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I fall in love too easily

Crap, I've done it again, fallen in love with a girl I've been freinds with for ages, and still in love with a girl in another country, I guess i'm just a comitmentphobe, but damn this happens too often, the girl in question and I had a kinda casual sex relationship for a couple of months after we'd already known each other for a couple of years, but that finished and she got a boyfriend and all which was cool for about 3 months, but now therere times we can't even really look at each other or we're going to start making out, there is just a crazy atraction there, I just wonder if for her part it's because she's having a few problems with the boyfriend and the grass looks greener. anyone been in a similar situation? what did you do?
well I am human Smile and of course have made many what i know call mistakes or chosen selfish options.

But I think the unselfish thing to do is not mess with both your head her head and her broyfreinds heart ego and future trust and respect for women. You can maintain the freindship i believe but without the flirting or sexual part and it could all be brought on by formiliarity or a unexplored path so you think you could be good as a couple.

If you feel you need to be a couple then fix that quick and be a couple before more happens between you and this girl behind her bf back.

if you leave it too long both yu and this girl will loose respect and trust for each other and maybe you could be something but by steeling passion you are destroying a key part of any relationship, Trust.

so either go for it 100% or leave it alone, if you find yourself still just wanting a bit on the side then you dont really care much for her its just driven bu lust and exitement.

good luck cheers
Yeah, try to find out about this relationship she has with that guy. Because it happens to often that for smaller problems they look up old buddies, but the actual bofriend comes up again ans says he is sorry and she is gone again. So in order not to make you feel like carbage, talk to her and find out if she still has feelings for this guy.

don't say you haven't been been warned...
I don't know what I want. I think that is because I can't know what will make me happy. Here it is the end of July. Maybe I can choose to be happy with what comes. One year ago I bought the jeans I'm wearing today in Philadelphia. I spent this part of the year thinking once again about what to do in the future. It seems like this is the part of the year that determines what will happen until next spring. I don't know what I want to do. I find myself easily dissatisfied... in my relationship... which is the most powerful force in my life at this point. I am not building a career for myself, exactly, and the only thing that motivates me is when I think about being with Elliot. When I think about what it would take to have myself together well enough to be rather a help than a burden to him. I feel like I am on girlfriend probation. I know that it will pass, that to love him will be so powerful if I love him unconditionally. Bleeding doesn't help. I want to blame it all on that, the emotional off-centeredness and lack of interest in sex. I never felt more disgusting than when I saw the face he made after seeing a bloody tampon. I started looking for charm schools on Google. I don't think that is quite what I am after, being able to entertain. What I want is the answer to: what do I want? I think sometimes that if I could be very pretty and pleasant and refreshing and make meals, even for myself, and keep things light and airy and good-smelling and organized ... I would always feel satisfied because I would always be treated well. There is one thing that is undeniable: the crying fits have to stop. I am so exactly like a woman, more than I ever realized. I felt on the outside of genders, I am not a bit masculine, but I was completely neglectful of myself. That is one attitude that does me no good, feeling alienated from my gender, my age group, my area, et cetera. I think I always have. I could try to fit in better.
I had no cavities at the dentist. I have been brushing my teeth regularly for the first time in years. Winter can be charming. Autumn, warm drinks. It is all going to be alright.
But what am I going to do? I suppose I will take classes and work and live and be a little lonely and fly to New York plenty. I must.

" I want to hold the hands inside you. I want to take the breath that's true. I look to you and I see nothing. I look to you to see the truth. "
I can't say I have been in a similar situation but if there is so much attraction there why not just go for it. Why the need for her to get a boyfriend and you to avoid it.
Usually when something is wrong in a realationship a girl goes running into the arms of an ex or a friend or just another guy to try to get over the guy shes with!!

Id find out about that first

Then i would figure out how to deal with this attraction thing with her because it has to end if she has a bf and they arent breaking it off then you are helping her cheat!!

But its your call dude i cant tell you what to do i can only give you advice!

It just sounds like this girl has NO CLUE what she wants or wants to do and is just using you because you are there and arent going anywhere so she can always come running back to you and you will be there!

You really need to tell her if you care about her and have her make her descion cause she is leading you on and you dont need that you need to find out what is going on so if things with you and her arent going to work out you can move on and find someone else who will make you happy and you can fall in love with her instead!!
it's normal to love someone easily, but you'd better think about whether it's true love or not. As you said, you have a girlfriend already. Why can't you control your feelings and towards her ? Maybe you'd say, to give chances to yourself and explore your true feelings, your true love. i am not against this idea, but if it becomes true, you'd better tell your girl friends and break apart with her. Then you can go to another love. It's too selfish of you to become like this way. And you hurt yourself and your surround people.
Well its natural cause you can't help who you like or fall for cause its in human nature but I know how you feel cause I have had certain situations happen to me as well but I guess that is what makes the world go round.
It seems as if she's just using to you to make herself feel better when things aren't so swell between herself and her boyfriend. And you may only feel an attraction with her because of how physical you are with her.
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