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Mozilla Firefox ActiveX error

I'm regularly getting the same ActiveX error message on my firefox at work.
It said something like it could not create the control {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} and it tells me to check if the ActiveX had been installed on my computer and that this page correctly references it. I can continue using the browser after I click on the ok button. It's just keep popping up at random and also when I open up a new web page with a new tab.

Can anyone help me out? Hope there is a quick fix to this problem. I have tolerated it for some time now but it's getting really annoying. Hope someone can assist me on this.
I think ActiveX doesn't design and not supported by Mozilla Firefox. ActiveX usually a language created by Microsoft for Internet Explorer.
Your trying to view a page with ActiveX, that's not in Firefox because it's a security hole.
Do I need remove the activeX from my firefox plugin or something? How can I do it?
Firefox doesnt have ActiveX, so the question of remocing it doesnt come into the picture.
If you want to use Active X (not recomended) with Opera or firefox then download this.
there's a reason firefox blocks activex - its fundamentally insecure. what are you using it for?
Yes, i think firefox does not support active x, you might be running a very high level of security risk file thats why it prompted that.
You may use IE tab plugin for firefox to support activeX. But it only support on windows system.
I just ran into that problem today after I installed an ActiveX plugin for Firefox [yes it exists unlike what I see other users here saying]. I first tried re-installing Firefox thinking it was just acting up. It changed nothing.

In my specific case here is what I did and Firefox seems to be purring along since without a hiccup:
a. Close all Firefox instances
b. Search for npmozax.exe [this is the plug-in I downloaded earlier today after which my Firefox went out of control]
c. Delete npmozax.exe
d. Search for npmozax.dll
e. Delete npmozax.dll

Hopefully it will work for you too.
Thanks for your suggestion hman. I'll try it out. So far, I haven't had any problems yet since I re-installed firefox all from scratch. Do you know what the problem is or why it's giving that error?
Becuase the group that made Firefox didn't put in AX.
Firefox doesn't have ActiveX. If you installed something into firefox, it is probably just a plugin, which can be disabled or modified from the addons control panel.
Go to program files\ Mozilla firefox\plugins and delete npmozax.dll
Make sure to close all browser before doing this. Razz
I had the same problem and its due to the plugin for Quality Mercury Center.

I disabled this plug in to get rid of the error message, but how do you access Quality Mercury Center now? The plug in was required to access this program...

1. Click here to download Netscape 6 / Mozilla ActiveX plug-in (self-extract file)
2. Unzip downloaded plug-in into browser plug-in directory.
3. Restart the browser.

Ken Snyder
Firefox doesn't support ActiveX
Yes, MQC requires this plugin, and yes it will work after installing this plugin.

However you will also see an error "active x controls 000000 not found" or some such error on other sites such as yahoo. There is no way around this.

If you delete that plugin, this error will go away, but you won't be able to use MQC. I use I.E for MQC alone. It sucks, but theres nothing else I could find that helped solve this problem.
From what I know, firefox don't have activeX by default, but there are plugins that will let you have it. Reason is that, activeX is not quite secure. On the other hand, with other browsers like IE, there is a catch in setting activeX controls, making it too high can restrict you from accessing even the most legitimate sites like your bank. On the other hand, setting them too low can cause malicious scripts to escape to your system. Therefore, you need to be really careful in balancing the settings. I just got this idea from a site discussing activeX error. For firefox though, you do not have to worry about it.
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