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Reformatting Hard drive

Tony The Tiger
I think next week I am going to reformat my hard drive. I have been having a bunch of odd problems (System Restore does not work, NetZero Dial up does not work, Firefox searchengine box does not work). I think I may be best off just reformatting my hard drive. If I backup my entire hard drive with Norton Ghost, put a copy of my desktop into my documents and backup my Quicken files, what other things should I remember to do before wiping my system?
This page may be a help to you if you're going to format your hard drive.
Apart from saving all your important documents (which I'm sure you did) there might be some other stuff like backing up your bookmarks (i would hate to lose my list of 50+ favourites!), backup the mailbox file (if ur using outlook or any other such email client which is set to download the mails to the local disk instead of leaving a copy on the server)
maybe also backup settings of your favourite programs (if thats possible)

good luck!
Tony The Tiger
Thank you very much. That page looks helpful.
Tony The Tiger
I am going to reformat my hard drive this week. Is there a way to save all my firefox extensions and themes before reformatting?
First backup your old data then reformat your hard disk...
Tony The Tiger
tamilchild wrote:
First backup your old data then reformat your hard disk...

Thanks. The reformatting went well
Well! if you make Ghost image of your drive that is really it, I do not think why you should do anythin alse, however, why do you think that reformatting hard drive will solve your software problems?

If you actually desided to get rid of the old problems you should reformat your harddrive and reinstall windows from scratch. You can still use a Ghost image to back up the files you need, but once again if you carry on using the same erroneous OS you are unlikely to fix your problems. good luck!
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