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Any Balisong enthusiasts here?

I've been messin with knives since i was a kid, i have scars all over my arms and hands from playing with knives and when i had just started middle school i was introduced to the ultimate toy in the knife world a balisong (or also known as butterfly) and i fell in love with the thing, i've owned countless balis and just ordered a couple more. i got out of the loop with balis and found myself lost in the brands and quality of balisong blades, it seems to me that benchmade is the prime choice for quality balisong. anyone else have an opinion on which cutlery makes the best butterflies? and if it is benchmade, which model do you prefer? i'm a real user when it comes to these thingz, so i need one that will take a real pounding when it comes to flipping.
I kinda got into balisongs a year or two ago.. not very diehard, but I just thought it would be a cool 'skill' to learn.. I never got further than the basics, but it's rather empowering to know you can pick up a blade and put it to work that way

I don't know too much about the knives themselves.. I bought a very cheap knock-off from ebay just to learn with.. I even dulled the edge so I wouldn't be getting stitches on a regular basis.. but I'd agree that Benchmade are among the best.. I've never flipped one, but the balance seems just right and the blade is scary-sharp
yeah, i finally waz able to afford a nice benchmade not that long ago and theze thingz are freakin sweeet, they're the most well balanced balisong i've ever flipped. i got myself a bm42-s (with the dual-type edge) and i freakin love that thing, i carry it everywhere i go and it flips practically in stealth not counting the titanium handles hitting, the hingez are soundless and the hell yeah the blade is sharp. the furst five minutes i had my blade i cut up my fingers and my foot~!

the blade is so sharp that every cut i do get doing any sort of dangerous trick that the cuts are clean. so clean that the healing time is half as along and the scaring is completely minimal. i've shaved off all the hair off of my left arm, its so sharp, you could practically perform surgery on it. its a true pocket mate cauz of the blade and because of the titanium handlez, i can pull nailz and skrewz with the handlez. I guess the market fer balisongz is quite small or there would be a wider variety of quality balis to choose from. all there really is are benchmade, spyro and cold steel; the rest are freakin CCCs (cheap copy cats or cheap chinese copycats).
Yes the bali-song is a great knife. Also the benchmade brand knives are the best butterfly knife you can buy. Benchmade is the reason the bali-song is also called the butterfly knife notice that benchmades logo is a butterfly the were one of the first to sell the bali-song in the U.S. I have the model 42 and am planning on soon getting the 46 dm if I can find it and afford it.
I never get to learned doing the hand tricks of using balisong. I'm scared of getting cut and getting caught with a knife on my hand. I might throw it at someone while learning to handle it.
eheheh, yeah, you do get alot of cuts flippin balis, but thats a part of learnin the lessons, the cuts the stabs, the pinches are all a part of the bali experience. eheheh, or like some of the peeple out there that have the money you can go out and buy yourself a trainer for about the price of a real bali.

yeah, i grew up with some pnoys so i was introduced to balis really early and didnt realize that they were called butterfly knives until years and years after i was flippin. i really want a 46, it'd be nice and the new szabofly (i think thats how you spell it) but at the rate thingz are goin ryte now, i dont thinq making an investment in something like that would be wise.
I have a few, I know how to use them but I’m not really an enthusiast. My favorite one’s got a heavy brass handle; sadly it’s become more of a utility knife than a fine instrument of the martial arts. It’s always good for raising a few eyebrows when I take it out with a twiddle and a swish though. But you chaps should not cut yourselves with your own knives . . . that seems very counter productive. S’pose accidents happen, I remember creaming myself nicely while practicing nunchucks back in the day. Brick wall
there are a few moves that are done with the bali that are quite dangerous. if you dont believe me, googlevideo someone trying to attempt an 8-ball, when you see it done successfully you'll understand why your bali will cut the crap out of you.

i've managed to handle nunchucks quite well, eight years of trainning has givin me my share of bumps on the noggin and stomach aching groin hits. but it didnt take me too long to fine tune, the sectioned staff took a bit longer and alot more bumps everwhere (including some dings and dents to buildings)

anywayz, i'm going off subject to the post. my bali has also become more of a tool for me, which isnt a bad thing, since a knife is a tool furst and foremost. but when i whip out my "tool" with such flare people are always bound to look and thinq "what a cool knife"
Below, I have collected some pros and cons of balisong (compared to regular folding knife). They both have some common features (like ease of carry and the ability to be opened single handedly), and I have not included them in the list.

- can be more intimidating than folder
- can be more "deceptive", and therefore harder to parry (although a series, committed knifer would not show the blade before attacking, so parrying any type on knife would be pretty hard if you don´t see it coming)
- can be closed faster than folder (although this is of marginal importance)
- typically double edged blade (not so common with folders)

- opening is a fine motor skill
- takes lots of practice to deploy reliably
First of all, the new folders are faster than the balisong for opening, especially if they have a gravity component. However, the balisong is less prone to failure once it is deployed, e.g. it is like a fixed blade. Secondly, I carried a balisong for a number of years, because I could open it with one hand and I liked the resistance to failure, but it is now completely illegal to carry a balisong where I live. However, I can still carry a one-hander, as there is a nebulous gray area surrounding the legality of one-handers, because there are so many different types. Some have holes in the blades for "weigh† reduction" and others have nubs, etc. But, regardless of the structure, the idea is to create functional one-handers. Also, many one-handers, like the one in my pocket (a Gerber) are functional closed or open, as the ends stick out beyond the fist. So this quality isn't strictly limited to balisong knives any more. This Gerber is really heavy, in spite of the holes in the handle, and coins get stuck in the holes, which is a pain in the ass. But the knife is structurally sound, although it doesn't open as quick as other folders, because the locking mechanism is to tight.
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