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Well I have a problem... one of the laptops that was just given to one of our staff needs to have avid Xpress DV working.
Now Avid just says that the user needs to have Admin on the computer to be able to run. This is not an option.

Does anyone know how to get avid working without giving them admin rights, such as changing policies, reg hacks, or anything?

And if not then does someone know where to point me in the right direction?
Have your administrator set the rights on the policy to have the software run as his or her account. Explain that the software requires it and if it a work related issue, they will adjust to it.

If you still have an issue with company policy, you may be interested in Adobe's video software, it does not require administrative rights to run.

Hope it helps. This sounds like more of a political issue with company policy and asking in the right fashion than a technical one.
Its not my choice about what software they have.. I just need to get it working..

A few people in the building(different 'ranks' aka normal staff, VP's, deparment heads) But right now our software is Avid.
And If it just was one person then they might be ok, but buying it for a team of people is out of budget.

Thanks for the post,(I am one of the Administrators) and what you suggested is what Im asking about what needs to be changed..
The answer of just making them a local admin isnt an option, and we dont know NEEDS to be changed, without making an admin.

As for avid, they scrapped most of their phone support, so after trying to contact them for a while, I finally got a sales rep to call back.
It turns out that someof the people there, also want to get rid of the admin rights thing but their vps and higher up people wont allow it.

Anyways, thanks for posting, and yah, avid sucks.

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