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I am placed in two companies before I get my degree.
I have to choose one of these which one should I choose as a fresher and why.
Can anyone share his/her opinion?
Depends on what you intend to do in life. Wipro probably offers more varied career options. TCS ranks very high in employee relations (rumoured to have never fired any employee ever).So if you love a settled life, with no bothers, choose TCS. If you want variety in experience Wipro is probably a better bet.

Take this with a pinch of salt, as I'm joining Cognizant soon. Smile
Yes exactly. In my opinion, TCS is better choice, you still learn a lot of things from there, not only wipro gives that experience. You work hard and you win your life. The life is what that matters. So consider this as good starting of your career. It will be a new life for you. This is something I always dreamed of.
TCS is really good in many aspects,but let me admit that Wipro is catching fast.
The IT sector salaries have been booming since Infosys increased entry level payments.
The prime focus is try to get opening in big company that helps when u make a switch.
The sooner u switch from services to systems the better it is.
All the best for future Smile
Yeah! But what about learning experience while working?
What about Growth opportunities. I am too good in proggramming and all especially in JAVA technologies. I also possess fairly good communication skills.
TCS is only recruiting fresh candidates?
I would have certainly decided on WIPRO.....
can i ask why?
can i ask why?
The choice is upto you. No need to ask why. If you want to work in Wipro, then you work for them. If you want to join TCS, then you can join them. We already discussed the difference between these companies. Try to make a decition which is good for one's career.
akshar wrote:
can i ask why?

Well I think the reason is abviously because they hire less than TCS..... In my college about half of computer and IT students get placed in TCS through campus selection but very few of them get into Wipro..... So, its obvious that many are curios to get into Wipro.....

your decison could depend upon the kind of opportunity, job and salary you are getting at both the places.
If you can tell me to choose between Wipro and TCS, I WILL Go for TCS.
It is having much more reputation Nowadays and more salary i think.
They have healthy environment to work with.

BUT If you get a chance to get RID of these companies you should opt for that, as the kobs will be too tiring and you may have to quit it after some 2 years ( you will get 1 Yr Exp) and can opt for a better job OR get am MBA.
if i were u i cud not join any and try to do MBA form IIMS
i would actually even consider a smaller company to start off with...
my experience with the larger companies was that
1) they pay less than smaller companies for entry level jobs
2) you end up being one amongst the many teh beginning you have no real just keep waiting and waiting and doing basically bull**** until you get something halfway decent.

smaller companies on the other hand tend to pay more (i was getting more than double the starting salary of an infosys employee with pretty much the same qualifications), and besides, my company put me through 2 months of training and then immediately on a project with an international customer. had i stayed on with them, i would probably have had to work on-site etc...and this within 6 months of joining as a fresher...

then again, you will have the name of the larger company (be it a wipro or a TCS) on your CV not sure that makes such a big difference anymore...i personally would rather want to tell my interviewer what i did, and ho i could be an asset to his company rather than boast "I worked for infosys/TCS/Wipro" and not be able to show him what I did....

ofcourse its a personal decision in the end, an im sure whatever u decide, u will think through it quite thoroughly Smile

good luck!
this kind of reply I was expectign actually. Even I think the same way..

Thankx buddy1 I am not fully wrong in thinking that way..
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