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Whos Get IE 7 Beta 3

dose anyone like it or dont you use it? Razz Razz
anyone like the tabs in it?
As you can see, there's already an official IE 7 thread above so this thread should be closed
i've got it, and like tabs very much.
good job for microsoft!

and more, is well.
google vs microsoft, who will smile at last?

i don't know...

hello everyone
well i usually use firefox as my default
browser. but i have also tried IE7 beta 3

it quite good, but i don't know about
its security.
the Tabs, they are good, just like firefox,

But i'll stick to firefox. i felt compfortable with it.

GOD is GOOD all the TIME
i like IE7 beta 3. the've made it faster by displaying text first and then images. i like the new look also.
IE7 Release Candidate 1 is now available. Suggest you download it along with the latest security updates
Compared to modern browers, IE7 is already deprecated...
The only 3 important improvements compared to the prehistoric IE6 engine are :
PNG support
XTMLHTTPRequest standard support
Some bug fixe in CSS2 selectors.

If you already use a modern browser, it would be really stupid to downgrade to IE7 Rolling Eyes
Well, I think it's a whole new browser compared to IE 6.
It's got a feed detector and the best part are the tabs...
No need for multiple open windows now!

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

Mozilla Firefox vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer
The war that won't end.
dylanm wrote:
Well, I think it's a whole new browser compared to IE 6.
No : the things you list are only part of UI...
I prefer using firefox as its moe user friendly and has a higher website compatubility
htmlrules wrote:
I prefer using firefox as its moe user friendly and has a higher website compatubility

Much as I would like to agree with this I am afraid this insn't my experience. I find that too many website designers ignore web standards and use too many IE specific quirks in their design because they just assume everyone uses Internet Explorer.

I wish more browsers stuck more rigidly to standards, including firefox, as this gives visitors a consistent view.
I'm using IE7 for about a month now. compared to the last beta update beta 3 it now a workable browser for me. except that it rendered my animated GIF images only diplaying the last frame. By the way those GIFs was use as link and is using some javascript like onmouseover. that's why I downloaded Firefox to view it correctly but Firefox rendered my tables with 1 px borders and has a darker color and im forced to CSS enabled those table to increase compatibility. I hope the final version of IE7 will not showcase only the last frame of my GIFs. Very Happy
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