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MSN Live Mail.

How many of you guys have tried this?

It is still in Beta stage. And after signing up, you can always opt out. I tried it for a few days. I hated it so much that I opted out. The page NEVER loads. It's really frustrating.

They are trying to make something better than Gmail and are just making a mess of it all. I think the only way to enjoy it is to have a few mbps internet connection. Cos at Indian speeds, it just doesn't work.

I hope they don't come out of Beta the way it is right now.

Share your experience so far....
I like MSN Live Mail. I find it way more convenient than hotmail and it also looks about fifty times better. I've always used it on a fast connection though. My school connection's really fast and in China I have ADSL, which isn't too bad for it. I agree though, gmail is the way to go. I love gmail--in China gmail's not too convenient though:(.
i'm currently using it.

-the page takes a little time to load.
-they shud remove the big ad/banner above.
-sometimes it works with Mozilla sometimes not, sometimes it won't load.
-hope they'll improve the interface coz i totally prefer Yahoo! Mail Beta rather than this

the best thing Live Mail is 1gb.
i find windows live full version really cool especially if u get the live plus addon
I'm waiting for the StuffPlug NG Live plug-in for Plus! Live. Very Happy
When I actually do use the net to view my mail, I rather enjoi live's interface.
I actually joined when it wouldn't load in Fox, so I had to use that IEView plugin.
Awhile back they gave in and made it work for Fox, so I guess they're realizing IE just isn't what it used to be.
It reminds me of GMail's GUI.
Google keeps it plain and simple, which I love.
Too bad MSN has huge ads compared to GMail.
Ah well, that's why I use ThunderBird to get my mail. Wink
From all I've heard about this, my five hotmail accounts are not going to be converted over if I have anything to say about it. I might, however, change just one disused one to see what it's like. As for getting 1gb of inbox space, between all my accounts I have more than that, as they get 250mb each.
I tried it once, and I never checked my email again. I prefer gmail because it is more user friendly.
I am trying it currently and it has the same feel effect like Yahoo! Email and so on. I really like the features and the fact that the interface is in a sense "Unrestricted".
what is this aim thing iv got loads of people on this chat thing sending me their AIM but i dont know what it is
I don't know about other browsers, but it's really slow on firefox. Gmail is much better.
I haven't tried it myself, but my sister has. Sadly, she's gotten so used to it that she can't stand Hotmail anymore, or something to that extent. I wonder what direction Microsoft is going, especially with all this stuff in beta testing.
i love live mail ,it is very cool.tried it for 1 month
kazikame wrote:
I don't know about other browsers, but it's really slow on firefox. Gmail is much better.

It can't even show up in my Opera browser Sad
Scotty Too Hotty
personally, i really like the New Live Products.

I have used hotmaili for 10+ years now and have always been pleased with it (except for useless spam). I like the way that Live Mail works.

It reminds me of my corporate WEb Access that i use through work.

Outlook web Access 2003. Its all built the same way (mind you corporate webmail always works better but meh). I think that this is a step in the right direction in the sense they have finally satrted l istening to the consumer/End User. For example making it load in Fox.

I had some problems with it early on in the beta stage, but now i am having no problems what soever, loading it in IE, IE view in FF, and also just in reg Firefox.
Guys, where i can get New Live Products?
You tell and i want it...
What it is except Live Mail?
Scotty Too Hotty
here is the url for all the windows live material. Some in Beta, some not in beta anymore.
Actually, yeah, I tried it for a few days and it sucked balls, but as with all new things, well, most new things... It improved. I guess a cable internet and a decent computer helps though... I like it ^_^
I totally agree. It is sooo overloaded, useless and slow. Gmail is a whole lot better, like the rss reader at the top. I am still not convinced by the hotmail system in general, which declares emails from relatives as spam, and tellls I have a new verified message from "Enlarge your penis" Laughing. If they ever develop a better spam system, I'd like it.
I have been using it now for a few months and think it looks better than hotmail. However, I am using the classic layout, as I think the new layout is not clearly enough arranged.

It's idd slower, but the funniest thing about it: It's way faster on Opera than on iExplorer xD
I like gmail more than that.
hmm, i just had a look and i still prefer gmails online interface however there downloadable client looks promising. Very Happy
Gmail is way too better the Live Mail. I agree.
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