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Troubles with Opera

People! Help, please!
I have Opera 8.5, and when i begin to download some files, browser loads 3 % and stops. Then i press "Resume", it loads 3 % and stops! What a damn?
Download Opera 9. No problems there Smile
yes - opera 9 beta is very functional. ive only had troubles with gmail and minor rendering issues. i prefer firefox over opera though.
And if i don't want to download Opera 9?
I have Dial-up connection with bad quality, and it will be great problem. Please, tell me, what to do!
Well it could be bad connection...anyway, for downloading, use download manager. It's much better. It will download faster then with opera, and even if connection will be lost or some other error will occure, you could always continue from the place you've stoped and will not have to download everything from the start. And about the error...don't bother. It could could be many things, even too many things Smile get a download manager
Yes it looks like your connection ins the culprit.

Better download Opera 9 or since you are on a dial up, please wait a few days for Opera 9.01 to be realesed.

Also as said use soem download manger. I prefer Free Download Manager
I had a lot of download problems with Opera browser. But unfortunatly I don't remember the version of the program. Rolling Eyes
I can not see my menu bar. How can I get it back? Can someone help?
myspace wrote:
I can not see my menu bar. How can I get it back? Can someone help?

Go to \profile\menu and delete the file over here (back it up before deleting).
Opera should create a new menu file. If it doesnt run the installer after deleting the menu file.
opera 8.54 had a bug with it's download manager related to resuming, pretty much the same as with firefox. u can try tweaking it with

if that doesnt help, ask somebody else for the 9.02 (releasing in a few days) installer. better to get a download manager. i prefer IDA.
Thanks a lot guys! Got it going.
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