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Windows install with pen drive? Is it possible?

Is it possible to copy windows xp or 2000 to a pen drive and to format and install windows to the harddrive with the pen software?
One person told me that in the majority of computers that isn't possible. Another one said: "No way! There is a problem with DOS drivers for the pen drive".

These people aren't real experts. They've got just some hardware and software experience. Impossible? Really? Perhaps not with some tweaking.
I expect you could boot it from that drive yes, it depends how big your memory stick was. I'd say one of the fast 2GB ones could acheive it pretty easily but I'm not sure (off by heart) how big the Windows install is.
well if size is the only thing your not sure about, think about it this way.. How bigs a single cd? ~700mb, so if Josso is right then it should fit.
Yes, mind you... is Windows on a DVD disc? I don't know I've always had recovery discs and pre-installed Windows on my PC's.

Apart from that it's no problem, just go into the drive in DOS and run the setup.
First of all a word of appreciatiion for the people that replied here.

Let's say I've got a 1 GB pen drive. The OS fits here. But the question still arises: Is it possible to avoid the CD drive and instead to install windows with the pen and what steps should be made?
well due to you asking this question and the fact that I just ordered one, I started looking into your question and related topics.

From what I have found, I 80% sure that your able to do that.
What I was looking into was installing windows on it(I know thats not what you want) but there are some other forums with what I think you are looking for, heres one that I think has a way to do it,

Im not to sure, really tired to night to think about what they said, the first few posts dont help I know, tomorrow I will lookinto this more, and maybe if my drive comes then I can test it.

Can't install Windows Xp on laptop, notebook becouse of broken, faulty CD CD-ROM, DVD drive?
Can't find a solution how to install Windows Xp from USB drive pendrive?

I will help you!. In a few simple steps You will install Windows Xp from Usb drive pendrive.
Nope, better way is described here:

Customized XP will be more usefull on pendrive than full one.

You can customize your winXP but it takes time and you have to be a proffesional IT specialist even for using tom's guide.
Studio Madcrow
It's technically possible but probably violates so many license clauses as to be completely illegal. You would also need to disable all the "anti-piracy" garbage that M$ has stuffed Windoze with so that you would get stupid WGA activation screens every time you plug into a new computer.
In theory it's possible to install any OS on any writable disk - but Windows has lots of "anti-piracy" and "copy-protection" stuff built in, along with some stuff which assumes that you're working off a normal hard disk. So in practise it's probably going to take a lot of hard work and may well not be practical. If you want an OS to plug in to different machines you're probably better off with a Linux-based solution.
called google it up Smile.
it is possible as long as you have correct BIO's settings.

here's just some quick links off Google already...
Fire Boar
kinkazu wrote:
You can customize your winXP but it takes time and you have to be a proffesional IT specialist even for using tom's guide.

100% false. You don't need to be a professional IT specialist to use Tom's guide. It's pretty straightforward really, and you just need to be aware of basic computer operation. Also, "it takes time" is a lame excuse for not doing something. Everything takes time.
i think windows xp is very weak compare to slax. slax is linux operating system. it is portable. and very easy to install. check the easy steps here.
by using WinToflash , Quickly and simply install the programme you needs and in no time at all you will find yourself writing essays on Windows and using your USB.

transfer your Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7 setup from CD or DVD to USB in some mouse clicks. This is about you can install your Windows from flash drive, USB pen, HDD, etc to your computer or netbook.
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