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Concerts - Which have you attended?

I'm sure over the years, some of you have been to a few concerts. ME, i try to go at any chance I can. Here's my small but informative list:

Evanescence (With Three days Grace, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin)
Velvet Revolver (With Three days Grace)
Sum 41 (With some bands I cant remember..from Toronto)

and the rest...

Avril Lavigne (With Gob and Swollen Members) <-- I was like 13
Backstreet Boys (With someone else..dunno who) <--COME ON! I was like 6!
Hilary Duff <--yeah.. i had to bring my sister to it.
Britney Spears <--Back when she had one album and wasnt a slut.

Im sure I went to others, I just cant remember them all..XD

Concerts I want to/hoping to attend:

Warped Tour

And I also wanted to go to Taste of Chaos because of My Chemical Romance *drool*

I also missed Billy Talent, because I was grounded. But my friends got me some autographs....and the bassist left me a nice message saying: "haha, you're grounded, too bad, from John" I was like: O_O WOOT!
The Streets
Snoop Dogg
The Darkness
50 Cent
Atomic kitten
Justin Timberlake
Craig David
Duran Duran
Ozzy Ozbourne
Alice Cooper

and a few more but cant remember at the minute Very Happy
I don't leave in Paris ,so I can't see the great bands of other countries,
but I have seen many french bands in concert :
Tagada Jones ( with patch up, grayhound... a very good HxC concert )
Black Bomb A
Freedom for King-Kong ( with BSK, Dustbin... )
Snout Bender
no offence here at all mate. But i really havent heard any of these at all. sorry
I haven't been to many concerts Sad Only one, with Metallica, back in -98 I think. I'd like to see Opeth and iced Earth Smile
Blazole wrote:
no offence here at all mate. But i really havent heard any of these at all. sorry

Smile , I don't know why, but the french bands are not
known in other countries... and we have an underground
scene with many bands, so it's difficult to them to be known...
Mindless Self Indulgence <-- My Fave Shows !!!
Marilyn Manson

dunno i dont like to go to concerts often.. but MSI showz are ****** great Very Happy
i have heard of the last two. They are proper hardcore rock innit. like heavy metal mosher stuff
Im the same way. If I had a label it would most likely be mosher/metal head more than anything else. I love concerts and moshing, it's really fun \m/
I've only ever made it to one 'big name' concert - the Foo Fighters.

I'd love to make it to something like a HIM, NIN or Alice Cooper gig sometime though if I ever can manage to raise enough cash.

Still in the meantime, I've got plenty of local unsigned metal bands in the area that regularly do gigs should I feel the need to get some live music in, though most of their stuff is a bit too hardcore for me, preferring the older metal like good old Iron Maiden and the like.
woot. I love Iron Maiden. I'd die for a chance to see HIM though. But I doubt they'd every come to Canada. NIN is also a good band that I like, haha i have so much merchandise Razz
I don't have see anyone of these concerts but
but i like this groups and she is gone to my city (québec) :
3 days grace

[three doors down
No address
breaking benjamin
staind (in the same concerts)]
Barenaked Ladies a couple of times.
Going to see U2 in December.
Well,I havent had the chance to go to that many concerts, mainly because of age restrictions. But here ya go :

R.E.M. in new plymouth, march of this year
Augustino at a free show in auckland city

and Im going to see the finn brothers on august 3
wow, REM? That's insane! There are only few bands that attend here, and REM wouldnt stop by, I'll betcha anything. Consider yourself lucky! Id have to go to Montreal or Toronto >_> And yay for U2!
All the concerts I ever went to were:
Kenny Chesney (country concert I really had no choice but to force myself to go to, long story Wink )

Yea, I know, not a lot. Don't blame me.
I will see Joe Cocker in a fest : le bout du monde
It will be great !!! yahou !!!!
and Béruriers noir in another fest : Astropolis
Recently I've seen:
Sounds of the Underground (Lamb of God, Opeth, many other bands)
Ozzfest (Sabbath, Iron Maiden)
Lunatic Luau 9 (local radio show with rob zombie, mudvayne, shadows fall, trivium and many more)
John Fogerty/John Mellencamp
Lunatic Luau 8 (slipknot, earshot, 15 other bands)
Slipknot/Lamb of god/shadows fall
Slipknot/mudvayne/disturbed/linkin park/papa roach (i went for slipknot)
stone sour/ra/powerman 5000

ive been to a lot of festivals so ive seen like over 100 different bands i want to see dream theater and rush!!!!!!!!!
Madonna x 6
Janet Jackson x 3
Spice Girls x 2
Gloria Estefan x 2

And too many more to list Wink
Spice Girls?!?! Im SO JEALOUS! I love them ^_^
during 3 days, I was in a festival in Crozon :
- First day :
Red cardel ( Rock/celtic music ) was great,
Joe Cocker... hum, good music, but during the live, we saw only Mr Cocker
and the musicians wasn't present...
And to finish this first day, Zion Train ( sound system )... wahouh !!! GREAT !!!

- Second day :
Orchestra do fuba ( brasilian music ) was good, Youssou n'dour ( african music ) too,
but Che sudaka (ska-punk) and Daby touré 'world music) was enormous...

- Last day :
good musoc during this last day, Ridan ( Music/text ),
Jerry cornic & DJ blue ( Drum n'bass with traditional music )
Amadou et Mariam ( african music ), Rachid Taha ( Rock )
and Sinsémilia ( ska )... very good day

and, during his show, Rachid taha ( he was drunk... normal ^^ ) say :
( in french, sorry )
" Enrico macias, Rachid Taha and Sinsémilia, il y a que les BRETONS
pour faire ça putain d'sa mère !!!" Thank you Rachid !!!
It's all good, I speak french!!

haha, actually, I've neverh eardo f any of those except for Joe cocker. And I still havent heard any of that music! But I see all of you have attended lots of stuff!

Just last night I went to:
The Used
Day OF Contempt

It was really great, and I got some really cool pictures as well!

The highlight was when the lead singer of the band pointed to me and my friend and said: "Wow, there are a lot of sexy ladies out here tonight!"

We were fourth row from the floor, so our eyesight was totally equal to his eyes. We werent too low, but high enough to be totally seen. This happened at a part where he was just talking to the crowd, and me and my friend were the only ones standing up, cheering and yelling "I love you Bert!" So yeah, that was AWESOME!

Got a pink Underoath Tee, and The Used Stickers/poster Smile

My other friend who ended up attending as well (Not with me, but with her sister.) Was part of the fanclub, and got to go backstage and get autographs and pictures and stuff! And she also met Alexisonfire, and Dallas (Guitar/Vocals) Kissed her ssiter's boyfriend. She said it was really funny.

Any cool concert experiences that have happened to you?
Hoobastank/Incibus is the only one I've been to.

I currently have tickets/am planning to go to the Stones in their 'Bigger Bang Tour'. Very Happy
I've been to a lot of concerts...

Alan Jackson and LeeAnn Rhymes when I was REALLY young...
Andy Williams' Christmas Show when I was really young too...
Nickel Creek, yeaaaaars ago
2 Britney Spears concerts (I don't know why I wasted my time and money. -_-)
Aaron Carter with A*Teens, haha...
American Idols Live concerts, season 2 and 3.

And the 2 best ones, haha:
Backstreet Boys and The Click Five this past August (met the Click Five was awesome. Smile)
Green Day a few weeks ago.

That's just to name a few. Razz
i have been to so many concerts....

some doubt, marilyn manson....too many to think of but i would have to say the best shows are the local bands or acts...the best live show from a fairly big band ive seen was mindless self indulgence...they are AMAZING live....they do crazy things and keep you entertained the whole time as well as sounding good live...its a really high energy show. if you get the chance check it out for sure!
I recently saw Interpol in Illinois and it was excellent.

Def. suggest going seeing them if you like them and have the chance. Their opening band Boom Bip was also v. good if you like the kind of music it was (it was sort of dreary Jam-band which is kind of an oxymoron) but they lack singing, so it was purely instrumental.

Interpol was frickin' amazing though.
Sonata Arctica
Mustasch x2 <3
Sugarplum Fairy

And i hope i'll see CoB some day Smile Rolling Eyes
The Mitchell
Sigur Ros 3 times
Hundred Reasons twice
A silver Mt Zion twice
Oceansize 8 times
Amplifier twice by friday
tool for the first time on the 30th
bad manners
Explosions in the sky
incubus twice
feeder 4 times
mogwai twice
clutch twice
nine inch nails twice in 2 days
pitchshifter twice
65daysofstatic 3 times
that ****** tank twice
kong twice
biffy clyro 3 times
2many DJs about 3 bzillion times
mr scruff twice
a perfect circle
Plump DJs
Trentemoller Live
Four tet
Kieren hebden & Steve reid
Bass Clef
DJ Surgeon
Mary Anne Hobbs
Virus Syndicate (utter wank)
Luke Vibert
Computer Controlled twice
Venetian Snares
Fatboy Slim
Erol Alkan
Carl Cox
Sasha (also lame)
Ceephax Acid Crew

thats all i can think of atm
Subsonic Sound
Now now, Mitch, I know for a fact the 30th will be at least the second time you've seen Tool. You saw them with me at the CIA last year. Wink
The Mitchell
Subsonic Sound wrote:
Now now, Mitch, I know for a fact the 30th will be at least the second time you've seen Tool. You saw them with me at the CIA last year. Wink

oops. i copied and pasted from another thread. that was the last time we saw them :p. Hows it going anyway bitch. not seen yo for a bit. all good back home?
Well I'm only going to post the latest gig I've been to.

I saw Reel Big Fish live in concert supported by Army Of Freshmen and Beat Union (the second most probably won't hav heard of but they were pretty damn good).

That gig was amazing and is one I'll never forget.
The latest concerts I went to are:

Thrice, Bloc Party and Blindside.

Concerts coming soon:

Funeral for a Friend, Circa Survive, MCR and MUSE!

Yep that's me for the year hehe.
This year I've been to Bloc Party and the Accelerator tour in Stockholm..

Biffy Clyro opened for Bloc Party and were decent, but Kele's performance was awesome.. didn't get the reviews they deserved though..

At Accelerator we saw most of the big acts and a bunch of, at least to me, lesser known ones including:
Loney, Dear,
Jose Gonzalez,
Jens Lekman,
Bright Eyes,
Modest Mouse,
Peter, Bjorn and John,
Rufus Wainwright,
TV on the Radio,
Jamie T,
The Gossip and
Cansei de ser Sexy

Probably the hottest line-up I've seen at a two-day festival in Sweden. I went with my girlfriend and a friend and his gf and we had a blast, pretty much everyone but TV on the Radio lived up to expectations. Interpol played really late friday night but their show was fricking awesome and easily one of the best I've ever seen. Jamie T was really cool as well as my biggest surprise the Gossip!
A memorable consert was in 86. Status Quo in sthlm, the 3rd consert in their reunion tour. It was at an indoor sportsarena that today is closed.... Due to bad groudwork. I tell U the place was actually bumping around...
I've only been to Taking Back Sunday with Angels and Airwaves, Vans Warped Tour 2006, Bloc Party, and Billy Talent so far.
It looks as though everyones been to a bloc party concert this year haha!

blocparty <3
The Mitchell
clydejaw wrote:
It looks as though everyones been to a bloc party concert this year haha!

blocparty <3

i havent Very Happy
I'm still young, and it's hard to see good bands when you live in Geneva, Switzerland.

Taking Back Sunday, UnderOath, Senses Fail, Anti-Flag, Saosin
Angels & Airwaves
The Offspring
I never went to a concert. I don't like the ideea to stay in a crowded place iven if it's good live music.
I prefer listening to music from home.
Deep Purple, Marilyn Manson and other minor spanish bands
The Mitchell
im going to see damien rice tomorrow. for free w00p.
working on sound desks wins
my favorite had to be seeing prince with my twin sister, both of us all dressed up in purple Smile
other than that, tons of house shows
defiance, ohio, japanther, mirah, blackfire, alliaceous, this bike is a pipe bomb, and a whole lot of crust-core bands whose names i can't remember Wink
in high school rusted root played a free concert at some spring festival and the whole town went crazy and turned the field that they played on into a giant mud-hole, which was pretty funny/memorable.
hmm...when i was a little one, and still playing piano, the erocia trio blew me out of the water

and very soon...i'm going to get to see morrissey with the same twin sister! oooh, can't wait
Rick Ross-Toronto
50 Cent- Toronto
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