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Has anyone heard of the Plymouth Auctioneering?

I have been offered a job by Plymouth Auctioneering woking for Park West at Sea a cruise ship auctioning company. I have searched high and low both on and offline and have found very little information on them beyond their own website and marketing materials.

Has anyone heard of these guys or more particualy know anything about working for them?

thanks all
The most I know about them is that they have a generally appropriately sized workforce. The employees range in talent from very hard-working to a few that aren't that interested in the field but see it as a steady paycheck. Sometimes they have a very bad quarter and people get nervous that they might fired, but usually things are pretty normal. I've talked to a few of their former employees and everyone has the usual things to say about the company.
thanks there is certainly food for thought there. Your comment is the most positive I've found so far.

Anyone else heard of them? or Park West Gallery?
Just incase anyone is interested- I did not take the job, I read the contract which worked out that there was no guaranteed income and that I would have to pay for my own training hich would be taken from my paycheck until I had paid it all back. There was no mention of how much the training was going to cost and frankly if a company wants you to pay for your own training which they are providing then they are probably not a company worth working for.

I am now self employed working as an offline video editor and as a consultant database and software administrator.
I was wondering if you were going to accept their terms of employment. Sometimes people are not interested after they read the contract. Conversely, others accept the contract and then become employed. Not everyone lasts until the end of the year though. Some decide they do not want to work there after all. I was unsure if you were going to be one of those people who would stay at the job for a long period of time or whether you would be someone who would not stay at the job for an extended period of time. I guess we won't ever know, will we? The drama unfolds.
I am going to the training session in August and wondered if any of you knew how much the said training costs for the head auctioneer vs the assistants?
I just got done with training and it was great. There are no costs for training, so I don't know what that other person was talking about. They pay for you to fly out, your hotel, and food. I was pleased with the experience and I didn't have any costs!
I am considering signing a contract with Plymouth Auctioneering and would like to hear from someone that has done the training and is still working for them.

I appreciate your time,

I went to the training and had a lot of fun, learned VOLUMES about the art that they sell, but didn't get a job offer. My speaking skills SUCK so I've joined toastmasters to polish up on those. I took a job at a car dealership and I'm happy with that so far . . .

Good luck to all!
hello. I've submitted a resume with Plymouth Auctioneering for cruise ship art auctioneer & am waiting for a call back to schedule over the phone interview. I, too, have tried researching the company but haven't found a lot of info. Would love to hear from someone who has any experience with, trained, worked, or is still working for this company. thanks all.
Interested in the field but see it as a steady paycheck. Sometimes they have a very bad quarter and people get nervous that they might fired, but usually things are pretty normal.
I mentioned working for this company to a close friend of mine. He mentioned a lot of people have filed law suits and are generally unhappy and feel they have been ripped off on board these cruise ships.

If you type in CRUISE SHIP ART SALES in Google you will get some great info.

Park West Galleries and Plymouth Auctioneering are in business together. Park West uses Plymouth to auction art at sea.

Please visit the rip off report to read customer claims about Park West Galleries and purchasing "fine art" on cruise ships :!&q5=Park+West+
I'll revive this article in case anyone has seen their postings more recently on or other sites.

I just found out about them today, an will send in a resume. I myself am already a auctioneer, i graduated school an have been doing it for myself for about a year now. They are not a member of the NAA (National Auctioneers Association) which is a surprising that such a large company with such an extensive background would not be a member of such a group. Most credible auctioneer's are part of the NAA.

1 This leads to some doubt over their business, and their practices.

2 I have never seen so many complains and concerns over a auction company. (which again leads to doubt)

I would not trust everything they tell you. And anything i find out after sending in my extensive resume will be shared here.

I won't send in my resume, They have about 7+ lawsuits pending, with more to be expect i'm sure.

Heres the copy of one lawsuit:

i think its for a couple million dollars. I will not send them my info. Scam in my opinion.
I worked for the company for 8 months, in the end it just wasn't for me.

The poster saying you have to pay for your own training is complete rubbish. I had 10 days training in Michigan (all paid for by the company) and all my food and accommodation were paid for on the ship.

I received a base pay + commission whilst I was training as an 'art associate', which equated to roughly $600 a week average, which when you take in to consideration you are paying no rent or groceries, is great.

So what went wrong for me? Well the ship was great, the art was great (I now have several pieces at home), the ports were AMAZING! I was in the Bahamas and Caribbean every other day and others from my training class ended up doing European cruises and were in Portugal/Italy/France.

I just didn't like being at Sea, I missed being able to go to the movies when I wanted or spending time with family. I'm also not a huge beach person.

My advice, if you're young, love traveling - being in a new place every day, meeting people and are prepared to invest 12 months of your time to becoming Principal Auctioneer (where the real money is) then this job is for you.

If you like spending time with your family every day, like to be grounded and want strong land based stability, then this job is not for you.
I just noticed the previous posts in this topic were from 2006!

Just for the record, I finished in November 2011.
What is the waiting time between initial interview and second interview. I passed the initial and still waiting for second interview schedule fore more than a month already!
like why do you have to be young to enjoy this job? Why not mature and hip?
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