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help, im stuk

hello, i am stuk, i do not know what to do. i got my domain name but now what? what do i have to do to edit pages? and make it so that everyone can see?
this is my site at the moment and i do not know what to do from here
You can buy Frontpage, which allows you to upload pages to your site. (After you provide your password and login) or you can use an FTP file uploader such as FileZilla to get your files to your site.
hmm, ok, im new to this website thing. how do i exactly do that?
could u explain as though im a 5 year old child?
im new and i learn very fast

Step 1
Learn how to code a site.
Go to You can learn basic HTML code from there, and you can also read books. From HTML you can add on different coding languages such as PHP (which is more code related for users, databases, etc), CSS (more design, very useful to know), and javascript(more code).

Step 2
Make your site. You can do this in any website development program. However, if you lack the funds, you can do it in windows notepad and works just the same as a program Very Happy.

Step 3
Upload your website. You can do this through direct admin (i think, i'm on s1 so i have cpanel) or use Filezilla, which is a free FTP program that connects to your site and will upload your pages for you.

Someone please add to that as i'm about half asleep and am about to fall over and die.
Thanks man, you are a reall help. Just one thing, how would I load a notepad on to the site? cos that would me my only option
Thankyou never the less.
I would follow Eyre's advice and pay a visit to, in order to get a great start. Other than that a quick Google search for 'how to create a basic website' returned these, along with thousands of others.

They go over this in all of the tutorials but basically you need to save your file as a .html or .htm At this point you can view what you have created by simply going to File>Open and then find where you saved you webpage to view it. However, this does not mean that it is 'live', meaning that you will be the only one who can view it.

To make it live, again follow Eyre's advice and get an FTP. Simply Google 'Free FTP' and you will find tons. Basically what an FTP does is allow you to upload your newly created webpage onto the server (in this case to your FriHost account).

I hope that helps... I realize that I basically just expanded slightly on what Eyre already said but your best bet would be to follow the tutorials and get a better understanding that way. The second link that I posted (...PageTutor...) looks like it might be a good place to start.
Good luck, let us know how it turns out Wink
thanks, i will get right on to it
Eyre wrote:
Upload your website. You can do this through direct admin (i think, i'm on s1 so i have cpanel) or use Filezilla

I just want to confirm that direct admin does this. When I was learning, I thought file manager (direct admin types) were less confusing than FTP programs.
FTP is easier and faster when you know how to use it. Especially when uploading many files.
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