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frihost serv2 and joomla = problem :( SOLVED

Hi ... I've made a subdomain today ... it works but, when i try to install Joomla i have an error. What kind? Check yourself:

Directory and File Permissions - all files unwritable.

I know that i can change chmod for all files separatly but ... i instaled joomla on 4 or 5 host servers and this is first time that files are unwritable ...

Do i realy have to change all folders to 777 manualy , or I've made some mistakes with making a subdomain ? (server 2 - DirectAdmin).

configuration.php is Writable because i chmoded prizee catalog in public_html folder to 777 ... but subfolders are still unwritable.
Maybe i have to make separatly FTP acc for my subdomain ?

Someone have an idea or have installed Joomla on subdomain of frihost?

I'll try to solve it tommorow, now I'm going to sleep Smile
I had to chmod the file I want to edit in Joomla to 777 for it to actually work. If not it will say "file unwrittable". Also sometimes when you install something through Joomla, "Apache" will be the owner.

IMPORTANT: Your installation file is left there, wide open for anyone to do "something bad"!!
Ehh ... i checked and placed Joomla files in main directory (top domain) ... still - all is unwritable :/
I think ... that I'll have to chmod all files manualy Sad

But this is weird - i instaled joomla on 1 paid server (Safe mode OFF) - in main folder and in sub-folder - all files are dafault writable ... without chmod-ing...
I checked it on 3 free servers - SAFE MODE - ON! and still - all files writable
Then , checket on my local server (WAMP Serv instaled on my PC) - again - all files writable...

And here - unwritable ... that is why im asking - is this wrong or maybe everyone have to chmod folders manualy ...
Hi, please read this ...
Diebels wrote:
Hi, please read this ...

I Know how to install Joomla! ... I instaled it on other servers.
I know, that i can manualy chmod all folders which Joomla want - but i want to know is this normal on this server that i have to do this ?
On other servers it's not necessery - just upload joomla files and they are all writable for joomla install - without any chmoding ... and that why im asking...


Solved Smile
I asked some frihost members and now i know that i have to chmod folders manualy Smile
I Even know chow to make tmp folder writable Smile
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