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This topic is about a crazy women who drowned her kids

This is crazy, A woman murderned her kids aka drowned her kids after giving birth to them. The crazy part is (yes this is even crazier) that they let her go because they said she was under stress from the pregnancy.

Ok first of all I am a guy and yes I might not know the "stress" that they speak of, but my mother who gave birth to me said that people don't kill their kids because of that. That woman definitely has some 'demons' so she should not be allowed to have kids.

Since if she is allowed to be free then all the murderers that are in jail right now should also be allowed to leave jail since they were also in some sort of stress when they commited their act.

This is crazy, please post what you think because I think if people like that are allowed to live in the general public then we are going the incorrect direction.
you should never feel the need to drown your kids, just dont get pregnant if you are mentaly unstable. doctors shoudl of picked up on this.
bargainhutz wrote:
you should never feel the need to drown your kids, just dont get pregnant if you are mentaly unstable. doctors shoudl of picked up on this.

While I am sickened by the prospect of this lunatic someday being freed from the mental institution she was eventually sentanced to, saying she shouldn't get pregnant could be one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard. It isn't necessarily her fault she got pregnant. Someone had to deposit some little swimmers for that to happen...
I'm sure there is a lot more ot this article than meets the eye. If it's true the strain she was under must have been imense and overwhelming.
I doubt she would ever be allowed to keep another child by social services.
Where did you read about this? I would like to read the whole article.
Here's a link to one story about it.

This case sickens me to the core. This woman drowned her kids, one at a time in a bathtub. She was convicted, and then, for reasons passing understanding re-tried and found not-guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. She will go to a mental institution until she is "cured" and then released.

I have as much sympathy for the mentally challenged as the next guy, but this just makes my skin crawl.
Yeah, people are weird aren't they? It makes me curious as to what exactly was going through her mind - I mean, obviously she's a bit off the right path if she's drowning her kids.
It wasnt right, But Murderers do go thru alot stress before and after the murder even if they are psychothic.

They have to find the will to go kill and doing so takes alot a courage which leads to alot of stress in finding that will. And when they die, They really need to chill but they freak and all that.

I cannot comprehend what the lady must have gone thru, But whatever it is, I dont want to know.
This is a pretty old story. I think it happened a year ago. There was also a story about a guy from Oregon that killed his wife and two kids and drove his van into a river and ran away. They eventually caught the guy though. They didn't say he was pyschoctic but how could he not be?
The woman who drowned her kids was on prescription drugs. So was the man in Rochester, New York who recently stabbed his wife and children.

It came out in the paper that he was on Paxil when he did it.

The Police then investigate, pass the info on to the District Attorney, and then it gets hashed out in Court. Every time that is the sequence.

The problem is that whenever the info goes to the lawyers they completely strip away the fact that PRESCIPTION DRUGS CAUSED THE BIZARRE BEHAVIOR.

Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Drug Companies, they OWN the Courts, and that is where the truth gets stripped away and the false gets processed.

The newspapers and tv stations, they do their part in the lying too.
I'm not saying that drugs don't have side-effects. Heck, I'm on a few that make me a little weird, but at what point do people get to take responsibility for their actions?!?!?
I made a rather large post a while ago about this and other stories of people murdering their own children. Most of them do get away with it... or get very small sentances...

woman murdered 9 of her kids, hid the bodies around the house because she didn't want her husband to know she had them... oh, oh well... too bad huh?

woman gives birth to child in bathroom, tries to drown it, that doesn't work, bludgeons it, that doesn't work.. eventually throws it in a garbage bag and tosses it in the trash - oh it dies after a few days i'm sure...
she got 9 months probation... and now she's got a degree in child psychology and works with them constantly.. ermm, problem here? methinks

there are parents killing their children much more today than the world has ever seen before (with the exception of female babies being killed in [certain countries] back in the day - rumor has it, it still happens today)... but it's taken as nothing.. no one really seems to want to do anything about it, the punishments are trivial... but it's still murder. it's worse than that...

next time i see one of these cases locally, or hear about it.. you can be sure i'll be doing something about it.. unfortunately, i can't really do anything about it right now, since everything i'm seeing is in other countries... i can write letters.. but, who is going to listen to me when i'm not even their citizen? Wink

**PS: the people I'm talkin about were not on drugs at the time.
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