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Who here likes Warhammer as a hobby? I like Warhammer Fantasy Battles but am also getting into Warhammer 40K. in WFB (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) I have the Empire as my army choice. and in 40K I am thinking of going Eldar. What bout you guys?
I don't play on Warhammer Razz I only looked when my friends was playing it. xD but maybe I will try in other day.

I must read a rules... Razz

This game is amazing. xD

cu Razz
I want to play war hammer so bad but it is just too expensive. the rules, the pieses. I can't beleave the pieces don't come with bases. LOL

the game has good reviews I just can justify buying it.

Altghough..... After thinking about it my Mage Knight and Hero clix were not cheep either. So I guess War Hammer is not so bad.
Does anyone here play Warhammer?
I'm starting LotR and 40K soon, but I'm brushing up on my painting skills first Wink
I haven't played LotR, but I've played fantasy and 40k. I played a few games of 40k with Space Wolves, but I don't like the rules much. I'll probably finish the army (because I like to paint them), but not play them very often.

Fantasy is a good game, though. I've tried out a few different armies (Empire, Clan Eshin Skaven, Bubonic Court of Nurglitch) and I'm currently working on finishing the Bubonic Court list. I love rats, but there are just so many of them to paint. The army is fun to play, but now that I actually play with them I've realized that having an all frenzied army isn't as cool as it sounds. Also, having an army that's almost entirely strength 3 is no fun when you play someone with high toughness/high armor. But rats are cool anyway. I'm also working on an Ogre army, but I've yet to actually play any games with them yet.

- Walkere
ooooo WH looks like fun. i saw a review for that in... can't remember what magazine... but it sounded fascinating.

i'm a WoW addict though Wink also play Guild Wars sometimes.
i collect dow i hav a 5000+ army for eldar... and catachan i love it, i got mega reapers squads coz they completly take out inf (i prefur them to warp spiders) 7 fire prisms and 4 vypers and 2 falcons i hav avatar and loads and loads more my catchan is sooo big idnt really wanan describe it lmao
The game looks awesome, but really, really expensive. I would try it out if the price of the figures was not so high. I like to paint minaute figures too.

I do play Mage Knight, Hero Clix, and older fantasy miniatures war game that is awesome.
I have a Space Marine rmy of about 3000pts and I have a High Elf Army in the works, I also have some models that I just bought because they look cool. I believe that for the hours of time you put into Modelling, painting and then playing with the minitures makes them worth the cost. I'm really looking foward to Warhammer:MoC and Warhammer Online, just thinking of being a Sqwig Hearder makes me Very Happy.
I play warhammer 40k. I have 2 armies Taus and Space Marines, im still paint some of them. I'll put pics up sometime.
warhammer 40K dark crusades
Warhammer 40K - Dark Angels (Space Marines) and am working on a Chaos Army(Khorne)

@ Guyon - It does get expensive once you start getting huge armies. I think my Dark Angels Army (~3000 pts) cost me like 600ish dollars. Alot if you buy it all at once, but it isn't that bad if you slowly build up the army! And once you learn the rules they become second nature!
I used to be well engrossed in Warhammer when I was younger: the 40k variety - now I no longer have the time or money; however, I did buy the Dawn of War game for the PC, which is a stonking buy, if just for the nostalgia alone.

I know a guy who has a skelton army for Warhammer - it's always good to yabber on about this stuff, so I've heard all about the vampire, and the wraith, and the ambition to get a unit on horseback.

He allegedly has a mate who has recently been recruited to the local branch. Lucky chap!
I know some of the WH 'hardcores' might hate me for this, but I always prefered painting the models to actually playing the game. I can't pretend to actually understand the game anyway - there's just so many little rules & intricacies, plus it moves so slowly!

And that was, like, 7 years ago. It's probably gotten worse since then.
I've never played the table top version but I loved the 40K Dawn of War computer game. Dreadnoughts, how cool are they? I love the mythology surrounding them as well.

I hear it can be an expensive hobby, though if it is what you love doing, good luck to you.
i think the game looks fascinating! but i just got archlord instead so it'll have to wait Smile ah well... they're both pvp's lol
wicked... i used to have these yrs ago... oh i feel so old!

i love warhammer 40k... have loads of lil pieces...

i never used to play i used to just love painting them and then showing them off!

used to spend hours on just the one piece!

i used to love painting them black with the flames (painting the flames first then the rest of the model black) - ive really forgotton wat the particular clan was called!

the only games workshop game i really ever played was Blood Bowl which was a warhammer american football game if u like... oh i play Necromanda once i believe!

oh the memories!!!!!
ive played the 40k demo and the 40k winter assault demo...ide like to buy the game...there isnt enough in the demo but ide like to get further than one level and acces more items and soldiers...its a fun game its got more to it than command and conquer i think.
were not really on about the pc game i dnt think... were on about the role play version
The Tau were legendary; if i ever started up again (or more importantly, if I ever have the TIME to start up again) it will definately be with them.
I play warhammer 40k as a diehard imperium fan. I have a space wolves army, an imerial guard army, a small daemonhunters contingent and a few witch hunter models

say... the rest of you 40k players, whereabouts do y'all live?..
anyone at all?
I like it, I wanna to find more information about it
ahh, warhammer.
i have mark of chaos and the other one called winter assault and dark crusade.
Very nice game both of them.
Thats something i recommoned to shop.
Its very fun too.
So i say warhammer for the win Razz.
And i have a question,
Is warhammer online out yet?
I used to love painting, making and personalizing the figures. Warhammer is about the art, the game, and the "look". The advent of the computer games have taken all of that away. Is there anybody that does that anymore?

I made this a hobby when I got tired of recreating the history stuff. You can do anything you wanted to in Warhammer. 40 K was good too. I did like the fact that you didn't have to have as many figures but you can't beat the look of a well painted unit of Orcs, or wolf riders.

When a large unit of horse figures or other large creatures are attacking a unit of dwarfs or halflings is just awesome looking. You can see why they would be scared!!

Those were the days. When you add the scenery, hills etc it was great. But who has the time. I used to have a 4'x8' table and remember spending a week on a campaign. A group of us one time, during summer played for 4 days straight. We just played, slept, and ate. Waste of time? I don't think so...
After reading all this stuff on warhammer. I think I will try to get back into it. If I don't get to play it is OK. I like to paint better anyway. I really like to modify and make my own figures. You can add stuff and make houses, etc. It is like making miniature railroading w/o all of the historical limitations. After all you can modify the "history" of your clan as long as you stick to the basic myth.
I play warhammer.. that's a good game (40k: eldars and blood angels, battle: chaos) but i suggest you another game: confrontation.
It's a bit less expensive, and the figure are very beautifull!
In my opinion , most of warhammer player play to seriously and dont have fun..
Captain Fertile
I love reading posts like this, you guys are so knowledgable about this stuff. I was about three posts in before I realised it was a real world based game and not a computer game! Embarassed

It was then the comment about painting skills tied in with a discussion about games - I am such an old fart sometimes.

These games are fascinating to me. A friend of mine in the US used to play a complex game like this every week with her friends and every week she would tell me all about what happened at her latest gaming session. The game was so invlolved and the charcters so complex it was like hearing the latest chapter in a novel each week. It was trully fascinating and I looked forward to hearing her latest adventures.

All very cool.

I know here in the UK people get labeled as geeks playing these kids of things but I would rather my kids played these games than roamed the streets getting into trouble. I also understand how adults can play these too - they really can be quite involved and mind-bogglingly complicated.

Respect to all of you from an old fart who would love to play these kind of things but doesn't (my loss).
Captain Fertile
This thread is repeated with a thread here:
As was pointed out, there were two topics for Warhammer. Instead of killing or locking either, I combined the two topics, so if there are oddities in the posts, that most likely is the reason...a really good reason for searching before making a new topic, eh? Wink
Joe Madureiras new company, Vigil Games, is working on a 40k mmorpg. I could never get into the tabletop game because... well, its expensive, But and online roleplaying game should be awesome.
I have played the game for about nine years now, and i still thinks its awesome game. Espcially the tactical part!!
I have also played the fusteristic version of warhammer known as warhammer 40.000 or just 40K.

Its even more awesome because i like when you can make a whole army of tanks! Niiiice
I played a bit of LOTR with a friend of mine who is really into it.

Unfortunately it a bit of an expensive and time consuming hobby for me, especially the painting.

We had a few good battles and when we get the chance we try and sqeeze in a game or two.
never played warhammer.. seems fun though i will try it when beta comes out
I used to play, dont do that anymore.. started of with that first basic pac including lizzardmen and britannia.. played britannia for a wile.. but damn so booooring, found my love in skavens and the undead, had quite amazing armies with both races... spend alot of $$ on it tho.. and finally I sold it, together with our playboard.. huge landskape too.. 3x4meter and all kinda buildings and stuff, bushes, tress, hills, caves etc.. used to play 10k points battle on that board. we were 4 good friends who played alot together.. I played either my skaven or undead army.. my best friend played his Chaos slaughters.. another friend played his green anoying goblins and last guy did his dwarf thingy.. ye we did mix up abit.. since we had 3 bad ass races and a forth good one.. but we had alot of fun.. kinda regret that I sold it, but saves alot of $$..

Sure is an amazing sight to see 10k point army lined up rdy to rumble. 10k point and special items for 75 points top.. otherwise it takes the fun out of the battle..

Even had our own siege fort.. and spent hours every weekent to paint our chars.. took a few hours/char.. we even won a few painting competitions Smile

imo play warhammer fantasy battle if you can.. so fun Smile
I think warhammer 40K is the coolest, especially because the models that forgeworld makes, is awesome. Well they also make modles for warhammer fantasy, but the daemons and beast are nice... Razz

I like the daemon models... well basiclly i like all monster models!!

Check out their website:
I've used to play it but I quit after a while. I think it costs a bit too much, and those guys from games workshop sell their units 12 per box e.g. That means for a regiment you always got like 2 spares (anyway, it never comes out wit me)
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