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South park: the movie

anybodey watched South park: the movie once?
this movie is sooo funny lol Very Happy
im just wondering if anyone watched it once and what part did he / she liked the most...
i liked the part when satan goes to earth lol... soo funny XD.
it wasn't funnier then an average episode
South Park is funny, but always contain hidden message, assign to political situation in USA.
The movie was good, but it doesn't really live up to current South Park ideaology.
It's not as good as some of the genius episodes the team have created. It is true however that I used to be able to quote this movie word-to-word... I've seen it way too many times in my childhood so it's fairly boring now, but still a very good movie.
4ndY wrote:
it wasn't funnier then an average episode

Agreed, the movie was a bit lame imo
I really liked it but it wasn't alll that extrodinary. As a canadian, I liked "Blame Canada".
which movie the raw and uncut or what
roach831 wrote:
which movie the raw and uncut or what

There was only 1 movie, and it was called "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut."
I liked this movie so much I had to go twice to the theater. The funniest part was looking around me and seeing parents horrified while their children were laughing all loud Razz It definitely was not the typical animated movie they were expecting...
I don't really understand why people enjoy watching South Park...

I know this comment may light some fires in people's minds and
I'll get blasted for such pure ignorance but I'm ready...i think...

Can south park fans please enlighten me?

I've watched it about 50 times now so its getting kinda boring.

But it was one of the funniest films I ever saw at the time it was first out.

Satan and Saddam are the funniest couple Smile
I love the part where they are sitting in the cinema watching the Terrance and Phillip movie. It's one of the most funniest things I've ever seen!! _O_
I have the movie pluys ever season on DVD this was the best series to me. my fave part was when T & P got back together it was really nice.I was so mad when they got cancelled.If you don't have season 8 you have to get it that is the best season by far!!!!!
Ok, ok, this is one of those guilty pleasures. I have to admit that I hate listening to people swear, think the animation in South Park is unbelievably lame, don't care what happens to Kenny and I like Canada (well, sort of.) So what makes this film so funny?
Probably the over-the-top raunchiness that characterizes all South Park. The first time someone played a tape of the cartoon for me, I was gasping with laughter and had to rewind the tape to catch the stuff I was missing while I was convulsing on the sofa. (It was the 70-foot satellite dish issuing forth from Cartman's posterior that caused me to nearly lose consciousnes.)

A little bit of vulgarity is annoying. Somehow, a ton of it, big heaping gobs, is hysterical. When you get to Terrence & Phillip's song number in their "film within a film" you will know what I mean.

There's not only a lot of Terrence & Phillip (Canada's hottest action stars) but also a catchy, Academy-award nominated theme song (Blame Canada) and a very funny Satan who finds Saddam Hussein just a bit insensitive and uncaring.

I laughed hysterically through the entire film. If you like South Park, the full-length movie will not disappoint you in any way.
Theres just something about South Park that sets them apart from all the other profanity spewing violent and goreful films.
I liked so much this serie - actualy here at Brazil, I dont know which channel can I watch this show anymore - its so sad...

About the movie, I saw the first one - and I think its hilarius.
I enjoyed the series, and i also liked this movie. (although it had a few stale moments) My favorite song was la resistance. it was good, i say.
chinaspeak wrote:
I don't really understand why people enjoy watching South Park...

I know this comment may light some fires in people's minds and
I'll get blasted for such pure ignorance but I'm ready...i think...

Can south park fans please enlighten me?


It's because South Park blends immature humor with moral values. The tackle alot of issues, especially censorship, and they try to teach you something important with every episode, except for the ones where they try to just completely shock you for fun. Basically, when the kids say "I've learned something today," you should listen to them, because they actually have some meaningful things to say. Any time they don't say that, then you might as well have laughed your ass off the entire episode.
i havent watched any series of the southpark but i did hear a lot about it. Too bad there arent dvds of southpark in the rental stores in my place. Are there any download sites, legal or illegal, i really wont mind.
I have watched a lot of simpsons and i really love it.
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