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I dont understand about points!

Hi, I don't understand that posts and points! I dont know what to write in the posts. Please, what to write about in the posts?
You either start your own post on any topic you want (started in the correct catigory) or just post your point of view in a topic started by someone else. The points are for your free web hosting. You get points for posting and a point is taken away every day for your web space. You pretty much get a minum of one point per post so its not hard to maintain. Try it youl like it.
ah ok. thanks. i hope my english will be better during the hosting process. Rolling Eyes

i think i will ask for a german sub forum.... Confused if there's only english my english prof. wouldn't recognize me any more. Laughing

it's a hard system for people who are used to be only readers, like me.

edit: hmpf, just found it:

A list of things you shouldn't suggest (because we will never add them anyway or are already working on it):
1) Adding subforums to this forum.
2) Adding other language forums. It's more than enough for now and I won't add new ones.

if there where at least greek or italian. i could improve my holiday speech. Crying or Very sad
none wrote:
if there where at least greek or italian. i could improve my holiday speech. Crying or Very sad

The important thing about the points is to try to post messages that contain high-quality "substance," and not just "me too," kinds of posts or simplistic information that doesn't really contribute anything helpful to the existing discussion. Of course, some message threads are low quality to begin with, and posting in them is okay, but that kind of message shouldn't be the majority of your posts. Thus, the best way to get more points [b]and[b] to have a better chance of having your hosting request accepted (when the time comes) is to put some thought into your messages and try to contribute something useful to the "community" of FriHost users instead of just being a "clone" or a "sheep."

For the language question, you might try posting a message to see if any other users speak the languages you would like to use. If you do find someone, you could use private messages (PM) to communicate so that you would not be posting non-English messages in the English forums.

Good luck, and welcome!
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