, nothing crashes (or if it does, it is a very simple force quit away), the OS never crashes, and all in all, the stability is a world apart.

Now for the PC. The OS seems to crash every time I look at the screen, programs randomly refuse to work, and I can get viruses that destroy whatever is left of my machine. I do give Windows the point that it is more compatable with companies and software, and for that reason only would use it. NOT for user pleasure or experience. For that, USE a Mac.

Keep in mind, this is my opinion, based on my experience, and may not be true for everyone. But I'd much rather focus on my relationships with my family and friends, and work on my career, then to spend time fixing a computer every time I turn around.

By the way, I have had my Mac almost a year, and it has not had to be maintained in any way whatsoever. Very Happy
Is this in the wrong section?

anyway the windows os stinks. it crashes all the time on my computer, and it's ugly

flyakite osx helps make it prettier though ^^
I don't like mac cos I find it hard to find everything. maybe that's because I'm used to windows. And btw, nisk, I've been using windows my whole life and it never crashed once. That proves your stereotype wrong Smile
But Mac OS is one of the most stable and safe OS. It's hard to find what you want only if you knew Windows before. Otherwise it's not harder than the others.

I've been using windows my whole life and it never crashed once. That proves your stereotype wrong Smile

You are lucky ! The first one who says that Razz
I am no MS fan, but I feel that windows is an excellent OS.
Given a choice I will probably go for tiger, but Windows Xp is not really bad.
I find it better than Os like Ubuntu.
{name here}
The only people I see crashing windows are those with 50 million useless processes in their system tray, system effects on full blast and expecting games and large applications to load and perform decently when they've already pushed their system to the limit.
windows have been very good to create a computer culture between people that don't have much proximity to computers...

and this culture is very important to us, developers of the whole world to create market to our job...

and it keeps valued along many years because people use computer more and more
No comment.... Everoyone use everyone blows Razz
I use windows on my laptop (Havn't found a linux distro that will control the fan properly ergo, overheating problems), but what I don't like about it is that in order for it to compete with other os's you have to install lots of extra software, and be good at crash recovery.
What I had to add to windows to make it almost as good as linux:
Windowblinds (make it look decent)
Spyware protection
Google Desktop (To house some of the applets I've grown accustomed to having)
Office suite
ftp client
Each of these is either not needed or included with linux.

I usally a mac user.

When I switch over to mac I started selling all my windows machines.

When I found out my laptop that is only 2 yrs old has already drop to half of it's worth value. Shocked

I desided the best and closest thing I could put onto it so I could keep my Anti-windows way. I put SuSE linux on it. Turned out it cooled off my CPU better then windows did. I get better battery life because of it.

Mac OS X is suppost to be extremly efficent with battery life. Having their G4 laptops run up to 6hrs of battery life. plus a little hardware help Very Happy

This doesn't belong in software should be in OS forum smarty

Suprising is that it seems everyone hates windows but no one does anything about it.
We did this in my english class the teacher asked how many people accualy like windows. No one raised their hand.
Then he asked how many people use somthing other then windows. I was sadly the only person to raise my hand Shocked WTF is none of you like in then why the hell do you use it. I don't get you people. You like it or you don't like it PICK ONE quit being suck ups and saying you hate it just to "fit in"
Hahahaha I broke the 100% poll for Winblows... not cause I really like it, only because I never left the comfort zone to try something else... probably when I do try other things I'll have to agree with you guys.
it really is a fairly poor os considering how much money is plowed into it.
i use linux on and off, and i am in no doubt as to what uses a better core... if money was plowed into linux, it would be made suitable for all users and would in the end be a much stronger os
Hahahaha I broke the 100% poll for Winblows... not cause I really like it, only because I never left the comfort zone to try something else... probably when I do try other things I'll have to agree with you guys

YES Finally someone not scared enough to say he likes windows

O, well. I'm a mac user and proud to be so. O, Windows sucks.
Yeah WinBlows ... but at least WinBlows XP sucks less than their previous Operating Systems. Actually pretty much as MicroCrap products blows.
A) The reason you don't see any posts about Windows is because you are in the "Software" forum and not the "Operating System" forum.

B) Had you actually given any thought to searching, you would have found a number of Windows-related topics, including a special, "sticky thread" near the top of the "Operating Systems" forum. Please continue this discussion there, where it belongs.

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