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File move + from NTFS to FAT32 = Data loss ??

Hey Guyess please... help...

I moved few of my files (very important) from a NTFS disk to a FAT32 disk... now when i am opening those files in FAT32, i am facing partial data loss... i mean in a file (source html / php file (of my web page) or a word document)... some data in ok.. but in the middle all data are currupted... some file refuse to get open...

pls help... how can i open the files properly...
1. use scandisk oder checkdisk to to prove your hdd

2. if you think, that your hard disk is physically damaged, go on the hard disk manufacturer's site and download a diagnostic tool. for this you need perhaps a floppy!

3. how big is the fat32 partition? i don't know the right number but if it is bigger than 30 gb you can have dataloss because fat32 is not laid-out. there is a new tool from microsoft, called robocopy. with this commandline tool you can copy files more confidently.

4. next thing (but this is not interesting for php and html files): copying VERY large files ( >500mb) is also not so good for fat32.
Before you use checkdisk, try to make a raw backup of it. Sometimes checkdisk makes things worse.

Addition to what tester9 said:
5. In theory the only thing you should lose when converting to win32 is the secuirty descriptors, i.e. the file permission info and such.

6. It's always smart to do a "full format" on a drive. Then bad blocks are tested and avoided if possible. But in your case it's probably too late. Sad
files bigger than 4GB are not supported in FAT32. Which program did you use to convert and why?
well my primary HDD was a 80GB PATA Samsung... where the partition where i had my files was NTFS... few days back it developed some problem with detection... so before i took it to the service center i copied all the data (mainly documents, html files, php file, word, excel... etc..) and some exe program files... to a 40GB HDD which has a FTA32 partition (15GB partition)...

all the exe files r OK... but all the documents (mainly documents, html files, php file, word, excel... etc..) having some problem...

i give u an example... a 10 PAGE MS Word file... after opening in new FAT32 drive i find 1st 4 pages r all right... but last 6 pages of the document is messed up.... Sad
ne2 Luka
Seems to me you might have a defective drive over there with many "bad blocks" which weren't isolated (by scanning). Although it is strange that only your documents are defective. Just a sudgestion...
your harddisk may be some defective blogs or bad sectors. I think, in the bad sectors data's are corrupt!!! Rolling Eyes
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