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Video Production - an odd job

Having just received my 2nd frihost warning due to inactivity... It brings up thoughts of my work schedule. Unlike many jobs that have defined hours, my schedule is on a 'project completed' basis. So, I'm either broke and picking my nose or a client, (usually a producer who needs editing), needs something done yesterday.

So for a week or two I will forget my other duties because I'm trying to fulfill a lot in a ridculously short amount of time.

My work is primarily 'corporate video' . It isn't glamorous but calls for a lot of graphics and motion graphics work to support and make more visually interesting various business subjects. Awards, training, and in-house message videos are my stock-in-trade.

Anyway, off to work on a video for a car company, and yes, today is Sunday... A flexible if odd schedule.
So what do you do most of your editing on? Avid? Final Cut? Do you use anything special for your graphics work (like After Effects or Max)?

I work for a TV station with our own commercial production department. We do a bit of corporate stuff as well as our own advertising, so I've got an idea where you're coming from. Do you work for a production company, or are you completely freelance?
I am a big fan of movie production, it would be interesting to see what it is like from a business point of view. What software do you use primarily?
Your job sounds fantastic to me, I've been working with and on editing systems for the past 8 years now, from an academic standpoint. I kow what I'm doing, I love the role and I'm fast, heck I used to teach how to edit to my peers because the tutors couldn't.

But I'm struggling with making that jump from academia to industry, any tips or suggestions? How did you get into it? And where do you want to be?
I enjoy making family movies at home using Windows Movie Maker. This job really sounds like fun... Smile
I love making videos. I do some for uni work.
For editing videos (ie, footage), I use Final Cut Pro. But if I wanna do cartoon stuff or motion graphics i use Adobe After Affects and Flash. Though After affects Rocks!
LOL dam, this makes me feel nostalgic.

not to mention on how you and the whole crew spends your holy week beating a deadline or marching on a site for a video shoot at 3am. Just... precious.

i'm an in-house video editor for a post-production office once. we got jobs sometimes big, sometimes ok. but more or less stable because we are sort of tied up on some local TV network so we never ran out of work. i mainly do offline video editing for TV shows, and whenever minor stuffs such as advertisements and AVPs came, i got the chance to do everything, like After Effects. Oh, we use A.Premiere for post-prod.

now im just their freelance graphic artist. LOL. i've just finished that storyboard they made me do just this afternoon (and afterwards running of to the animation company im also freelancing with) i quit because i almost live in the studio and spend 1-4 hours in sleep or none at all.

or maybe the real reason is that our production manager is a bitch. Laughing
I love video editing and production - only as a hobby though for holiday shoots etc. I wouldn't like to be doing it under the pressure of a paying client. I know what you mean about the time it takes, getting the cuts right and the audio etc etc.
On my wrestling podcast I did an interview with Mr Quest who just finished a year working in video production/promos department of the WWE. It's very interesting to hear about his experience working on television (and PPV) and the software they used in CT. (Newsedit was the program; anyone have heard of them?)
Man I completely understand about the deadlines or too much freetime. I spent about a year running a production company with a friend of mine and it was either reaaaaaaally fast paced, or slow as hell. But the good thing about the downtimes is you have plenty of equipment/time to work on your own stuff! In that one year (or less) I got the majority of my portfolio done. I'm actually working on putting it all together in DVD format right now. It's a shame that all of the master tracks are long since gone. All I have now are the finished web products, some better quality than others but none of them DV quality anymore.
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