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Whats the difference between Core Duo and Hyperthreading?

What I have been able to figure out is that a Core Duo Processor is divided into two physical parts, both these cores work as two seperate processors and when the need arises, they get united Exclamation and work as one. Is this right?
And whats the difference between Hyperthreading Processors and Core Duo Processors?
Hyper-Threading is the usage of One Processor capable of running more than one program simultaneously without any slow down on the Same Processor. Think of it more like running two CPU Intense games at once. Not Photoshop and a Text Editor.

Duo Core on the other hand is Two Processors capable of processing one program each. Same thing as above, Except it's independent and both programs dont share the same processor.

and for what you said about Duo Core, Yes you are correct. Each "Die" as they call it work on its own, If you run one Program for example, One "Die" will only put to work, The other will just slack off or just run smaller apps. It really depends. When the need arises, Both "Dies" will be used. They united in a sense. Wink
the differents is hyperthreading is where one cup can run muitlaple threads at once and appears as if there are 2 cpus in your computer where there is really one.

core duo is dule core mean it has to cores to process data and would work out better that hyperthread would
as it has to cores not just one like in hyperhtreading
To be put simply:

Hyperthreading: 1 core, hyperthreading to act like 2 cores

Core Duo: 2 cores, both independantly acting however the program requires.

So basically Hyperthreading's 1 core mimics the performance of the 2 cores of Core Duo.
That's pretty much it. Hyperthreading is one core with a boost in performance. It almost acts like a dual core but, though the performance is still inferior. According to Intel, it can give a 35% increase in performance. Core Duo is a dual core processor. It's sort of like two CPU's in your computer.
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