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flight sim hardware

Just wondering what people are using for flight sim hardware and what they think if it.

I use to use a combat F16 stick... I liked everything except
1) it was the model before USB
2) it isnt wireless... which could also be a plus
3) it didnt have any yaw control.

So my wife picked me up a wireless one Logitech Freedom 2.4 because it has all of the above.

I do not use peddles and I do not have a separate throttle control...

anyone have experience with the peddles or throttle and any feedback?

Also... in the old days... you could make your own control panels and drivers because everything was readily available... can you still do that somehow with XP?
I use a noname 4 button with POV and throtle for the flying stick and the pedals of a noname wheel for my rudders and it works like a charm.
Some older games like Falcon 4.0 have troubles recognizing both my controllers at the same time, but newer games like Il-2 or Lock On: Modern Air Combat have no problem with it.
I am a glider pilot in RL, so the game I enjoy most is Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator, although I wish I had the TrackIR head tracking system for looking around.
I almost forgot: both my controllers use the gameport, so I have two sondcards in my computer (just for the extra gameport).
I use an 8 button and 2 sticks with POV game pad. altough I don't know what POV is for.
POV - point of view
It's the "thingie" on your joystick for looking around in a flight
it is suppose to emulate the pilot... you... looking around in the ****** pit.

you can also get options that will either watch your face or that you attach something to your hat or band on your head and it will track (ie Track IR)

it will make the computer screen look around for you by turning your head.

course... most people look straight ahead so not sure what the valyue of it is since you will want to look at your screen... turning your head back LOL
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