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Do you have a pet?

i have a pet.
i might upload pictures if i find some.
i have a dog.
and you boys and girls?
i have a is a dog Smile
I have a Boston Terrier - Chihuahua mix I got from the shelter, her name is Daisy.
I have lots of pets... 2 ferrets, 7 cats and a dog... then you add in my daughters pets - 3 dogs, 13 cats, 2 snakes and a bunny. Some say we have a small petting zoo but we love them all... Very Happy
i have 2 cats they are fluffy tortoise shell females
I have many fishes =P
But I also have a nice fox coming to our house every day to get food =) Very funny actually!
I have a cat Cool
I have a LabradorX and a Rottweiler. They are my babies. No matter how awful your day, you can't help smiling and feeling good when two big black kids wag their tails and jump on you for hugs and kisses when you get in from work. Our Rotty thinks she is a lap dog and sits on her Daddy all the time!!

I've got 3 dogs, used to have a cat but it died recently. Looking at getting a kitten soon though.
I've got a small pekinese-papillon dog, which weighs only 7 pounds... A good dog, rarely barks and very frendly.

I also have an odd fish. It's really small, and in fact it's the survivor of a group of 5, which all died of unknown causes. Last summer, I found nobody to feed him during my one-month trip, so I had no choice but to leave it alone... Sad But when I came back I had a surprise: it had lasted a full month alone without anything to eat! Shocked And it survived throught the winter and did the same thing this summer! THis fish must have superpowers of some kind Wink
I have 2 cats on my place, and 3 cats on my parent's house. Also there is one fish (I dont know what the name is) who have survived from my cats (the other fish are killed by them Crying or Very sad ).
I only have 1 pet ( well apart from fish but i dnt realy count them) hes a budgie (a bird for those of you who may not know). Hes yellow and blue and hes a pritty funny cretures hes pritty entertaining and very freindly will sit on ur finger and shoulder, alothough hel shit on u sometimes not very plesant.
I dont have a pet because everytime I buy one it dies XD
I never take care of them, just the nanny, but she doesnt like pets, so she doesbt take good care of them.
Jakob [JaWGames]
We had two rabbits a time ago but after they died we have never get any new. The biggest problem with having pets is that they takes up so much time.
i have a cat Cool
His name is mum named him lol Laughing
i don't have pet Crying or Very sad
i dont have a pet but i have two fishes
I have dog and cat.
yes i have 2 dogs.
a girl and a boy.
I have 2 dogs the last 2 weekend, one is being babysitted for my friend.

My dog is pretty cute. But you be the judge.

[img] Lying On The Floor 1.3.JPG[/img] This is now

[img] First Day With Us And Beautiful.JPG[/img] And this is when she was a baby

Sorry I can't get it to link just copy the link.
Yes, I have many pets, fish, dog, forg, etc.
I like the dot most, iit is called Pango. Is the name nice? It obeys me very much and it can do various of jobs.
for fish, I think they are very beautiful, I feed them everyday and they are very active when the "food" arrived.
=D I have one male pom pom. He's 2 and a half now ;-; all grownup. I used to have a pekingnese and I can say I don't like that breed because they don't seem as attached to their owners as other breeds.

Now my aunt, she's a different story, she has 3 dogs and 3 cats now, all rescued by her XD and they are all abnormal in sense that they don't act like the way they should. Her fav, the chihuahua and pompom mix, moves like a mouse. the pekingnese is abnormally dumb. her cats are abnormally people-oriented XDD and so on.
I have two and a half cats (one is a kitten). One is extremely old... crypt keeper old... but she's still able to flip my much younger black cat on her back and tear her up when she gets into the house. She's also been known to get up on her back paws and box my neighbors German Shepard when he gets too close.

Used to have three kittens, but one of them died mysteriously - and the other was on the muffler of my friends car when he left. The car got up to about 30mph when it fell off, rolled, and ran off into the brush. I haven't seen it since.
I have two dogs, a Westie and a Lhasso Aapso, Jake and Lucy. I also have about 80 fish, including babies! They are all tropical fish and i've got two tanks running. I'd like an African Grey, a turtle or a pygmy hedgehog, but that will be in the future. I just love animals!

I have a tarantula named reaper and a dog named Dango there both males. They are both very nice.
I wouldn't be able to keep a tarantula, normal spiders scare me enough! Embarassed

I have:

1 dog
1 cat
20 chickens
2 ducks
2 Peacoc ks
Well, I don't have one now but I wish that in the future I will have the chance to live with some. I believe that it is really nice to have a pet, you don't only have the chance to be more responsible and careful but living with one is like having a partner or friend that is living with you (well it is not the same, in some aspects it is completely different). You have to let some things go and sacrifice some others but you will have the chance to give and take, making you someone different (hoping that someone different is a better person than the one you are today).
Not to mention that you come closer to nature, something that is needed in the modern lifestyle.
I have 6 cats!
Its difficult to maintain, but its fun to watch them play & mingle.
Two Snakes A Black Kingsnake and a Black Ratsnake
DJ Gr3y
i have a cat name Tomy it my favorit cat
one iguana iguana, one cat and two dogs, which I`ve to leave with my family, at home...
I have mixed beagle. We don't know what the other breed is because we adopted her. She's a little bigger than the average beagle and is not as long in the body. Her name is Taffy--Very cute dog.
one cat. Used to have a guinea pigs but died from sunstroke. Used to have a hamster but died... on christmas eve!
i have a cat, he is a killer Smile so I can't ve other pets like (guinea pigs, hamster etc...)
ibix wrote:
i have a cat, he is a killer Smile so I can't ve other pets like (guinea pigs, hamster etc...)

That's sad and adorable at the same time!

My two cats are sisters, but that doesn't mean they get along alright. My cat seems like the runt because she's very self-centered and needy. All she craves for is food, water, and attention. She got too much as a kitten and now its coming to haunt me as a college student.
I have 6 dogs, 4 cats, 2 rabbits and 2 kids its a lot to feed but i love my pets
I have one black cat named Dizzy b/c he likes to spin around and we're going to probably get him a companion soon as soon as his upper respiratory infection gets better because we don't want to infect a healthy cat too.

I have a dwarf hamster too whose name is Chilli b/c she looks somewhat like a chinchilla and she gets along 'OK' with the cat but we need to put some of that double-sidey tape on her table so the cat stays away a little better.
I have a dog... Its name is Gnu Linux. It is a good dog... very funny! Very Happy
We used to have a cat. She died at the age of 18. This happened some years ago. Since then we don't have any pets. I think it's a pity...

A friend of mine has seven cats (and one dog). Very Happy
i have two cat, and have fish to Very Happy
I have two kittens, one is a tabby cat called Molly, who is obviously a she, and the other is DJ who is black but for some reason he has the tabby markings as well, but as it grows older I guess it'll lose it's markings, I've also had two rabbits, Dawn and Midnight, Midnight died though, and now were left with Dawn who always lashes out when you try to hold/stroke her.
I have 3 dogs.
Summer my chi

shaka my German shepars/chow mix

charlie my lab/dashound mix
I have pet...a lovely cat...
orange and yellow color~ Very Happy
I have two corn snakes and 3 geckos. The corn snakes are a breeding pair, one male and one female. I have tried to breed them this season, but my female laid her eggs while I was out of town. Needless to say, they all dried up. So I guess next season I'll try again.

I have 3 geckos. 2 fat tail geckos, again one male and one female. I also have a male crested gecko. I used to have a female crested gecko, but my male killed her when I tried to breed them. So now I am in search of another female.

So those are my pets, but my girlfriend has a cat as well. The cat and the reptiles don't mix so well, so we have to keep an eye on the cat when she can get into the reptile room.
I have two (2) dogs Maza (Tramp) and Fara.
Older Maza is a little Schnauzer and Fara is a beautifull Magyar Viszla.
This is a excellent pointer and apporter bat i am very hepy with her as a pet. Kids and people friendly and good looking. Razz
The only pets I have are dust bunnies! Smile
i had a dog, which was 5 years ago passed away. But i really like it. It is just like my good friends. It was so smart that it could remember the way from my place to my grandma's, which is about 10 minutes walk distance. It always went ahead of me there, then my grandma just knew that i was coming...

so sweet a dog, accompanied me for almost ten years. it was female, and gave births to many kiddy dogs. And they were all given away. It was and is a memory for me.
i have a cat and i love it very much.
I have two cats (Blackie and Oliver) and a dog (Jake). Also, like kcw1304, I have lots of dust bunnies. Very Happy Just for kicks, my past pets include another cat, 3 birds, 3 guinea pigs, and 3 or 4 hermit crabs (I can't even remember). My whole family has always loved animals, so we had a lot.
14 year old Welch Terrier
We used to have a guinea pig, but it died not too long ago. It was our first 'real' pet (not counting fish because they're boring and I can't attach to them) so it was pretty sad when he died.

Now we just have 2 fish.
Ludo Lambrechts
Yeah I have a couple of pets.........

A couple of Goldfish

A Senegal Parrott called "Jacko"

And a white Chihuahua called "Daisy"

Ludo Cool
I've got a australian shepherd and two house cats.
Lady_Star wrote:
I have lots of pets... 2 ferrets, 7 cats and a dog... then you add in my daughters pets - 3 dogs, 13 cats, 2 snakes and a bunny. Some say we have a small petting zoo but we love them all... Very Happy

Wow you must have big house¡. In my appartment I got only a hamster.

I have only one pet, a little cat, and her name is skye.
She mostly sleeps all the day, and she is a Birman breed.
I have four cats and a dog. I love them all so much. And they're all girls too!
I have a hamster called Sammy.

He's getting on a bit in years though, i think he's just over 2 years
I dont have one but my mom got 6 dogs is that count? XD I have to help her look after them sometimes though.
I was working at a client's house fixing computers, and I met 2 of the best dogs ever. One is 1/2 German Sheppard and something’s else and the other is a girl ROTTWEILER, I find them both adorable. The funny thing about it is at first you get a little intimidated, but after you make them smell you and you greet them hello, they can't stop loving you. The ROTTWEILER is so nice she cries for you to pet her, and the German Sheppard is the male and he acts noble and watches you and makes you pet him as a reward. Take a look at the photos.

Take a look at the link below for the dogs,
i love dogs, besides what happened last year, due to which dad isnt willing to keep any DOG or CAT as a pet, but i got 6 green parrots, 2 african parrots & alot of small birds including love birds & even pigeons.. duh i bought 6 pairs of them and now in an year they are COUNTLESS.. i gift them to my friends more often..
i have a dog named prince he is a half sibirian and his color is black and blond or like i call it block lol Laughing
I have a pet dog, and so adorable indeed!
I had two cats, 3 rats, 2 rabbits, uncountable much of guinea pigs and mice and an aquarium. One rabbit run away in the garden, all the rats had cancer, cats I haven't seen since four weeks because I´m now studying in Iceland, far away from home.
Cats! Two, lovely! I love cats, they are so neat! Very Happy
i love dogs, besides what happened last year, due to which dad isnt willing to keep any DOG or CAT as a pet, but i got 6 green parrots, 2 african parrots & alot of small birds including love birds & even pigeons.. duh i bought 6 pairs of them and now in an year they are COUNTLESS.. i gift them to my friends more often..[url]

i assume u mean countless as in they've reproduced Question

about not havin cats / dogs think bout it, least ur not allergic 2 them[/url]

I want you to know that EN is my 2nd language. Grammatically, it's incorrect to say two fishES, right? Rolling Eyes I should start a poll on that haha.

Anyway, I love fish! Here's a picture of fishy, fishy that I must have one day

It is called powder blue tang. Isn't "she" a beauty? Don't show it to your wife if you don't want your wife to get jealeous like mine did Wink.

it be a very nice fish, and yeah i suppose its incorrect to say fishes, but we know wot u mean. if every1's like me which they aren't Wink
I have a half white, half black, half creamy female cat named Bastet Smile
a canary
We got 2 dogs and 2 rats
I have 2 cats: Beanie and Mickey. Mickey has no tail..
I haven't got any pet now but I had a cat cold Mila when I was younger.
My three rugrats are named Kit, Luke & Lola... Kit was my first which I bought at Petco... then I became a victim of "ferret math" and adopted Luke & Lola a short time later... needless to say, they run my life and boy can they be a handful! =}
I have a cute little dog named Sissi.
She is a Sih Tsue (small size) and it help me psycology very much.
My pet is a part of me, a part of my life.
i have a goldfish!!! Surprised she is sooooo sweet!

here she is:

wow.. your goldfish is cute, yeah sure.
I have cats. Yeah, cats. Lots of them. There's this one little turtle way back then. But never made it through. Razz
I have a pet and its a dog his name is Thunder. I might upload some pictures of my dog here someday. Smile
We have a few pets at my house. A bird, two Cats and a mouse. One of the cats keeps trying to get the mouse though. Rolling Eyes
I have a 7 year old cat. Her name is Holly.
She's a little terror. But I love her XDD
disha wrote:
I have 6 cats!
Its difficult to maintain, but its fun to watch them play & mingle.

I have six cats too! We had seven, but one of them ran away. I think that it's so interesting to watch the way that they interact with each other. Especially as two of mine are still kittens so the young male is always trying to erm... show off to the 'alfa' which is really cute. They really do all have different personalities and they're so cute.

I have three black ones (one of them is a long hair and she's so grouchy!). They we have a ginger and white, a tortoise-shell and a tabby. So the only one we're missing is a black and white cat!

I also have two fish (Mizu and Link) Mizu is Japaneese for water - according to my sister.
I don't have a pet right now. I'd love one of those toy dogs, though. I think small doggies are cute. Very Happy
Wow, Just joined and this caught my eye...

Well, animals. lets see.

I've got

1 Leopard Gecko
1 Gopher Snake
1 Red eared slider

6 Hamsters (the pair just had babies, so it would have been two)
2 mice that were supposed to be food for my snake.
7 Doggies (It's actually 4, one of them just had puppies, Oh! And another one is pregnant)
2 Cats

4 Doves
2 Canaries (She laid an egg! Hopefully it hatches, she laid more, but they broke Sad)
2 finches (also has a clutch of eggs)
1 parakeet
1 cocktail

A 30gal fish tank with some gold fishes and kois (not sure how many, my mom keeps buying more and more)

And if you want to count my leopard geckos food as pets, then I've got about 700-800 Meal worms/pupa/beetles Wink
Hmm... I use to keep some fighting fish when I was young. Its really awesome when they struck their fins and tails. Then later I got myself a bird from a nearby pet shop. Its a singing/chirping bird and would sing beautiful tunes all the time but only when nobody is around. When it sees someone coming near, it would start flapping it wings in panic. So cleaning the cage was a big challenge. It was really pleasant to hear it sing until one day I woke up to silence only to realize that someone has stole it.
Was extremely disappointed but never did manage to find it again after that incident. I guess its sweet voice must have attracted some thieves thinking that it could fetch high price or something...
I have a frog. He's about two inches long and lives completely submerged in water...I play with him by sticking a straw in there and letting him swim around it. His life must not be very fulfilling, but I love him anyway.
We bought a kitten.
Our 6 year old son became very, very allergic.
We returned kitten.


I have a dog named Ralph.

He's a Red Cattle Dog.
I used to have 3 tortoises..three,gray and green...After I've got admitted to another school,I've left them under my brother care..But just after a of them died with no signs..I've regret it that I've trust my brother for this assignment...So I decided to release the remaining two into a nearby river..and after that I've never have a pet again...
A cat, name is Vaca. She has markings like a Holstein cow. I think she's 12 years old, but not sure--she came into our lives without telling us where she came from--just walked up and adopted some humans that happened to be around. Looked like she was just coming out of kittenhood at the time.

I also have an adult domestic goose. He had a family last spring--the hen was recently killed by neighborhood dogs and I have to find him a mate before he drives me nuts. He follows me around everytime I go outside. Oh, the goslings grew up and we gave them to a neighboring Amish farmer but they got killed by either dogs or coyotes.
The gander's name is Margarita-O. We thought he was a she at the time of naming, but just kept the name with the slight addition at the end to maybe masculinize it.
Here's a pic of him, the goslings and the mother hen from last spring:

And the little ones, with their little fuzzy butts:

lol i have 3 dogs, shitzus. Initially i only had 2 but they decided to start a family and thus 2 became 3. Very Happy
Oldest – dog (type – Border collie): name Tazz, female aged 13 years (human). Good natured and intelligent.
Second oldest – cat (type – moggie): name Ching-ching, female aged 8 years (human). Bad natured and intelligent.
Third oldest – cat (type – moggie): name Noodle, female aged 2 years (human). Good natured, very cute and way too intelligent for her own good.
Youngest – dog (type – Alsatian/German Shepard): name Jody, female aged 0.9 years (human). Good natured, playful and very adorable.
I've got an orange betta named Lucius, who's now about two years old:

And an old white guinea pig named Bijou. Bijou lives with my parents while I'm away at school, and they spoil her completely rotten. Wink

Hello guyz,

I have a tarantula as a pet here. Largest type spider in the world if you don't know.

Anyway, before someone questioning about the danger of tarantulas, I'm here to say that tarantulas actually seems like danger but until now there's no report that saying tarantula breeder die because of it's bites. The most serious is coma for 2 days.

It eats cricket and meal worm. If you wish to breed 1, remember, don't feed cockroaches .....

Good Luck Guyz
I have a fat kitty and a chow/golden retriever dog Smile The cat's a girl and the dog is a boy.
I have dog and two achatina snails (also called like African snails) they are really big but very nice. I like them.
I don`t have a pet Sad because of several things one I am allergic to most of animals and pets (that just socks me Evil or Very Mad ) so I can have only a gold fish or turtle... not very big choice and my parent don`t let my to keep even one of them Crying or Very sad may be somebody can say that I shod do pls help Sad
I have had pets all my life. Usually more than one and once we had 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 birds and a bunch of fish all at one time!

Now we have 2 dogs and 1 bird. I would not be heart broken if someone wanted the bird... useless pet for me. I like to do stuff and I cant whistle. Should be a pre-req LOL
I currently don't have any pets, but I would consider it. I'm just wondering if the reward of owning a pet is worth all of the effort. I would like a little dog like a Miniature Dachshund or a Bichon-friese, but I don't know if I'd want to walk it everyday. And the thought of picking up poop disgusts me. I don't mind cats, but I would be afraid that it would scratch my furniture. I also don't like shedding or fleas. Am I being too picky? Is there a perfect pet?
I have 2 Siberian Huskies (one male and one female). Then I have 2 cats (one male and one female. They don't live with me cause my dogs don't like them). I also have a Percheron horse (male). I love them all sooo much, they're my babies! My huskies are named Summit, (Summy) and Madison (Mady). My cats are named Ellen and Oreo. And my precious baby Percheron is named Griffin (Mr. Fin). Summit is gray and white with one brown eye and one blue eye. Mady is black and white with two brown eyes. Ellen is a calico (spelling?) with two brown eyes. Oreo is a black cat with a white spot on his chest and in between his toes with two yellow eyes. Griffin is gray and getting grayer (because of his age). Anyways, those are my babies!
Yes! I have 2 dogs! One called Thor and the other Mel.

Long time ago, I have a Hamster.
it's so cute...
MY BEAST of a dog, sleeping after a hard days work of sleeping

I had a bird a long time ago.. it was a Cockatiel, but we had to give her to my cousins. :\ That was years ago, I haven't had any pets since... I used to beg my parents for a dog but I kind of grew out of that stage, haha. Now I don't really care for having a pet of my own, but maybe one day that'll change. Razz

By the way, Bannik, beautiful dog you have!! Smile
Two Cats

Two dogs - a neutered male Catahoula Leopard dog and a spayed female German Shephard Mix.

Most folks don't know what a catahoula leopard dog looks like and even what it is. I've been accused of making the name up. My niece found him as a stray when he was 8-10 weeks old. I took him as my dog when he was almost a year old. He's about 5 years old now. His full name, given by my niece's mom, is Zeddicus Zuhl Zorander (guess what book that name is from!). Here's some pictures of him when he was younger: You can google for catahoula leopard or catahoola leopard. The name comes from a parish/county in Louisiana (sp?).

Here's a picture of Zena
I used to have cats at house as pets and also 3 turtles..As I went to the higher school, I released the turtles to the nearest river and I gave out all my cats to the neighbours..because I don't have enough time anymore to look after them..
I have a cat named Derby Jay (the previous owner had named him). The previous owner says he's a siamese mix with something... But our vetenarian says Derby Jay (DJ) is a Ragdoll cat. I've never had another pet in my life (well, besides goldfish that kept dying!) I love my kitty though.
got a lovely goldfish... she's already about 4 years old... she's really beautitful und i hope senserely, that she could live till she's 25 years old, as some of the gold fishes did ))
I have not any pet but I like them.
HI, im new here i have a fish and a dog don't ask me what dog it's small
i just have one dog, hes a cockapoo, his name is elvis, very cute.
i have 2 cats female and male the female whos name is saylem is 9 and the male is 7 and hes a little devil in the monings when you get up to get coffee he'll sneak up on you and bite your feet, he hates feet because we use to step on his tail when he was little (not on perpose of course)and the most ironic part of all is his name is snuggles
ahh that rottie is cute...

I have a black cat. *Midnight Stalker*

i have three pet's there is
my dog:steve
my lovely cats : pus...
my kakaktua bird : wolly
i dont have a pet... Sad im scared of them Rolling Eyes but i like dogs and lil fishies
I have dog and cat.
i have always had cats at home, when one dies soon enough we either find a homeless one or go get one by a family who are giving their kittens away
at the moment i have a 1 year old white/black cat (not black/white cause he is white with some black spots) named frodo (yes, the lotr frodo)
i really adore that little guy, wel, ex-guy actually, we helped him
but he's def not as tranquil as his name would make you think
he is very playfull and i really mean very
uses the house and furniture as a nascar racetrack and when he isn't racing around, he attacks his owners/personal slaves
he loves to jump at your feet or legs or grab ya from on his scratchpost
and now and then he does sleep, prob cause the racing around made him tired
but he also comes to sit on your lap in the morning, purring
or sleeps on your bed when ya ill to keep your compagnie
the family where he was born had named him rambo but we didn't like that name so we asked them to change that to frodo
guess now we know why they called him that in the first place
he's soo dif then my previous cat felix who was just like garfield, enjoying food, sleep and attacking dogs
so don't tell cat's don't have a personality
but i guess that's why people like them in the first place
they def have a mind of their own
i have a lot of fish, they are very beautiful.
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