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fonts in a web page

Hello there, im trying to design my first webpage and am getting bogged down in fonts - there are a couple of places that i need a custom font but cant quite figure out how to do it. As far as i can tell, i have two main options: embedding the font in the page itself or saving the text as a picture file.

So my question is, which is the easiest to achieve? I think im leaning towards creating a graphic file, but cant find a suitably easy program to create it. Can anyone recommend one?

Thanks for any help you can give,

Get Adobe Photoshop its easy to use once you get used to it but it does cost a bit but you get what you pay for. There are many free tutorials for aswell which you can easily find using google.
Thanks for that David (and Bunny), but i was hoping to not have to pay a great deal of money and install a huge program - im sure there must be some small utility that'll allow me to create an image file with any font somewhere... any ideas, good people?

adredwood wrote:
I think im leaning towards creating a graphic file, but cant find a suitably easy program to create it. Can anyone recommend one?

This might be just the ticket, and it's free: dynafont. The requirement is that you have PHP with GD and PNG (and some TTF font files, of course).

Here's how to us it:
  1. Put it into your public directory
  2. If needed, create a subdirectory called "includes" (or, if you already have one called "include", just change the second line of the PHP code to remove the "s")
  3. In that directory, create a subdirectory called "dynafont"
  4. In the "dynafont" subdirectory, place the TTF files of the fonts you wish to use.
    (If you're home system is Windows, you'll find the TTF files in C:\windows\Fonts, C:\winNT\Fonts, or the like)
  5. Follow the examples on the above-mentioned webpage to set up your own image tags

It works by dissecting the TTF file, pulling out the representation of each character, and building a PNG file. If you need it for dynamic content, you can put the call to dynafont.php within IMG tags (as in the examples on its webpage). If you wish to use it for something that won't be dynamic (so you won't have to call dynafont EVERY time), just type the necessary URL into your browser then right-click the resulting image and save it to disk.

Options to the program include font, size, color, bgcolor, and date formatting codes.
Im trying to make my own flash website but i really dont know how to make it ... if some1 can give me a few tips thnQ...
its for my hobby.. so i need a good website for it cause i like it Very Happy thnQ for all tips
Thankyou traveller, im sure that will come in handy when i know my stuff a little more - however i must confess to being a complete beginner at this and have no idea how to do these things, or even begin. My apologies for being demanding on the good users of this forum but is there not a small simple graphics program that can help me create custom text in an image?

Once again thankyou all for any help, my learning curve is so much better for it. (:

check out

You can type anything you want and select the font style, size, and some other decent effects. It will output an image file. Then just attach the image to your web page, no need for any graphics editors.

Check out the Gimp for an open-source alternative to Photoshop.
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