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Little Leage Baseball

My 10 year old son was in a little league base ball tournament in Pittsburgh PA.

The first couple of games were fun, and we lost one even with a grand slam giving us a 6 run lead. Then rain delays forced us into combining the rest of the games. On Sunday were were to paly a tripple header but only got in two becuase of the rain again.

The second was one of the most exciting games I have seen. We were up against the only undefeated team. In the 2nd inning our star catcher ( and great hitter) stood up and left the game with a stomach flew. He was playing sick! this lead to a special rule.

We had a run in the third inning with 2 outs and guys on 2nd and 3ed. Our catcher was up to bat but since he went home, so we told the other team. they responded that it is an automatic out, sincve he left the game! So that closed the inning with the two guys on base.

We were still ahead 5-4 bottom of the last inning 2 outs and they had bases loaded. We got their last guy out. and broke the other teams undefeated record!

The next day was the final double header. Out star catcher was still sick but wanted to play.
If we win the 6 PM game tonight, then we have to play that same team "undefeated" team we beat yesterday at 8PM. They will be fresh and out for a vengeance. This is going to be good.

We won the first game, but at 80 degrees we had to cool the 10 year olds off and get them ready 10 minutes to play the next game.

That team came looking for blood chanting and it actually scared me. It was a VERY close game and it ended with bases loaded (on there side). But my sones team won 12-9. TI was much closer than the score seems.

This series was more exciting than any pro game I have ever seen.
I agree. I love watching the Little League World Series.

The games are much shorter. The action is much faster. And the kids aren't rich, arrogant pricks like the juiced up thugs in Major League Baseball are.

The only part I hate is watching all the kids cry when they lose. It's so sad.
Wouldn't it be great if all professional athletes weeped like little kids when they lost a championship game? Their lack of passion makes you think it should be the little kids who get paid to play the games, while the adults just get to do it to stay in shape!
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