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BlueFeather OS

Hello all. I am making an Operating System called BlueFeather. The current website is here but I don't like the hosting right now that I am getting so I can here. Anyway this os is completly 100% open source and I am deciding if I should base it on Syllable or Jazmayn.
Welcome to Frihost, for getting hosting,(Im asuming you allready read this) the stpes are listed on the main page.

About your OS, I think its really cool that you have decided to make this, new OS's are allways a good thing in my mind.

Looking forward to what this will become.
Thanks for the fast responce. (I have read on how to get hosting)
Its good that you are making your own OS..... there is one more guy on frihost forums who is making his own operating system..... here is his thread
sounds cool, keep us posted. I would love to beta test anything that you come up with once its reasonably stable.

I dont know any programing yet, but i am going to college for Computer Science, so i'm sure in the coming years i will be some help in programming if you would like. If not, I will surely beta test when an ISO has been released.
Thanks. I am waiting for a responce from Frihost to see if I can move my site here (I submitted the web hosting requset yesterday). I got regjected by source forge so I am also looking for free project hosting. Anyone know some?
I wish you good luck with that OS too. Very Happy I was one of the first to make a comment on that other thread, and I also do recommend you to use that program that I mentioned in the other thread called "VMware Workstation", it really is a handy tool.

BTW, a bit off-topic, but the word "Sponsors" on your website is spelled wrong. It's "Sponsors" and not "Sponsers". Smile There's a few PHP errors on the front page too, but I'm sure you'll get that worked out when you move to FriHost. Anyways, welcome to FriHost, since you never got an account yet I'm assuming. I'm sure you'll like it here. Smile

- Mike.
Well BlueFeather has been canceled and I will work on Syllable. The old site is going bie bie lol. Once I finish up my new site the domain will redirect there.
BlueFeather is back and its going to be better than ever. Based on Haiku OS BlueFeather will be an open source BeOS clone. I will have a new site and I am still tweaking some stuff on the new site so once I'm done I'll link to the new site.
Just wanted to let you guys know that BlueFeather will now be based on minix 3 and I have also setup a google groups Check it out now.
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