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Post your Bodybuilding/Fitness Log here !!!

As I love working out I thought, hey why not share my experience, logs and training tips with my fellow Frihosters.
I have been training for five years now.
I am 28 years, 1m78 and weigh 84 Kgs with fat percentage of around 10% which i think is still too much.
Here is my chest routine I did yesterday:

1 Benchpress: warming up with empty bar, 10 x 80 kg, 8 x 90 kg, 6 x 100 kg and 1 x 105 kg

2 Flatt dumbell press 12 x 34 kg, 10 x 36 kg, 8 x 38 kg and 6 x 40 kg followed directly by 12 x 34 again

3 Dumbell flyes on flat bench: 12 x 18 kg, 10 x 20 kg, 8 x 22 kg and 6 x 24 kg

4 Pullovers 4 sets of 10 x 36 kg

That's all folks.
If you have any training tips or things i can improve, please tell me.
I've been working out for a few years now. Not much lately due to time I spend with my family. Do you cycle your workouts? My weight trainer introduced me to a system that uses cycling so that your muscles will never adapt to the routine. It looks like this:

Week 1
2 Sets of each exercise
Rest: 2 minutes between sets
Reps: target 7-11

Week 2-3
3 Sets
Rest: 1.5 minutes
Reps: 4-7

Week 4
4 Sets
Rest: 1 minute
Reps: 7-11

Week 5
5 Sets
Rest: 1 minute
Reps: 4-7

This program will allow you to do the same exercises (which is all you need) and gradually build your intensity without overtraining. Then you cycle back to week 1. Continue to do this and your gains are amazing. I added 15 lbs in less than a year.
Well it depends on what you want exactly.
Do you want to gain mass or do you want a sharp definition
If you want to gain mass I suggest you train as heavy as you can with low reps.
If you want a definition you will need to do lots of reps with light weights
Actually, that's not entirely true. Definition is purely a function of body fat. The lower your body fat percentage, the more definition. You can get great definition and separation in the muscles from heavy weights.
Still I think that you burn the most fat by doing quick reps and large sets.
Well that works for my body of course.
Each body is different.
You coul add some sets for your legs and aerobic activity.Squats are particulary good to burn the fat
dokładnie tak!!
I love running in the park if i in good mode , but i dont have much time exercise here.Some days you hike your favorite trail. Other days, you run it. Exercising in the outdoors gives you great views and healthy legs, but are you better off walking your next peak or running? Making the decision whether running is better exercise than walking depends on your health history and exercise goals but they advise us and relly important to consult a physician before you start any workout program. Because of the higher impact, running may cause joint pain for someone who is obese. Similarly, if you have a history of joint problems, the lower impact of walking will be gentler on your body. Running may help to preserve healthy joint cartilage, but may aggravate joints that are already compromised.
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