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there's a new series called Eureka. the story is about a town full of genius people.
you can read the rest at

has anyone watch it?
i think it's a good series.
what about you?
LOL I was just thinking about starting a post on this topic. Very Happy So far I like it. It definately has potential to be a good series. Has a good mix of sci-fi, comedy and suspense. The episode last night with his house calling him on his cell phone and telling him about dinner, and then locking him out cause he was late and didn't call was really funny stuff.
Just watched the second ep of this, and yeah, I'm quite liking it so far. There's some great dialogue in it, and the setting is bizarre enough to be interesting, but not too limiting that the show gets boring.

Hopefully the standard of writing keeps up for the rest of the series. But judging on past experiences with well-written shows being cancelled after one season (Firefly!) we could easily lose it.
Starting to watch it now. I'll post my opinion later.
I really really like it, i mean come on how do you make up this stuff and make a good tv show out of it without losing to much of reality.

Great show. Very Happy
OK i watched the first two episodes, seems to have a lot of potential, I like how SCI FI brought a lot of jokes in there.

Bottomline: talented B
i've watched the 2nd episode, there's still a lot of mystery there...
a hope that the story's not going to be boring Smile
I really loved the Pilot. The delinquent daughter really appeals to me and I find Jo the deputy fascinating. I've watched every show so far and enjoyed them, though not _quite_ as much as the pilot. I hope it keeps up the quality and that it doesn't get cancelled like Surface and Firefly.

I didn't discover Firefly until after it was cancelled and it sort of broke my heart. In any case, I'll be watching Eureka tonight, rgiht after Dead Like Me -which I really ought to look for a thread on and might post back with more thoughts.

So nice to hear from like minded folks!
It has definately gone on to my every tue nite record list. I especially love the way the sherrif solves the episodes conflicts, with logic, which seems to stimy the "brilliant" people.
I have also wondered how much of the things that are written about may have some basis in truth??
what does anybody think of the artifact in level 5??
What is it??
What will it do??
we keep getting hints, even a drawing last week.
I remember seeing the preview for that. Looks totally sweat. Yea but sorry I haven't seen it though. But they said it would by on tv soon so maybe check tv guide or something.
carbenson wrote:
It has definately gone on to my every tue nite record list. I especially love the way the sherrif solves the episodes conflicts, with logic, which seems to stimy the "brilliant" people.

it makes me think that sometimes it doesn't need a genius to solves all the mystery Very Happy
Yeah I saw yesterdays episode of Eureka and it was great, hopefully the rest of the series will continue to be good and not cancelled like other great sci-fi shows.
Been watching it from the start...the teasers for the pilot gave a pretty honest pointer to what the show was going to be like. I like droll humor and this show has lots.

The writing isn't Aaron Sorkin brilliant, but it is pretty darn good and keeps a good balance/contrast between wild fantasy and everyday realities. The characters are nicely odd, and it's nice to see Joe Morton again. The female leads aren't anything to scoff at either.

I have only got a glimpse of the preceeding show on Sci Fi, "Dead Like Me', but it too looks like it has a nice mix of fantasy and humor...did someone say deadpan?
Eureka is great. I've first saw the second episode, and had to immediately find the 2 hour pilot. I've been Recording it ever since. The bunker House he lives in is pretty cool. I can't wait for the episode where the house goes crazy and tryies to kill him or something.

I started to watch Dead like me on right before it on Sci Fi. I was never interested in it when it was on tv but It's a pretty good show.
Got onto this topic by the search (bump). I recently discovered about the episode through a biography of an actor I like from Stargate Atlantis. He was a guest actor in one of the episodes, so I went to the video rental en rented the first season.

Great. Watched it ever since. does anyone know if there are still gonna be more seasons?
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