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Anyone own a monkey?

My friend is one of the only people in australia to have a frive monkey owner licence. I want a monkey, however his is a baboon i think so its big and vicious.
I don't have a real live money (unless my grandson counts... Razz) though I use to want a chimp because they are so cute and very intelligent. My parents would never let me get a monkey when you could still buy them because they said they were nasty so I started collecting stuffed monkeys, I now have close to 200 of them.
I love monkeys to. They are so cute, funny and smart. I' m a monkey according to Chinise zodiacal system. I play with the chimp once, and it was a realy amazing experience. I also have a stuffed monkey colection.
I think it would be fun to have a monkey. I would definetely potty train him, though. Then maybe I would train him to load the dishwasher and run the vacuum too. Razz
Have to say I love most animals, but I wouldn't consider having any type of a monkey as a pet.
They are a wild animal and as such require specialist care.
Much better to adopt one through an animal charity or a zoo which supports conservation.
The rest of your hard earned money could be put towards keeping a dog, cat or other domesticated animal.
Monkeys are awesome! But i would never have one as a pet..too much work, and it would be kinda cruel to the monkey.
So instead i have a monkey teddy bear named dylan Cool Laughing
I'm thinking about gettin a liscense to own one. I really want a spider monkey to have. He could stand on my shoulder all the time and go fetch things for me when im too lazy to get up.
Own a monkey? It is very difficult I think, first of all, you need to have some space for it, otherwise, it will be unhealthy I think.
Moreover, you must have rights to own it since many country do not allow people to own them.
This is my monkey Joe. I only had him a few months then someone stole him.
This is a photo of him when we took him on a trip to the beach. He's playing in a banana tree. It's actually from my video camera so not so sharp.
I don't know what kind of monkey he is but he's very small.

Monkey are neat pets but there is one problem when they are young, they poop everywhere.
If you think puppies are bad news before they are toilet trained do not get a monkey. It's like a puppy on steroids that can climb like spiderman.
They can climb anywhere and everywhere, and they do. When they are in the most inaccsesable place they like to leave a little suprise for you to find later.
Only problem is it may be a few days before you find it because monkeys poop in the most hard to reach places they can find.

I want a monkey Sad that would be really frigin neat. Exclamation
Holly C***. I didnt know you could have monkeys as pets!!! Shocked

Wooow! .. I soo want one! lol.. It can be like my best friend and everything! Smile. Teach it to walk.. talk.. play.. Type!! Very Happy

Wooo.. i could teach a monkey to type for me, It would make this whole posting thing alot easier! Very Happy lol.

But i cant get one in england im guessing Sad, So guess i'll have to move first ... i've always wanted to move abroad anyway.

Oww.. and loverly picture paul Smile

i don't want any monkeys in my house.
they shold be in their forest

When you first left me I was wanting more
But you were doing that girl next door, what ja do that for
When you first left me I didn’t know what to say
I never been on my own that way, just sat by myself all day.
This is monkey bussiness.
Monkeys like other wild animals (birds, fishes, dolphins, etc.) must live in freedom. Nor in a cage nor in somebudys room.
it is terrible to have a monkey as a pet. For the health sake, I don't think it is save to raise a monkey. There could be some pestiferous dangers.

Anyway, monkeys are too smart, hehe.
You're friend owns a monkey... and it's a baboon... and you're australian.

That has to be the coolest thing I've ever read on these forums. Seriously.

Where abouts do you live (as in, are you rural? don't give me specifics, lol)?

ps. - @ cloudship, the friend/owner of said monkey has a licence, which means they would be taking care of him/her adequately (food, habitat, etcetera)
Its surprising to know that your friend owns a monkey, actually with a lisence.

Actually I dont own one, but i got interested coz some years back, one of my neighbor also had a monkey. it was a small one. Very furious with the new persons. It took a long time to get familiar with him. But very friendly and interesting when u get acquainted with him.

We used to make good fun with him. Sometimes, trying to make him smoke and sometimes make him drink. And sometimes just watching his behaviour was fun too.

My mother used to feed him and he used to follow her whenever she went. Very connected.

Even now i remember him.
Your post about the monkey petting, reminded me of that young monkey.

SusieSmacktard wrote:
I think it would be fun to have a monkey. I would definetely potty train him, though. Then maybe I would train him to load the dishwasher and run the vacuum too. Razz

This was funny. Let us know what else you would teach him?
i dont own any monkey but it would be great to have one.
so how does your friend manage the notorious ones
No I don't own a monkey but I could see some occasions that it might come in handy, such as impressing your neighbours or saving money on a maid. I wonder if it could be trained to cook food? Not that you really want a monkey preparing your food. Actually scratch that idea.
Statement retracted.
I'd get myself a monkey, but it's not a great idea.

First of all...price. As I know of, the cheapest monkeys cost around 1000 USD. Then, you have to spend about $3 a day for care and food.

The second thing is that monkeys can be damaging.

Third thing is that monkeys should be kept in their natural habitat, unless they have a better life with you.

Other than would be great to have a monkey. I'd try to train it to do a lot of stuff. (He works, I sleep; He cooks, I eat; etc. Razz )

Anyway, having a monkey would be great.
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