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Where do you play?

I love games and play quite a lot, both at my house, LANs, and webcafes

where do you play?

Do you like to play online on ur own at your house, would you rather go to a friend's house or a gaming cafe? I really like playing at gaming cafes, i like how we all share the same passion
for can meet a lot of people too...(some of em are creepy though lol)

Please share opinion+experiences
Well when it comes to playing a game online with my computer, I have no choice but to do it from my own home since it's a desktop. I've played my DS online a few times in web cafes and stuff...I didn't really like it though, too many other people. Razz I'd rather just play at home...were I can always pick up a controller while sitting at my computer waiting for something, it's great to have a TV right next to my monitor. Wink
I like playing online games at my home. Unless I don't have the game, I will go LAN shop Wink
I think that most people play at home Razz

It's just easier to go for a piss there
In LineageII i play in computer center. in other games i play at home or with my friends (i have comp with processor for 450mHz Sad ).
I like playing online games at my home.
I like to play at home... sometimes at LAN Parties with my friends, but mostly I play at home. I like to play computer games but my computer is a piece of crap so I need to build me a new one. But, to compensate for the crappy computer I play PlayStation! I play that both online (mostly my FPS's) and by myself (my RPG's and racing games). That's how I role. lol
I'm usually playing my online games at home with the exception of my DS, because I don't have WiFi. Instead, I go to mainstreet, sit on a bench, and play online there, because there is free WiFi all along mainstreet, and it's really awsome.
Just at home since nobody else has a super-awesome-ruling-1337-PC like me! Laughing
Home, very little people are lucky enough to have a half-decent PC like me. It's the simplest option.
i play on my pc, sometimes lol
I pretty much just play at home on my computer or on my xbox on xbox live. But i have always wanted to get a laptop for myself and be able to play anywhere like at a gaming cafe or coffee shop or something.

I have always found that quite interesting. I need to get myself a laptop. lol
i play games at my own house
I also play at home cos i like it Razz always i can go to the Kitchen for something to eat Razz
i usually play at home, its a lot more comfortable. you can get something to eat anytime you want etc. also in cafes you need to pay, which is another reason i dont go there. every now and then me and my friends make a lan, which is tons of fun, usually wind up playing older games like starcraft which is a nice change since people tend to play new gmes and forget about the old ones. lans are close to impossible without ego shooters and strategy games imo ^^
I play online PC games at home. I play offline PC games at another family's home. I play my friends' console games at their home.
I play games on computer where ever I can find one.
I play at home ^^
And sometimes at a friend's home, on his console Very Happy
I played mostly at LAN shops, or at my friend's house. The main reason is that my home computer is too lously for those high-end games. The second reason is that we can meet and fight almost any kind of people at LAN shops, especially the pros.
The only place I ever play is in my own house. I've always wanted to try playing at a place like Panera, but I always seem to forget my DS. Oh well, I think I prefer it at home anyways, there are less distractions, as long as your five younger siblings aren't running around and screaming like hooligans. Razz
well.. 2 years ago I'm playing Online game in the internet cafe [it's cost about Rp. 2500,00 (US$0.25)/hours I play 2~4 hours / day, I got much friends from that time, oh yeah, I play Ragnarok Online and Gunbound at that time, for 1 years nothing changed, after that I just play RO & gunbound for 1~2 hours/weeks, and now I play MMORPG online [like Kings of Chaos, etc] in Internet Cafe which cost Rp. 4.500,00($US0.45) /hours hope i'll get intrnet connection at home next month XD
LOL..i mean obviously at home rite.. internet cafes are for ppl going out in groups like wif frens..otherwise i think playing at home still the best
only at home..I love my computer at home..
I always play in my room... my ps2 is there, and that's the only machine I play games on. I don't really play PC games, but sometimes I play an occasional game, but very rarily.

So yup - my room it is Cool
I use to play at net cafes for like a while but then i got like a cool computer with a fast net connection so the need to go to them ended some time ago Razz
Bottom line:
LAN Party - 4 on 4 - Comand and Conquer Generals Zero Hour
this is just godlike, and i personally never get tired of it, Generals is so goddamn imense Razz. LAN parties are the number one place to go for strategy games imo, so you can hear them scream whilst their infanty gets burned by flamethrowing tanks ^^. otherwise, i play 1st person shooters at home.
I work at a mcdonalds and the night shift managers let us play dance dance revolution and guitar hero in the lobby on fridays
I played all my games at home. Few years back, I used to play at cybercafes... and it's noisy and you gotta pay for it. but it was great when you wanted to show off your skills in cybercafes xp
I play at my house, Friend's houses, and my local Gaming Center. All are preferable to me for different reasons.

If I decide to play at my house, It's usually when I get bored enough to challenge bots or play SP. It's good practice and the price can't be beat.

I'll play at friend's houses usually when they host a big LAN (typically I'm the one to host, and always the one planning, several months in advance, I've planned the next one for this Dec.) or when they invite me over for a little Scrim-scrim, or just to kill a Saturday night. Typically this will be just good fun and I'll almost always bring back a quote or two. "WTF When I throw the grenade up it comes down."

I'll go to the Dojo when I've had a long day at work and want to wail on newbs to release some energy, or challenge the top players while being very receptive to their playstyle (hence the nickname Dojo, learning from the masters). I'll usually go alone for those types of situations, but I'll also get a little group of friends sometimes and we'll all join on the social enviroment, sort of like a LAN party but without the hassle, driving, setting up, tripping over LAN cords and other cables, and wafting thru a sea of bodies just to reach the food I'm cooking. Really to avoid all that BS LAN parties come with I'd say it's worth the $20 for a full night of gaming.
at home only
Mostly at my house and sometimes other people's houses for LAN parties.

I try to deter myself from going to internet cafe since the ones around my area are, in my opinion, ripoffs. As well they tend to be smellier and darker with the people who usually hang around there. That's not to stereotype the people that go there, but just in my area.

Other than that, I say people should play where they feel comfortable to play their games whether it is in solitude or with a group of people.
I playing computer games on our house. And i really like to play games when it is raining outside!
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