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TVB - Chinese TV Shows

Has anyone seen any TV shows on TVB? They're like soap operas, but they're better because they actually end and aren't malodramatic to a point where you puke.

Anyway in the past 3 months I've watched the following:
Life Made Simple
Scavenger's Paradise
Under the Canopy of Love

The first two has one actor in common and he's really talented, but both parts are unintelligent parts which-though he portrays them really well-I believe he does not have to keep doing.

If anyone is interested, I recommend you check them out (import stores or rental stores)

I'll give a brief synopsis:

Life Made Simple
Two childhood friends are buddies for the longest time, even earning a nickname "little husband" and "little wife." However the boy has a mental problem which makes him slow at grasping concepts which leaves him in an adults body with the intellect of a child. The girl grows up and leaves to the U.S. to get a higher education. However, when she returns, her friend is the same, but she and everything else have changed.

Scavenger's Paradise
In the mid 90s of Hong Kong, living was hard. Water was only available on certain times of the day and earning money was hard. Some people did not try and find themselves on the street, others made friends with people who got rich quick, some worked hard to barely make a living, but some try many get-rich-quick schemes in hope that it pays off. It is until a countryside young man goes to visit his uncle shows up that his uncle and the houseful of roommates' lives begin to change.

Under the Canopy of Love
In this generation, there is only one thing a woman must worry about, her future. It is said that love is nothing and marrying the richest man is a woman's ultimate goal. Remember, "Love is nice, but when time goes by a man might not love you anymore and you'll still be poor. But if you marry a man with money, even if he doesn't love you later, you can take all you want and find another man." This is the thought of one sister, but the middle sister disagrees and believes that one must love the man she marries. The youngest, however, has no bearings and must learn while the single-parent father and his mother-in-law watches over them. It is clear that these two cannot watch over their loved ones forever.
hey a fan of tvb ...recent tvd i watched point of no the theme song...
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