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Describe what your parents are like

This should be a very simple thread to follow, describe to us what your parents are like. I'll start, since I'm the author of this thread. Wink

Starting off with my parents, I must say that I have 4. My mom and dad got a divorce around 10 or more years ago and they both re-married, so I have a stepmom and stepdad.

My mom is quite nice and understanding, she's always trying to do the best for me. She's a nurse at a nursing home in Chicago and I appreciate what she's doing for her residents, and that she's been doing it for so long and has seniority. I call her "Mom" all the time, I don't really call her by her first name.

Step-Dad (Dave)
My mom remarried to a man named Dave, my stepdad. I call him Dave (instead of David) all the time since he likes it best (he calls me Mike instead of Michael since I like that best) and is doing the same sort of gameplan that my mom is. He likes to go snowmobiling in the winter and boating in the summer (he has 3 snowmobiles and a boat) but I haven't been on any of the snowmobiles before, but the boat I've been on numerous times. I love going with him on boating trips. He's easy to get along with and likes hearing jokes. Some of them really get him going.

My dad is the parent that I don't see everyday. I live almost all the time with my mom, and visit my dad every weekend because I have to go to work (I live farther away and stay at his house for when I have to go to work on the weekends). He remarried also to another woman, one I don't much like. My dad can be irritating sometimes, because he likes to talk about what things were like during the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's and how things on the streets today are overrated and annoying to him. I don't like getting in those conversations with him since I've heard them all already and that I don't really much care to hear what he has to say about how some building used to be a factory and is now all condos. I just look at the building and take it for what it is now. End of story on that for me. Rolling Eyes He also cannot really stop talking about the divorce that happened over 10 years ago, despite that he already remarried. It drived me up the wall when he used to call my mom "The ex-wife" which makes her sound like a bad person, which I had to put my foot down on. I had a good argument about him about that and I won it. My dad is hard to be with since I can only last up to a few days with him without being driven nuts for some reason. He's an ok person, but the same stuff that he repeats to me over and over and over again just drives me nuts. Like today he was telling me what I already knew, since we were working and were using a cutting torch to cut metal. He was saying to not touch the hot metal until it cooled, and to use gloves. That really got my steam boiling and I thought that he thinks that I'm an idiot or something. I had a go at him and said that I know my 5 senses and that I know to let go of metal if it's hot. The other thing that drives me crazy about my dad is that his wife is Polish (she's selfish and rude to me most of the time) and that they both always have to find Polish names of people at businesses and always look down on the other people. I had a go at him about this too saying that it's not right to talk about how great Polish people are and let other people slip by without being noticed, and I really wish they't quit it all together so that problem doesn't even come up. A person is a person, and you don't have to tell out the obvious on if they're Polish or not. My dad also loves to stress to say "thank you" and "hello" to Lidia everytime we come home to see her or if she makes dinner (which rarely ever happens). Dave makes dinner almost all the time around my house and I don't really say Hi or Thanks to him when I come home or after eating dinner. Ugh my goodness, my dad isn't a bad guy, but after growing to know him for years on end, he can drive me crazy with most of the above (and more that I didn't mention). He does have his good side though, but I feel that I should stress the bad points.

Step-Mom (Lidia)
I'm actually a little disappointed in having Lidia as my stepmom. I don't much like her (like I said above, she's selfish to me and rude) yet I don't really get any respect back to me that I give to her. That pretty much sums up my stepmom.

- Mike.
Mother: Helped me more than anyone through life; Is extremely wise and intelligent, funny, etc. She has clinical depression too. She loves music, very into my music, and supports me in learning my guitar.

Dad: Nothing like my mother. Isn't too much into music, and doesn't support me too much, although he doesn't un-support me if that makes sense.

Sorry, vague descriptions.
S3nd K3ys
MoM Dead

DaD Dead
Mum - I love my mum to bits she's always supported everything ive done even if she disagree's. she's always looking out for my best interest and always helps me.

Dad - I also love my dad to bits. when i lived at home we clashed but we had some great times aswell. he got me into rock music and he listens to all the same bands as me new and old. he got me into football i used to go watch him play football for years and everyone respects my dad so much on the football field just as much as they do off the field. he also got me into drinkin when i was 15 he used to buy me cans of lager now and again and we'd sit watchin tv drinkin together. in a way its his fault im an alchaholic coz we got on better when we was goin to the pub together (when i was 16) even to this day (im 23) we still go to the pub together watch football and have a laugh but also goin to the pub with him i got to know everyone my dad knows and he knows everyone, he's either worked with them, play football with them or played football against them and nearly broke their legs lol (he's a defender who if he dont get the ball he gets the player) i can walk round my village drinkin and everyone respects me coz of my dad which is cool they'll sit and drink with me or buy me drinks lol.

looking at what ive wrote it may look like i love my dad more than my mum but i love them both equally its just ive got more in common with my dad its like i want to be like him when im older. they always there for me and always help me when i need it i owe them so much im so lucky coz i think ive got the best parents i could ask for.
Mum Can be realy nice most of the time u know the useual helping out, cleaing up talking and being careing generaly realy nice. Shes very usefull in sticky situations, she seems to be around nearly all the time evan though shes in full time work :s something fishy there, ah well but yea shes pritty nice i get away with alot of things. But just dont piss her of when shes in a bad mood, is the works thing u can do.

Dad Very rarly nice always seems to be in a bad mood gets very pissed of all the time i tend not to get in his way, he thinks everything he says and dose is the right way and anything u say against what he thinks is rong and the he gets pissed of. Hel always point things out that he thinks i should buy then when i go to buy it he says im not aloud its a peice of crap why would u want that, now that realy pisses me of. He isent around all that mutch luckily but soon as he gets back from work il try n get out the house cause hes never in a gd mood then, although im out most of the time anyway.

Summery All in all quite a mix, but there realy good parents they love holidays and shopping i get away with alot of stuff and generaly have alot of fun and they but me lots of stuff soo its all good Very Happy
Ghost Rider103
My parents are nice, they dont require me to do chores or anything like that, I can pretty much do anything Stay up all night or whatever. The only time I cant have somone spend the night here, is when they are going somwhere in the morning. So overall mine are cool
my parent is a great team. although not the modern one but but i've never feel uncomfort living with them. they don't give me money or something valuable in money. they teach me to be strong and depends on my own foot. yeah they're the best parent Very Happy
My parents are fair, trusting, and overal very good parents. Quite formal and old fashioned but it's good that way, at least I don't turn out to be a complete idiot Confused
My parents are both great, I am one of the few teenagers I know who doesn't complain constantly about them. They are both very supportive and caring, and very rarely get mad at my family. I am very lucky in my family.
My parents are caring. They care about us (me and my sisters) very much. THEY LOVE US. They are not that strict. We're free to do what we want as long as it won't amount to anything bad, and as long as they know it. They sometimes act really annoying (I just have to go away to avoid them.. XP). They are hardworking and helpful (my mother is really helpful). When they're angry, they say a lot of irritating things. Sometimes, I feel like I hate them because of the stuffs that they do. But, no matter how much I hate them, my love for them is always greater. ^__^
Mom: always has something to say, speak out loud, seems to always have to word that hurts. I like her because she's clever and knows a lot of thing but as she's getting old she always complains about me or her health even though she's really fine.

Dad: extremely clever too. Teacher in philoshophy. Very cynical and sarcastic, good at jokes. Very loony too and that's what I hate about him, his mood is constanly changing and he can be very rude.
As far as im awair, my parents are just these two people who live in the house with me.. Wash my clothes and cook me food. Thats it.
They allow me to do what i want, when i want, wiv who i want. I dont really have any restrictions, but im very mature. I go out when i want, come in when i want n .. It's rather cool.

meet in rio
I went to boarding school, so from the age of 11 I didn't live at home most of the time. I think this really helped my relationship with my parents. Although we're not very close, we get on very well.

Loving, caring, has never forced responsability on me, although that doesn't mean that I haven't assumed it. A little judgemental (something I've noticed as I've grown up) but wonderful, supportive and very patient.

Hard-working, a perfectionist, great sense of humour. He's the sort who will organise family walks in the country and make sure that we all have good table manners. A little unreasonable at times, but always has our best interests at heart.

I used to prefer my mother to my father when I was younger, because she was less strict, but I now really appreciate my Dad's style of parenting, and expect/hope that I'll treat my kids (almost) the same way.
Rev` -
they're just good Razz
Ray Gravin
My mom is awsome! I didn't appreciate her untile a few years ago. She was a teenage mother. I never really understood how hard it was for her to take care of me. Especially in a society were its common place for a young mother to give up her child or have it destroyed in the womb. Now that Im an adult I know how hard it is to take care of myself. I couldnt imagine how difficult it was for her to have to take care of me when she was still so young. I was always very upset with her for not being able to provide me with all the nice stuff my friends had growing up. I understand why now.

I spent a few years living with my dad when I was a teenager. My mother left him a few years after they married. They were forced into marrage by my grandmother. She's from korea and still holds on to alot of oldfashioned ideas about things like that. I learned alot of things that have benifited me now. Not really through his positive example, but by seeing what hes gained for himself by living the way he does. He's an alchoholic, well general substance abuser. I endulged my teenage disire for this things with him. I eventually saw how he ended up and turned away from that lifestyle. Thanks Dad! We dont talk anymore, I havent seen him in over 3 years now.
The first thing that popped into my mind about her is that she's very over protective. I don't blame her for it like I used to (well, I didn't blame her as much as resented the strangled feeling). I understand her better now after what we went through. She's had a rough marriage. All the fighting, accusations, and abuse she had to endure from the start of her marriage really put a toll on her, and I'm like her anchor >< Don't get me wrong, she wasn't the typical sobbing beaten wife, she was, and is still, very proud and independent. But, she remained in the marriage for my sake since divorces weren't really taken well back in China and she was afraid I'd be bullied because of it o.o; Overall, she's a great mother and I feel bad for not being a perfect daughter for her although she insists I am

Well, *sighs* he is one of the strangest people you'd ever meet. In front of other people he appears honest and earnest, but when in truth he stabbed insulting words at them behind their backs. That's the way he's always been. He'd always wanted a boy and was quite disappoint with my gender and told others that much. >.> He's really sexist (thinking women should all marry and stay at home and take care of the house and kids, and it's ok for men not to shower affection on the kids since it's their job to earn money, blah blah) He always accused my mother of looking down on him when in truth he was the one who held the most contempt for himself. *sighs*
uuhm tiny... bit fragile Smile
52 now.. shes training every week (running) so she's sporty..
She dyed her hair since this year (yellow spots) prolly trying to look younger, but hey.. you can't hide from father time..

around my height (1.84)
uuhm big boned, he shaved his beard of last week, a bald spot on his head. He tries to run, especially when im training too
My mother died on Valentine's Day, 2005.
She used to dress me in girl's clothes when I was a kid, in an attempt to create her version of the "perfect little girl".
She was emotionally cut-off, self-centered, and intolerant.
She treated me like a girl, but resented me for being a boy.

My biological father was a hustler & con-artist.
He secretly took me from my grandmother's home when I was 8 to North Carolina to stay for 3 weeks with unknown people I later discovered were his family.
During this time, I was locked in a basement and denied any contact with the outside world, until I snuck a phone call to my grandmother who notified the police.
During a custody battle between my mother & father, I spent a week with him and his new wife when I was 12 years old, at my mother's request.
I was molested by my father and a friend of his during this time.
Whereabouts: unknown (hopefully dead)

My first stepfather (Tommy) was illiterate, abusive, introduced me to masturbation and all manner of sexual perversions.
For fun, he would point a loaded gun at me and force me to walk barefoot, blindfolded & naked across a kitchen floor full of thumbtacks.
He beat the hell out of my mother on a weekly basis for 5 years.
Whereabouts: unknown (hopefully suffering unbearably)

My second stepfather (Richard) was also abusive, (both physically & emotionally) aggressively racist, paranoid, manipulative, ego-maniacal, and deviant.
He hired people to follow me around and report my actions back to him whenever I left the house.
He sexually assaulted me on Christmas Eve of 2002.
Whereabouts: unknown (hopefully suffering unbearably)

My grandmother (mother's side) was the one who primarily raised me, due to my mother's lack of interest in me.
She was intelligent, nurturing, open-minded, easy-going, and helped me to believe in myself.
She was also the only positive influence I ever had during my formative years.
Whereabouts: deceased
my parents are the best parents for me. They have been providing us all the needs, love, care, understanding, they're always there whenever we need them.
my dad had a life with not much opportunities. he had to work in his dad's shop when his mother died and he wasn't allowed to go to school anymore. instead he went to an 'evening-school'. he got several diploma's for starting a grocer's store and making paper. those things don't exist nowadays. so with no appropriate diploma he simply picked orderd in a fabric his entire life.
he can be harsh and does not understand me well. he could teach me about feelings but in knowledge I became smarter than him when i was about 12. that caused a lot of quarrel in the house.

my mom studied for pharmaceutics-assistent but stopped with working when i was born. she is sweet but we can both have endless discussions about seemingly irrelevant things. mainly she doesn't understand my choices. when i say something i am thinking about, but i am not sure of and next time i say i did choose an other option then i've ever mentioned.. she does not understand my choices. now i'm also smarter then my mother and there is a lot of work for me to do so that i keep understanding my parents and back.

my parents made me very aware of interpersonal behaviour. they used to fight i lot. now i am almost a graduated student in educational sciences.
my mom- is in her forties, gets *sick* a lot, pits me against my brother [dosen't work so much anymore]. She dosen't understand me that well, or my choices or why I feel a certain way. I've never seen a side of my mother in me except for sometimes being stubborn when I KNOW I'm wrong... so I guess we don't understand each other. I like my aunts from her side of the family though. She yells a lot, but she can be sweet sometimes, and she makes pretty good thosai.

dad- he's like the older brother I never had! The great thing is, that we'll be arguing, yelling at each other from the ends of the hallway, and we'll still be smiling. He's Insanely cool, supports me, and is as into music as I am! ex:

mom:[talking about my brother who got detention]tell him what he did is wrong
dad:Look, if you're gonna do something against the rules...
Mom: *nods along enthusiastically*
dad:... don't get caught.
mom: WHAT?!

he's been through a lot in life, has been in rebel army forces and stuff, so he isn't nearly as emotional as me [i burst out crying during a movie, and he demanded to know what was wrong, not taking the explanation that the movie was just sad] but he's super funny, and i'm sooo grateful to have him.
They are strict at times, but sometimes they are really caring and nice. They are the best in the world and different from every parent I know. They are the best, I love my mom and dad so much.
My parents have both passed away, but my dad had a very short temper, and a great sense of humor, he loved to play practical jokes. My mother was pretty easy going, and loved music.
dad: repetitive like the original poster's, telling me to "make sure you do <insert common sense stupid thing done automatically by about any sane person here>" and i say "i know" and he pisses me off so much i make a mistake and then he talks to me for 5 hours about it, plus a subsequent 5 minutes every day, reminding me all the time. he also (this is funny) blames me for stuff he does. and i just laugh...he doesnt even know why i laugh he thinks i like doing bad things lol.....he is a physicist and good at math but nothing else.
mom: too worried about everything, typical....
Mom - A very giving and sweet woman, always willing to help others despite not getting the respect she deserves. She's a great mother that balances fairness with strictness. Only issue is that she has matriarchal (spelling?) tendencies. What she says goes.

Dad - Mr. Military. Retired, but still strict, formal, very irritating at some points. Doesn't show alot of emotion. Generally, not very conversational unless you get him on topics like the military, history, geneology.
Mum - Paranoid, Reminds me of Lois in Malcolm in the Middle, has to be always right. Is only nice to you when she wants something (i.e. Ciggerettes from the corner shop). she can be alright sometimes, but the majority of the time we dont get on. She isnt over protective, and lets me go out whenever i want wherever i want, but refuses to lend me money, or give me pocket i never can go out anyway.

Dad - I love my dad to bits. I dont see him much, but i think this has made me love him even more! Even though that i know hes a liar, and probaly is the reason why my mum is so paranoid about everything. hes nice to me and my brother&sister, and thats all that counts <3
My parents are both hardcore mennonite parents. They both have been drunk ONCE IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES!!!!! (you might get an idea why I moved out asap) but I wouldnt trade them for any other parents in the world. But with this type of parenting comes thick-skulled bs like as follows:

A week before they leave on 2 month vacation leaving me & my sister the keys to the house & truck, I borrow the truck to go out with somebody I knew. That person ended up totally spilling their guts to me bawling their eyes out and we had an intense hours long talk in the truck. That person was going to kill himself that night and I saved his ****** life. I let him have a few smokes in the truck throughout it because he was freaking out, and I ended up getting home 45 minutes later than what I had promised my parents. He apologized and said that if my parents had a problem they should call him. Since I was 45 minutes late & they smelled we had smoked in the truck they denied me the keys to the truck (which I direly needed for work) for their 2 month absense. I told them I was too busy saving this persons life to meet their deadline and even gave them his number cuz he said they could call him if they had a problem. Sure enough, they did call him, he explained to him he would have killed himself if it werent for me, and they still punished me for it. Sure thing mom & dad I'll let the guy die next time...
im in grad school first off. im studying my butt of for qualifying exams, and my mom (1000 miles away) has a pizza delivered to my door. she's the greatest.
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