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Ripping from DVD .IFO files?

I've got a camcorder that records to mini-DVD's. The main footage file (780MB) is obviously in there encoded as a .VOB, I usually have software to import this but it's not working at the moment. If you play the 14KB IFO file it plays the DVD (in 16:9 and obviously full quality) but if I just change the extension on the .VOB it messes it up and also plays in 4:3 as a standalone file. Any way to rip straight from the IFO file, and if possible get all the clips out seperate?

Thanks Smile
The medias are in the larger files. You will not be able to rip from the smaller file as it only is direction that points to the larger ones.

The larger files may be encrypted.

You can try Gordian Knot to unencrypt and reencode the medias into a useful form.
There are various ways you can get the clips from your mini-DVD, but how you do it depends on what you you wish to do with the clips. For instance do you wan't convert them into AVI format for your PC, or put them onto a DVDR?

As you probably know .VOB files contain MPEG2 data streams, some of which may be encrypted using CSS and/or region coded. I would think in your case they would not be encrypted or region coded.

The .IFO files contain information on the VOB file including chapter stops, information on the aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9), and info on the audio streams.

If you wanted to convert the clips into AVI's (Xvid, Divx etc) then the afore mentioned AutoGK (Gordion Knot) would probably be able to do it.

If you wanted to keep the files in the VOB format thus not loosing quality you could try DVDshrink
Although DVDshrink is primarily designed to transcode a DVD9 into a DVD5 it should be able to extract any chapters (clips) which you select from it's menu into VOB files.

Obviosly if you just wanted to keep the clips on a PC then a compressed AVI (Xvid, Divx) would make more sense as you would not require as much HD space as keeping VOBs.
If however you wanted to convert certain clips back to DVDR then you could extract them with DVDshrink and recompile a DVD using, Nero, NeroVision, or the excellent DVDlab PRO.

Hope this helps

TurboSquid Smile
I feel the combination of DVDdecrypter with Auto GK roockzz... as I have tried a 5.5GB dvd was riped to AVI with just 700MB size without any quality looss... though it took lot of time in my P4 630 with 512 DDR2 system

but as both tool r free... i dont see a better option... Smile
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