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My Windows XP Cannot performed scandisk !?

My Windows XP Cannot performed scandisk !?
it's always stoped at scan index section 2

what's it mean ? is my HD already begin broke ?
Let me not disappoint u but mostly that is the case.
Try going to your vendor's website,each hard-disk vendor e.g. Samsung or seagate provides software downloads to evaluate state of your hard-disk.Do check that out
wew u disappointed me already Crying or Very sad
may be that;s a good idea

and some how when i am using macromedia dream weaver and try to save, it seem the files locked by somehow program and i cannot performed save. it need to wait for a while before to save.. --"

is it my harddisk will goto polaris ?
i dont know which file system you are using (NTFS, FAT32)

FAT32 is not a problem you can perform it with any bootable disk..

if you have NTFS, boot your system with Windows 2000 or XP cd

then press R (Recovery console)
then run chkdsk

you can perform this with thirdparty software like ntfs check...

try this idea...
Back up whatever data you can now, just to be safe.
Besides that, get a good 3rd party hard drive scanner and do a thorough check. You should also check for viruses. It's unlikely, but a re-partitioning of the drive may fix it (or destroy it). If you've had simular problems with other IDE drives, (like your CD) investigate your IDE controler instead.
Use third party NTFSCHK sofware and boot and scan the computer
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