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creat web elements with photo impact

hi guys

i work with photo impact for creat my photo and graphic
in this topic learn you how to create banner button and bordered background

A- creating the banner:

Keep in mind that you will also be creating a background and buttons to match

1-When you have finished designing your banner, export it as component object. This will automatically merge all the objects for you. It will also create the banner in the correct width (470 or less).

2-Save your banner with a transparent background. Make sure you select a matte for either a light or dark background so you won't have jagged edges.
[size=18]You may use the Component Designer to make your buttons or make them yourself. Make the buttons approximately 175 pixels wide, 65 pixels high. Make buttons and add text to each as shown below
[img] [/img]

Save each button with a transparent background. Be sure to use the appropriate matte color so they won't have jaggies[/size[/url]
Finally someone talks about PhotoImpact (instead of Photoshop)!Very Happy

But I think the result will be better if commands/steps are included. Cool
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