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Lady in the Water

How do you rate "Lady in the Water"
Didn't see it/Won't see it
 55%  [ 5 ]
Hated It
 11%  [ 1 ]
It had it's moments
 11%  [ 1 ]
It was okay
 0%  [ 0 ]
Loved It
 22%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9

I really wanted to like this movie and did up to a certain point. But it all went south around the time they had to find "The Guild" and the others to help them out. After they were all gathered around her in the shower the movie just collapsed for me and never recovered.

I did think all the characters were interesting and the movie was very well acted, the story just needed some refinement.

What do you think?
Well, the movie has been out for 5 days and I want to like it too, so if you don't mind, please don't post detailed info about the plot without a spoiler alert.

I love M Night's movies (except for the Village) and I really like Paul Giamatti, so this one's on my list to see asap.
Nothing I posted was anything near a spoiler. I gave no details or plot essential information.
Eh. This movie didn't sound that good from the reviews it was getting, the trailer wasn't that catching either.. I have heard mix reviews from people who did see it though.
The reviews are bad, but my final decision will be after I watch the movie.

It hasn't released here yet.
yes movie did start rolling in pretty good but then blew it.
also heard that disney was first publishing ( or whatver they call it) the movie then they said the movie was crap and stopped paying for it. MNS still made it and i think im gona have to go with disney guys. Razz
read through all far its a okay..the m night movie i ever watched was sixth sense..and it was good ...scared me pretty good... i hope it's the same for lady water..though i heard its about feat myth creature..havent read the full review....
This was one movie i want to see after me watching "The Village". I was eager to see the performance of Bryce Howard. I may be watching it next week.
This movie was ridiculous! I couldn't even figure out whether it was supposed to be as comical as it was. In all honesty, a few more stupid scenes or comments and I really would have thought it was a spoof. I mean, the plot was just so unbelievable, most of all that the characters were approached with this inconceivable story about a woman that came from the water and what her purpose was and how she was going to get home, and just accepted it! There was no questioning about the whole story by anyone in the movie, they just treated the situation as if it was something that could happen to anyone!

On another note, I was really surprised that M. Night Shyamalan took on a rather significant role in this movie, seeing as how all of his other roles have been pretty insignificant.
I love this movie!! M. Night Shyamalyn is one my all-time favorite film directors! Bryce Dallas Howard is a rising star because of his genius!
The trailers did nothing for me. At least what was air here... Just watching TV, it looked like a mute mermaid came out of someone's pool and just teared up when they asked her questions.

Then others started talking about it, and... well, it was nowhere near what the previews depicted. I still won't see it though--not worth my money. I can only hope it's not a waste for everyone else.
I suppose I may have to dig into the pockets and as rentless as the fuzz and lint might be, muster some cash and simply go view the film for myself.

I had anticipated it's release, as most people and was thinking "It's an M. Night film- isn't that enough said?" Well, yes, the trailer got the best of me, but not in a good way- as opening day approached I had continuously ascertained to myself that I had no idea what this film was about.

I have heard people say that they loved it, or hated it. And I suppose all of his previous films have fared this way? Shocked

Thank you for the help though, everyone- but I may find more solace in waiting for the dvd to release and rent.

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