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love is complicated

love is compliicated.... dont think too much abt it... u live u learn,,,,

never compare between lovers...
Citizen Kane
I disagree. Comparing lovers may be a good way to find out what you like and what you don't like... although comparing your current lover with a previous one in favour of the previous one in front of the current one is .. really not good for your social wellbeing.
dont think too much about it? yeah that sounds like the best thing you could do.

duhhhhhhhh just love someone. theres nothing else to it. wtf

do you people even read what you type or does it just come out of you without any thought? yeahhhh thats a better question for you.

You have to think about love. you have to figure out what would make it work. how you can be happy. how everything will work out. It takes time, it takes experience, and it takes patience. But it is well worth the effort if you find that special someone.

Dont think too much about it. HAH!
in the beginning it is, but later it's getting easier...
Every relationship have a good end the bad moments. It is unfair to compare them. It is never to late to be happy.
For me it's important to never get to close with anyone. This means that the end or the begining of new period is near. But that's life.
Enjoy them Razz
Sometimes comparing cannot be avoided. (just don't take it too seriously. Because if you did, that's where the problem arises)

And yeah, its really actually complicated. But its nice to think about it, instead of tripping and learning it the hard way. Its better to be wise and be ahead than to get hurt.
Da Rossa
Every partner is different, but they all will add their contributions to your "enciclopedia". That's why you get more experient in later relations. Comparing they directly is not polite and may even lead you to misconclusions, but as we all know, life needs periodic breaks, moments in which you shall put things together.
You can help comparing one relationship to the other, it is human nature I think. Now the trick is knowing that your new relationship is different and should be different from the last. If it is the same then maybe you are falling in to that thing we like to call the Rut..
You would hope that the next relationship will be better than the last, being that the last one was not what you where looking for. Then you have to stop and ask yourself "what am I looking for?"
I have been a Marine for the better part of my life, and as I whole we are a bunch of pretty nice, cool, loyal guys, But as with anyone we are all different, BUt what I run into is people comparing me with those they have known/dated/married ect. in there past and judging my on that alone.
If you are looking back and comparing your past lovers/relationships to your new one, be carefull, look at the good and the bad, and know that your new relationship is different, it is what you make it, and if it is the same.. Well then you have to ask yourself, "Is it me?"

Good luck
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