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Host Club, and other new animes

I've noticed that Host Club has become almost insanely popular on the internet (at least on Livejournal), and I was wondering what you guys thought about it.

It doesn't seem like something that would interest me; it's much more of a funny, comedic, not-serious-at-all anime, and I'm just not into that right now. I have th same problem with Princess Princess (combined with the pointless drag), and I find that animes lately just haven't been able to catch or keep my attention.

:( I'm not sure if it's that my tastes have changed, or what, but anime just hasn't been doing it for me lately.

SO!! Is Host Club really good enough for me to give it a chance? Is it more than just funny? Let me know!
Ouran Host Club is a funny anime that touches the barrier of impossible here and there. I myself was very relutant in the beginning because i'm not into school animes but i found out that school is just the set where all actually almst don't see a school room.

If you wanna give a laugth here and there (not many tough) and dont mind watch a not serious at all anime then i think youll enjoy this one.

Btw, the story is pretty similar to Boys Over Flower (which I personnally hate)...
Hi zanzou, where are you from, from what part of Canada, are you in college or something??? I would like to know more about you...
gheh Ouran host club is really funny..

It doesn't have a real story, but because of this you can easily watch it.
My first impression on it was.. omg a gay anime ? but it turned out not be one Smile.

The ambiance (rich classical) gives me a good feeling too, alongside the humor
haha, Ouran host club is awesome.

I've seem plenty of animes and read plenty of mangas that they originated from, and I can honestly say Ouran HC is the only anime where I liked it better than the manga XD

The producers of the anime inserted their own humor into it and made it more fun (especially the first ep)

I hope the ending would not disappoint me >< (all anime endings i've seen so far have ><)
I haven't seen the anime but I've read some of the manga and really enjoyed it. Yes it follows the same basic lines as other romantic comedy shoujo manga, but the overall feel of it is different. It's funny in different ways. Furthermore, this is one of the first and only mangas I've read where the girl is indifferent to the advances of any of the males and truly is indifferent, not just pretending or telling herself she is, and stays that way. I love that, makes it amusing to watch the antics of everyone.
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